License to Steele, I.i.

The opening credits segue into a shot of a helicopter landing at an unknown airport. Something serious seems to be afoot: uniformed guards await the landing, and additional uniforms can be seen inside the helicopter. A black limousine also awaits …PDVD_000

The smoked window of the limo opens, revealing a striking woman in a fedora: Laura Holt!  She looks very serious.


Beside her, a man watches a uniformed guard approach the car from the helicopter, a metal box in hand. We get a sense of how tense the situation is by the curious condition of the flagman, who seems either to have a serious case of butt crack sweat or has soiled himself. Ominous!PDVD_152

And, as a small battalion of guards marches toward us, we learn there are two more regular cast members. Look forward to meeting you, James and Janet!


Aha! It seems these uniforms aren’t cops, but employees of a private security firm called Graybridge Security Services. They all climb in the back of the security truck. Meanwhile, we discover that Henry Mancini composed the theme song. No wonder it’s so good!

PDVD_154No idea who Richard Lewis Warren is, but I’m sure he makes very nice music, too. Oh ho! IMDB informs me that Mr. Warren was a busy fellow in the 1980s, scoring such series as Knots Landing, Dallas, Cagney & Lacey and – traitor! – Moonlighting.

In the limo, unknown man continues to look grim, while Laura looks decidedly pleased. The limo pulls away, revealing an intriguing vanity plate.


As the limo follows the security truck out of the airport, a van pulls up and a rather handsome young man (whoever could it be!) gets out. Apparently he’s employed by Randall Linen Supply. He unloads a laundry cart from the back of the van and pushes it toward the hangar.


Whatever can he be up to? I wonder if we’ll find out!

We abruptly cut to ANOTHER handsome young man, in a rather bizarre blouse, taking photos of a family.

PDVD_004 PDVD_003

Is that embroidery on the front of his shirt? Are we at a Renaissance Fair? Is this the 1970s? I swear the mother doll in my Sunshine Family (a set of hippie dolls) had a peasant blouse much like this. Here’s the Sunshine Family, for your viewing pleasure!sunshine family

Uh oh. Our hottie peasant guy is only pretending to take photos of the nice family! He’s really taking pictures of the security van, which has just pulled up at a hotel across the street.


It soon becomes obvious that Renaissance Man is NOT a Pixie photographer, as he is a little impatient with one of the youngsters, telling him to move closer to his mother. Hey, stupid kid! You’re blocking his view of the limo pulling up in back of the security truck!

(Side note: I suspect that in 2013, some random, oddly dressed stranger taking pictures of kids on the street would attract some attention, whether he looked like Pierce Brosnan or not.)

Renaissance Man snaps a few photos of Laura and her client. One might think that the mother would notice this photographer’s camera isn’t actually pointed at her and her offspring. But perhaps she’s too dazzled by his hottiness (or disoriented by his embroidery) to say anything,.

Mystery photographer also gets a nice shot of the Randall Linen Supply guy, who seems also to have an account at this hotel. What a coincidence!PDVD_160

Embroidered Man finishes up with the family, and hands mom a wad of bills. She jokingly offers to let him keep the kids for another fifty. Mom and daughter are enchanted by embroidered stranger … but methinks the boy child looks a little skeptical!PDVD_161

Hello … what’s this? Someone seems to be watching the Embroidered Man as he’s watching Laura and the Linen Supply Guy. I’m getting dizzy!


I don’t know who these guys are, but they have NoGoodnik written all over them!


Which is more threatening – the one guy’s switchblade, or the other guy’s bushy mustache?

It seems Mustache and Switchblade have been watching Embroidered Man for some time. Do you think they’re old friends? Magic 8 Balls says …. Not Likely.

Now we see the lock on the metal box being opened by one of the guards. PDVD_165

It’s all very mysterious … and  perhaps most perplexing of all, what is this office these people are in?PDVD_168

What’s with the trophies and wall plagues and institutional-looking door? It almost looks like a coach’s office in some high school. Random!

Anyway, back to Laura, who’s giving the guard the side eye.PDVD_166

Well, he is reasonably good looking – and who doesn’t love a man in uniform? But hold on there, Miss Holt. I have a feeling something even better might be around the corner!

The box is opened and ….


It contains bricks laying on an old towel. Well, that’s anticlimactic! The client is unimpressed.PDVD_168 He’s got $2.6 million in jewels arriving, and expected a more innovative security plan from the famous Remington Steele agency (thanks for the exposition, Client Guy!).

But Laura is smugly confident.


And why shouldn’t she be? After all, she is in possession of …


an empty box. But this one has fancy, silky material inside, so we know it’s special.

Wait a second! It’s Linen Supply Guy! What is HE doing here? Perhaps to collect the towel from the other box; those bricks looked dirty.


But no! Turns out this is Murphy Michaels, Laura’s associate! It’s all part of the Steele Agency’s cunning plan! Client Guy is pleased.PDVD_174

He can’t wait to tell Mr. Steele how impressed he is.

But what’s this? Laura explains that Mr. Steele “never involves himself directly in cases. He functions best in an advisory capacity.”PDVD_175

Client Guy ain’t buyin’ it. He wants Steele in the trenches!


Murphy gives him the brush off: They’ll submit a bill for services rendered, and good luck with your jewels, pal.


But Laura hedges. Mr. Steele will be calling in, and she’ll mention the client’s concerns. Irritable Client Guy says he’ll expect an answer by 6!


I’ll stop there for now. So what’s your impression of these first scenes? Laura seems very sure of herself … too sure?  And what of the man who will be Steele? His wardrobe and car suggest to me that he doesn’t have unlimited resources – could it be that the master thief is fallen on slightly hard times? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


October 1, 2013 · 4:35 am

20 responses to “License to Steele, I.i.

  1. eaz35173

    This is great!! Love your style! Had to laugh when you called it a “blouse” and then referred to him as Embroidery Man – LOL!! I don’t think the master thief has fallen on hard times. I just think he’s trying to blend in. If you look at his suit when he offers Laura the magnum of champagne (which we haven’t gotten to yet), you will see that he seems to have a great sense of style and is well tailored.

    And, yes, Laura seems quite sure of herself. She has had confidence in herself all along – it’s the public that has none because she is a woman.

    • Trying to blend in with that get-up? Maybe if he were in San Francisco! But perhaps I merely forget that such things were the height of fashion back in the day. I keep hearing Jerry Seinfeld’s voice in my head: “But I don’t want to be a pirate!”

  2. eaz35173

    Also, I never noticed the trophies and athletic-office-look to that particular room.

  3. Melissa

    I am having fun reading your posts. Good luck with your jewels, Pal! LOL Okay, who contracts to display jewels and then only insures them to half their value? Sounds like a bad business decision to me.

    Master thief has two fancy cameras, so maybe not too hard of times for him? And, he changes clothes before meeting the detectives later, so he isn’t hurting for clothes, either.

  4. Inés

    You have such a style!!! I’m delighted with your narration.
    But I have to say, one of the things that I’ve been wondering for some time is the safe. It looks a bit “unsafe” for me. Should it have a safe lock instead of a padlock? Who knows…They are the experts.
    About their wardrobe, I find hers a bit boring. But his: I don’t know how he is complaining about “white belts” later. His “blouse” would combine with that!

    • You bring up an interesting point, Ines! Laura and Murphy are supposed to be “experts,” (presumably having been trained at Broadhurst) but I suspect their previous work has been more penny-ante stuff. As we see subsequently, Mr. Steele seems to be the *real* expert who knows what a top-flight security system needs to include. It makes me wonder: if Steele weren’t there to foil their plans – admittedly in the service of his own – would Mustache and Switchblade have succeeded in stealing the Royal Lavulite themselves?

  5. Melissa

    Ines, lol on the white belt comment. 😀

    I don’t think Mustache and Switchblade had enough brains between them to steal the jewels themselves.

  6. Wait a second! Maybe that pretty blue Royal Lavulite isn’t gems at all – it’s something Mustache and Switchblade cooked up in a lab in the desert someplace! (RS was so far ahead of its time!)

  7. BJo

    LOL – love the post! I am now caught up. I get the Embroidered man descriptive now – see my comment on the next post. Totally agree with you on Henry Mancini. LOL that embroidered man paid the fake family for photos. And love even more that the mom offered to sell the kids! I have days like that too!!!

    Mustache man was also a baddie on SMK – SBTBells. I’m guessing there are going to be tons of crossover actors. I’ve heard that BG was in both series, but do not recall seeing any of those episodes. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

    Laura does seem very sure of herself here, but that is the one thing I most remember about her character. I don’t remember if that impression lasted the whole series, but I think I loved that about her – she was the woman with the brains and in charge.

    • BJo, Beverly Garland was indeed also on RS – but Abigail Holt is a LOT different from Dotty West! You’ll see when we get there …

      • BJo

        This isn’t exactly relevant, but I saw RD complete seasons 4&5 on sale for $7.99 at Target tonight. No, I didn’t buy, but may go back for it.

  8. Dap

    I heard that PB’s daughter, Charlotte was in one of the episodes. Is the little girl in the picture taking scenario, Charlotte Brosnan?

    • eaz35173

      Yes, Charlotte was in 2 different episodes – “Steele Away With Me” and “Puzzled Steele”. This little girl is not Charlotte.

      • I think there was a curse on child actors on this show. Charlotte recently passed away; the little girl who played Laura’s niece was murdered by her own father; and I think the little girl from “Blood Is Thicker Than Steele” died of a drug overdose. Sad.

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