License to Steele – 5

We next see an expensive-looking set of luggage with personalized tags: RS. Whoever could they belong to?




It’s Murphy Michaels! And here comes Laura – Murph must have been who she was waiting for (don’t get too excited, Murphy; I’m pretty sure this is the ONLY time you will be the man she’s been waiting for).

Laura explains that she’s booked the penthouse suite in Remington Steele’s name, and tells Murphy to take the bags up. Murphy doesn’t seem delighted to be demoted to bellboy!


Yikes! Either Murphy is seriously displeased, or his body has suddenly been possessed. Let’s see if his head turns completely around, shall we?

crazy murphy

Well, not quite 360°. Apparently Murphy is just mad, not … you know … mad.






I hate this!” he mutters peevishly.


“Work with me, Murphy. Don’t fight it!” Laura admonishes. She seems to be in a much better mood than Mr. Michaels. I wonder why?

Abruptly we find ourselves back in the lounge with NonAgent NoPearson. Oh, dear. Is he a two-fisted drinker?


We see by the watch on his left hand that it’s 8:50 pm . Seems a little late for a two-for-one Happy Hour special. But – whew! – it turns out our man of mystery doesn’t have a drinking problem.


He’s got a finking problem. As in, those two rat finks, Mustache and Switchblade, are back! They want to know why he’s been associating with Steele’s associate. “Just sowing a seed, gentleman.”  Good heavens – NonAgent NotPearson sowed his seed with Miss Holt?  I must have missed that scene. Talk about a quickie!


“And when can we expect a harvest?” Mustache wants to know. Weren’t you paying attention in biology class, Mustache? These things generally take about nine months. But no! NANP says he expects it to be tonight. (It seems I have misconstrued what he meant by “sowing a seed.” Either that, or Laura is about to have Rosemary’s Baby.)

NANP explains that Laura is going to show him the route the gems will take; he instructs Mustache and Switchblade to follow them.

Suddenly NANP sees something across the room and gets to his feet.


He tells the Nogoodniks that if they’re not interested, he’ll make the trip alone.


He excuses himself and darts away … followed by a worried-looking Mustache and Switchblade.


Next we see Laura almost skipping through the halls of the hotel. Her plan is working perfectly!


Look! NonAgent Not Pearson is tailing her …


But who is the dapper gentleman in the hat, hard on NANP’s heels?




Why, it’s Switchblade and Mustache! They apparently had just enough time to stop at the haberdashery in the lobby and select those handsome chapeaux!



NANP hands Mustache the keys to his rental car, a blue Mercedes. “For God’s sake, don’t lose us!” he commands.


Switchblade looks confused at this turn of events, but it’s clear that Mustache cannot help but be impressed by NANP. “I like the cut of this man’s gib,” one can almost hear him thinking!

NANP stops Laura as she gets into her limo.


“I wonder if I might impose on you for a lift?”


“Certainly,” she answers, with just a trace of a come-hither smile.

She and NANP get into the limo and drive away, as Mustache and Switchblade race to Steele’s car, conveniently parked nearby.


I’ll leave it there for now. It’s interesting to see both Laura and The-Man-Who-Will-Be-Steele both in their element here. Laura’s running her little con game with the luggage, much to Murphy’s chagrin, while NANP is playing both Laura and the Nogoodniks at the same time. Both seem very confident. What could go wrong?



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8 responses to “License to Steele – 5

  1. eaz35173

    My question is this … if Remington Steele owns an agency in Los Angeles, why the heck does he need to check into this hotel for the event?! I understand all the luggage, as the man has apparently been out of town for a while. But, doesn’t he have a home in LA somewhere? Or, is he sooooo busy jet setting that this hotel IS his home?

    Love that both Laura and NANP are in their element running their own little cons at the moment! Really, what could possible go wrong?!

  2. Inés

    Laura is trying to convince everyone, that the mysterious Mr.Steele, who, by the way, has never been seen; is a very busy man. She is in charge of his check-in into the hotel, because she couldn’t have the man arriving there with a carry-on! He is an executive! That previous move, would project a more realistic image of him, just like Laura wants. And maybe he runs the agency in LA, but who says he lives there? At this point, Rossmore is not real yet.

  3. Good explanation, Ines! I’ve pondered this question – why does Steele stay in the hotel?- myself. I imagine that, if pressed for the man’s address, Laura would explain that because of his many international concerns, he has no fixed address in L.A. Alternately, she could say that he checked into the hotel because he wants to keep a very close eye on security arrangements for protecting the Royal Lavulite.

  4. Inés

    I agree with you about staying close to his case. That’s a good reason.
    But I have to say then, that Laura is right about him taking the bows. He will not show his face, until she has all the work done.

  5. Melissa

    I always thought the same thing, elise. Staying close to the case…oooookay! But it looks like he brought his entire wardrobe. Who brings that many suitcases and clothes for an overnight?!? I think it is overkill, myself.

  6. Inés

    Mr. Steele does!
    (It seems that when he asumed the character, he asumed all the qualities Miss Holt had thought about him. Including her wardrobe exaggeration).

  7. BJo

    Excuse me while I clean up the coffee spray from my computer screen…sewing his seed, Hahahaha! Good one!

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