License to Steele – 8

We find our Mystery Man exiting a hotel elevator in a not-very-impressive outfit (Good news, fella! Your wardrobe is about to improve exponentially!)


Why look! It’s our old friends, Mustache and Switchblade!


They don’t look very happy to see Mystery Man. I wonder why?

“Wonderful thing about Los Angeles: They have 24-hour bail bond service,” Mustache growls. Well, at least the coppers let them keep their stylish hats!

“I told you we shoulda killed ‘im straight away,” Switchblade adds. Mystery Man is disappointed with his pals’ lack of faith in him!

Suddenly and inexplicably, one of the Radio City Music Hall’s famous Rockettes begins parading around the lobby!


“Remington Steele!” she calls. They didn’t have intercom systems in the 1980s?


“Miss?” Mystery Man interjects. He confirms to the Rockette that he is the Mr. Steele she seeks. That’s funny … I wonder why Laura didn’t recognize him?


It looks like NonAgent NotPearson  SuddenlySteele has made a new friend. Since he’s a great detective, perhaps he can help her find the bottom half of her uniform! Rockette shows the great detective to a house phone.


“Steele here!”

Gee, Mustache and Switchblade – have a little respect for boundaries. It could be a personal call!

Bernice seems surprised to hear from him!


“Who? Where?”


“Can’t talk now, Miss … Wolf?” SuddenlySteele seems a little disoriented.


So does Miss Wolf … er … Fox!


SuddenlySteele apologizes for cutting their conversation short, but he’s “literally got to run.”


Ah, here comes Mr. Hunter. He recognizes Mr. Steele instantly. (How?)


Hunter declares he certainly feels much safer with Steele here. “My sentiments precisely!”  SuddenlySteele agrees. Hunter invites SuddenlySteele to join him in the security office to meet someone.


“Sounds very secure!”  SuddenlySteele agrees happily. Aw. It looks like Mustache and Switchblade aren’t invited.


“Somehow I thought you’d be older,” Hunter comments.

“Oh, I can age on demand!”


Meanwhile, outside the Huntington Sheraton (so that’s where we are!), a familiar limo pulls up next to some very alert security guards from Graybridge Security Services.

Laura Holt exits the limo in a hurry, pausing only to give a stern wag of the finger to the chatty security guards.PDVD_363


We’re back in the coach’s security office. Someone seems to have left their letterman’s sweater on the desk. I wonder who is waiting for Hunter and SuddenlySteele?


It’s South African Special Agent Ben Pearson, 21 Jump St. Division! I guess the letterman’s sweater is his.

21 jump street

Or maybe Johnny Depp’s!

philip casnoff

(Side note: Actor Philip Casnoff, who played Ben Pearson, went on to play the villainous Elkanah Bent in the “North & South” miniseries. He gave James Read’s character a rather hard time of it. Poor Murphy just can’t catch a break!)



Agent Pearson expresses his admiration for SuddenlySteele. He’s heard good things!


“And your name has preceded you!” SuddenlySteele says. Heh.

Hunter explains that Agent Pearson is here to assist SuddenlySteele in protecting the gems.


“Ah! That’s a piece of good fortune I hadn’t anticipated!” Pearson relates that Mustache and Switchblade’s real names are Kessler and Neef. Is it me, or do those names sound like these two guys should be making chocolate-covered cookies in a workshop inside a tree?


SuddenlySteele says he’s aware of the two men who killed the courier. In fact, they’ve made an indelible impression. Pearson is more concerned about something else:


It seems someone is going around impersonating the South African agent.


“Cheeky blighter!”

Steele notes that, based on the general description of the imposter, it could be almost anyone.


“Including me … heh heh heh.” He suggests that Pearson detain Mssrs. Kessler and Neef.


“Would that help you achieve your objectives?” Pearson asks earnestly.


“It would go a long way,” Steele assures him.

I’ll stop there for now. SuddenlySteele has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle here, no? I wonder what would happen if Laura found out he was now impersonating her ideal man. Nah … that could never happen. Could it?


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8 responses to “License to Steele – 8

  1. eaz35173

    I’m guessing that Hunter heard the page from the Rockette, and saw that NANP answered the call. The whole mistaken identity scenario in this scene and the next are so well written and acted! And, your retelling is just so refreshing!!

    • I love this part of the episode. The conman has so many plates in the air, and they’re starting to spin out of control! Kudos to PB for showing, very subtly, how the gears are working in Steele’s head, trying to keep up with all the different cons he’s running at the moment. It’s a good thing he’s a man who enjoys impossible challenges!

      • eaz35173

        Love the plates in the air analogy. And, yes, kudos to PB for being able to convey those thoughts/gear turnings.

  2. Do you think the female staff (bellbunnies?) at the Huntington Sheraton really dressed like that in 1982? If so, it certainly lends credence to Laura’s position that women aren’t taken seriously.
    And on a random note, I love Mustache and Switchblade – their suits and hats. I keep expecting them to break out into a chorus of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.Brush Up Your Shakespeare photo brushup_zpsa7929dd3.jpg

    • eaz35173

      I think those outfits are a throwback to the 1940’s era of film that Gleason loved. The same feel is created with Switchblade and Mustache’s outfits. No, I doubt that they really dressed like that in the 80’s. I half expect the next bellbunnie to come around offering cigars and cigarettes on a tray!!

  3. I wonder if they ever considered making Remington Steele a period piece, set in the 1940s. I guess production costs would be prohibitive, but it’s an interesting idea.

  4. Inés

    I love your “the conman has so many plates on the air…”
    I think in this episode, at this point, it’s the time he is impersonating a lot of characters in the whole series: a conman, impersonating Ben Pearson, impersonating Remington Steele, and talking with the originals (with them without a clue) at the same time!!! The best conman of the world. And the most sexy one!!!

  5. “SuddenlySteele” ROFL! Love your names Kgmohror!

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