Coming soon!

I hope very soon to start a scene-by-scene, episode-by-episode dissection (I’m only a *little* obsessed) discussion of Remington Steele. Just gotta figure out how to make my new screencap software work – and get my head around how this WordPress thing works. Too much learnin’ for an old lady!


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5 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. Dap

    Love your blog. The photos are gorgeous I aways wondered what that letter said. I wonder if that signature Stephanie Z’s? She has always been my favorite actor. I’ve seen all her work except one movie and 2 guest appearances on tv series. I wish I lived nearer LA to see her plays. One day I will fly out. She is such a convincing actress. I believe all her characters. I miss her on the screen.

    Pierce B is such a wonderful Remington Steele. And as fine as wine or finer. I like his other work but RS is by far his most fabulous for me.

    • Thanks. I think this will be fun! I miss seeing SJ on screen, too. And Pierce Brosnan has never had another role as good as Steele (whether he recognizes that or not!).

      • Yes, I can’t wait for our discussions on each individual episode. Remington Steele is by far one of my most favorite shows! I love the comedy of it. I think PB has overlooked his comedic ability–he should do more and should have also–love him funny! I miss seeing SZ in any form!

  2. Amen, yecats! PB’s comedic talents were squandered in the service of that stupid secret agent. He seems to be turning back to comedy a bit now – I hope so!

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