License to Steele – 7

Next morning, Laura enters the Steele offices with a spring in her step (and a big honkin’ bow around her collar).


Oh, 1980s fashion. You make me sad. Still, it could be worse …


Let’s all take a quiet moment to cleanse this image from our souls, shall we? There. Now we can continue.


Apparently Laura is running late this morning, because Bernice remarks that she’s “cutting it a little close.”

Laura explains that she has a good reason: She had “the most incredible evening.”

“With who?” Bernice inquires, assuming Laura was with a man – because no woman could have an incredible evening alone. Oh, 1980s social mores. You make me sad. Anyway, Laura confirms Bernice’s assumption:



Bernice presses Miss Holt for “all the gory details,” and Laura relates that first “he” bought her a bottle of champagne …


Murphy pops his head in, looking displeased. He thought she didn’t like champagne! (No, Murphy – I believe she said she didn’t like this:

Schlitz-Schlitz-Beer-Diversion-Can-SafeThere’s a difference!


Laura fetches a stepstool, conveniently located right there in the executive office.
She tells Bernice and Murphy that she and “him” went for a drive – and “that’s when things really got hairy!”


Oh ho! I guess that means FauxPearson must have taken his shirt off. (Just what went on after the previous scene faded to black, hmmm?)


Inquiring minds (that is, Murphy) want to know! Bernice helpfully fills him in: Laura went joyriding with Special Agent Ben Pearson!


Murph reminds Laura that, for all they know, the man could be an international jewel thief or a mass murderer!  Prompted by Laura, Murphy is forced to admit that “Pearson checks out.” But wait! He wasn’t supposed to arrive until today! Diligent Mr. Michaels has requested a wire photo.


Meanwhile, Laura has been pulling tissue paper out of a small box she retrieved from the closet. Is it somebody’s birthday?


Whoa! Laura has pulled out her rod! Murphy is shocked – he didn’t even know she was packing. (And she always seemed so feminine! He is disillusioned … and perhaps a bit frightened.)


Laura wonders where they left the bullets … Not to worry, Miss Holt!


I believe this guy has been storing them in his shirt pocket for safe-keeping!



Laura shares that the men who originally stole the jewels are brutal murderers who followed them last night. Fortunately, “Ben took care of them brilliantly.”




Laura says she’d feel better if Murphy packed a rod. How insulting! I don’t think this relationship is going to work out, Murph.


Laura directs Bernice to page Remington Steele in exactly 27 minutes, “just to keep his presence alive.”  She’s on the way to meet Hunter.


Murphy, apparently still stung by Laura’s cruel dismissal of his endowments, calls after her:

“Sounds like he got a lot for his lousy bottle of champagne!”


“It was a magnum,” Bernice smirks.


Wait a second. What show is this again?

I’ll stop there for now. What do you make of Laura taking on “Ben Pearson’s” phraseology? More importantly – what exactly happened between the time we left Laura and Mystery Man in the limo and when she came smiling into the office? Anyone care to speculate?


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15 responses to “License to Steele – 7

  1. Too, too funny! Love it! I would love to speculate, but I doubt much of anything happened. Maybe just a little more conversational, “getting to know you.” (“The King And I” Yul Brynner, Deborah Kerr 20th Century Fox 1956).Laura was on a case and I doubt her attention was easily diverted, not that her interest wasn’t peaked—whose wouldn’t?!

  2. eaz35173

    I think the use of “Ben’s” vocabulary just shows how taken in by him she was, even tho she is still able to concentrate on her business. Poor Murphy, the writing is on the wall.

  3. Do you think Murphy believed Laura had feelings for him at this time, or was he hoping to win her over?

    • eaz35173

      I think Murphy has feelings for Laura and is waiting for Laura to “detect” those feelings from him. I think he hoped that once she figured it out, she would feel the same. With the appearance of NANP, and the obvious way that Laura is attracted to him, there is very little chance of that happening for Murphy. It’s possible, tho (and highly likely), that Laura already knows this about Murphy and is just burying her head in the sand and ignoring it. Bernice, on the other hand, sees Murphy’s feelings for Laura very clearly!

  4. Bernice seems a little snarky toward Murphy. Is it because she finds him pathetic for pining for a woman who clearly isn’t interested, or is she irked because he isn’t into HER?

    • eaz35173

      I think at this point it’s because it’s a “girl thing” right now – Murphy just doesn’t get it and she’s snarking at him because he’s not on board. Bernice totally has Laura’s back on this one. I never really thought about Bernice and Murphy, but it is an interesting idea.

  5. Yes, I think Bernice feels like, “Get a clue, Murph–this is what women want in romance.”

  6. BJo

    I agree, I think Bernice sees things wrt Murphy clearly and knows he’ll never be what Laura wants. Reminds me of Lee and Dean in SMK a little.

    Okay – I have a request…next time you plan to put a picture of a half-naked PB and a smiling TS in his car in the post, please forewarn us!!! I about fell off my stool I was starting to feel so lightheaded….too bad TS wasn’t in a swimsuit either… 😉

  7. BJo

    Oops – meant to add, “great post!” I’m enjoying the episode so far! I’m trying hard to ‘hear’ the dialogue in my head. I think I may just have to buy this first episode. What’s a mere $1.99?

  8. Inés

    I think Murphy hopes for a miracle to open Laura’s eyes. About Bernice and Murphy, I think she thinks about him as a brother, just like Laura feels too. He is that kind of guy for both of them.
    Poor Murphy,…pathetic…I think Bernice can see things very clearly between Laura and Murphy. More than the two of them.

  9. Hi Kgmohror, just started the first season of RS and thought I’d take a side trip from SMK to read your wonderfully entertaining posts! I always had a soft spot for Murphy. He’s a delightful counterpoint to RS and a sweet guy. I mean, they all can’t be Remington Steele can they?!

    • Welcome, Jule! Yeah, I give Murph a hard time on this blog, but he really was a good guy. You can’t help but feel for him – so smitten with Laura, and then this flashy guy with an accent shows up … I wonder how the series would have evolved if James Read hadn’t left after season 1.

      • Yes I always wondered that too. He just would’ve been heartbroken anyway. I think maybe back in the 80s I always identified with him. But of course that never stop me from having the major warmies for RS! *swoon thud*

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