License to Steele – 6

Laura and FauxPearson are riding in the back of the limo. For a vehicle with such a wide backseat, they seem awfully cozy. Maybe too cozy.


The rather startled expression on our mystery man’s face makes me wonder: Did Laura just goose him?


FauxPearson notes that the limo is “plush” (though, given the way the chassis is rocking back and forth, I think I’d have the shock absorbers checked out). Laura explains that Mr. Steele graciously allows her to use the limo when he’s not in town.

Either FauxPearson is tired of hearing about the sainted Mr. Steele, or he’s just caught of whiff of whatever rank odor Pierce Brosnan reportedly attributed to the interior of this prop car in the unexpurgated version of his episode commentary. Any guesses on what that smell is?

“Mr. Steele sounds too good to be true,” FauxPearson grimaces.  Laura, unflappable, asks the phony agent where he wants to go. “Wherever there is an abundance of police cars,” he answers.


Laura looks concerned! She asks FauxPearson if he’s in trouble. “Depends on how quickly we can locate one,” he says, not very helpfully.


“Cut across to Sunset,” Laura tells the driver (Let’s just call him Fred, shall we?). Steele now wants to know if Miss Holt “packs a rod.”


“You’ve seen too many movies, Mr. Pearson,” she smirks. She explains she’s never found the need for one. (Aha! Now we know why she’s single!)

“Pity,” he says grimly. He reminds her of the courier who smuggled the gems out of South Africa.

What about him?” Laura asks.


“He was brutally murdered by the two men in the car behind us.” FauxPearson asks to use the car phone, assuring her it’s a local call.  (Nevertheless, I’d make him leave a quarter in the cup holder, Laura. First a free ride, now he wants to use the phone … this fellow is beginning to look like a mooch!)

Laura turns to look at their pursuers.


They’re hard to miss, being the only other automobile on this broad L.A. thoroughfare. Everybody must be home watching “Tales of the Gold Monkey.”


Who can blame them: any show that has Roddy MacDowell AND a one-eyed dog has got to be worth staying in for!


FauxPearson uses the high-tech car phone to dial (Yes! Dial!) the police.


Miss Holt seems slightly less cool, calm and collected all of a sudden. Bet she wishes she were packing a rod! (Maybe FauxPearson will let her handle his rod. I suspect it’s impressive, and he wields it expertly!)

FauxPearson tells the police that his car has been stolen, and it’s urgent that it’s recovered.


“I had some medicine for my grandmother in the back seat,” he says. Aw. I didn’t even know his Nana was sick! But he seems to be bearing up well; perhaps they’re not close.


“Everyone needs a little added incentive now and then,” he explains to an astonished Laura. He suggests, in light of the circumstances, that they change strategy. Perhaps it would be best to use a decoy and slip the gems in unnoticed.


Laura is impressed! “You’re very good at this sort of thing,” she notes. He guesses that she has already pondered such a strategy, and she admits it’s been considered. Now it’s FauxPearson’s turn to be impressed.


“So are you,” he says.


“Very good at this.” Can’t you just see him thinking, “This young woman grows more intriguing by the minute!”


The cops arrive in record time. Good, law-abiding citizens, Mustache and Switchblade immediately pull over. Because they have nothing to hide, right?


FauxPearson expresses his satisfaction with the efficiency of the local constabulary. He seems awfully pleased with himself. And Laura looks like this is more excitement than she’s had in a long time. I wonder if she likes it?

I’ll leave it there for now. Do you think FauxPearson knew how he was going to elude Switchblade and Mustache all along? Or was he playing it by ear, looking for an opportunity? What do you think Laura is feeling about this little adventure? Share your thoughts!


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9 responses to “License to Steele – 6

  1. eaz35173

    I think the minute FP handed the car keys over to Mustache and Switchblade, that he knew what he was going to do to get them off is tail.

    >>Maybe FauxPearson will let her handle his rod. I suspect it’s impressive, and he wields it expertly!<< LOL!! I'm SURE it is and I'm SURE he does!!

    Well, Laura did say that she loves excitement . So I guess he's giving the lady what she likes! Her adrenaline is probably rushing and that's always good for the endorphins and pheromones!!

    BTW, I loved Tales of the Gold Monkey!!

  2. Re Gold Monkey. I really liked that, too. Much better than “Bring ‘Email Back Alive,” IMO, though I like Boxleitner better than Stephen Collins. I’m a big Roddy MacDowell fan. (I’ve heard he carried an impressive rod, too. Ahem,)

    Back to business: though Laura claims to love excitement, I suspect her adventures to date – even while at Havenhurst – have been a lot tamer than she will experience with Mr. Steele!

  3. I really love the scene with the 2 of them in the limo. I always felt the line, “So are you,” had a double entendre. He said , “Very good at this sort of thing,” but did he also mean, You are being considered? Just as Laura had said using a decoy for the gems was being considered? Just some thoughts—–

  4. Melissa

    I have nothing to add. Your account is spot on! 😀

  5. BJo

    Is it just me or does it look like Laura is sort of sinking lower and lower in her seat as this scene goes on. I know if I was on the receiving end of a look that NAP give her I might sink a little lower myself…ahem. Laura seems to be a bit affected too.

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