License to Steele – 9

We discover Laura pacing the lobby of the Huntington Sheraton, looking a bit impatient.


She seems to be waiting for someone … ah!


It’s Gordon Hunter! Laura starts to explain that she’s just talked to Mr. Steele, but Hunter interrupts to say he’s just spoken with Steele as well – the great detective just arrived!


In fact, “There he is with Special Agent Ben Pearson!”


Hm. Our Mr. SuddenlySteele doesn’t look too happy to see Laura.


It seems the feeling is mutual!


Something wrong, old chap?” Agent Pearson inquires of his new detective pal.

“Stomach’s a bit queasy,” SuddenlySteele groans.

Agent Pearson commiserates: He’d be gaseous, too, protecting over $2 million in rare gems. Still, Mr. Steele shouldn’t worry, Pearson notes.


“I’ll be watching you every step of the way!”  I have to wonder if Mr. Steele’s discomfort is about his present predicament, or a reaction to Agent Pearson’s very questionable choice of headwear. Is it me, or does that hat look very much like Mustache’s favorite topper?


Who wears it best?


Pearson takes his leave – either to pursue Kessler and Neef, or perhaps to search for the lost Ark of the Covenant.


Laura and Hunter hurry over to Steele. Hunter curtly reminds them they have “less than 20 minutes to get to the airport.”   Because if they’re late … what? The plane turns around and goes home again? The gems crumble into dust? Or maybe, if you’re late to the airport, THIS happens when you open that little metal box containing the Lavulite:


Now we know why Agent Pearson brought his hat!


Uh oh. Looks like Laura’s picked up a touch of whatever is turning Mr. Steele’s stomach. Still, they make a cute couple, don’t they?

Laura has something important to tell her companion:


“That man who was with you?”



“He isn’t Remington Steele!”

She informs the man she thinks is Agent Pearson, whom Hunter thinks is Steele, that the man whom she doesn’t know actually is Agent Pearson isn’t Mr. Steele. He’s an imposter, pretending to be Steele. Got it?


She begs NonAgent NotPearson SuddenlySteele  (NANPSS!) not to let on to Hunter that something is amiss.


“You can count on me!” NANPSS declares.


At the limo, NANPSS suggests Laura and Hunter go on ahead to the airport, while he stays behind to “reconnoiter.” Hunter ain’t buyin’ it.


“I want you BOTH at the airport,” he insists, hustling NANPSS into the limo with Laura.


Oops. Looks like that queasy feeling is back!

The limo follows the Graybridge truck away from the  hotel toward the airport.


“What did he say to you?” Laura wants the scoop on phony Steele!

“We were merely introduced,” NANPSS replies. He’s puzzled about something, however.


“Why didn’t Gordon Hunter blow the whistle on him?”

Laura explains that Hunter has never met Steele.

“But surely our charlatan realizes that he’ll be exposed once the real Steele comes on the scene,” NANPSS predicts.

Laura can’t tell NANPSS when Steele will arrive, but assures him that Mr. Steele will be a big part of the operation. “It’s a bit tricky, Mr. Pearson,” she concedes.


“So it appears!”  (I think poor NANPSS is getting a migraine from all these shenanigans!)


“You musn’t tell Hunter!” Laura pleads again. “It would only undermine his confidence in the entire operation.”


But NANPSS wonders how long they can “keep this charade going?”

“Just until the gems are delivered safely,” Laura promises.

And once that’s accomplished, Laura intends to nail the imposter.


“To the WALL, Agent Pearson. To the VERY WALL!”

She asks if she can count on NANPSS’s cooperation.


“Believe me,” he says sincerely. “Mum’s the operative word here.”


Laura is grateful!


“You’re the only one I can turn to,” she confides, as he slips an arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

“There, there, Miss Holt,” he soothes.


“As long as you trust me, there’s nothing left to worry about.”

Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it? I’m sure everything will work out just fine!

I’ll leave it there with a question: At this point, do you think our conman is still planning to steal the Royal Lavulite? Or does he just want to extricate himself from this mess?


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12 responses to “License to Steele – 9

  1. eaz35173

    Well, at this point I think he still has plans to steal the gems, however, he is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I hear circus music in the background as all those plates are spinning!!

    And is NANPSS shrinking or is Laura growing in those scenes coming from the coach’s …ooops, security … office?

    Oh, and Indy definitely wears the hat best – second only to Laura herself!!

  2. I think that NANPSS wonders what is going on. “What kind of con is being run here?” “Am I being out-conned?” are a couple of questions that could be running through his mind at the moment. That is why in the next scenes with Gordon Hunter he seizes the opportunity to investigate “Mr Steele’s” suite.

    Laura wears the chapeau the best! Good thing they didn’t put it on PB. The man can wear anything but a hat!

    • Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever ween PB in a hat. I just thought it was because he has great hair. LOL, “Am I being outconned?” I bet that’s an unusual feeling for him!

      • eaz35173

        He’s worn a few hats in the series, but I like his Irish cap best (but that’s getting waaaaaaay ahead into the last season).

  3. I did find one that seemed to fit with the theme of this post … <img src=" photo Married_Life_Pierce_Brosnan_hat_zps021aea1a.jpg

  4. So do you think SuddenlySteele has an inkling, during the car scene, that Remington Steele might not exist? Also, are you surprised (as I am) that Laura allows him to put his arm around her in the limo? Would she have let Murphy or any other man do the same?

    • eaz35173

      Yes, I do think that SuddenlySteele has an inkling about Mr. Steele. I think that’s why he lets Hunter believe he’s Steele for the time being. After all, I think he would know a con when he saw one.

      Laura is quite distraught and distracted by all the mistaken identities potentially interfering with her overall plan that I don’t think she is thinking about being patronized by NANPSS with the chauvinistic hug. I think that she might still be thinking of him as a potential date after the case, so she might actually be welcoming his comfort. On the other hand, I think NANPSS is doing it mainly to continue to charm her for his nefarious purposes (with the added benefit that he gets to touch her more than profesionally).

      • Inés

        LOL!!! I think Laura is a little dizzy right now. And besides every thing moving to the wrong place, she is in the back seat of the limo with him…At least she is smart enough to let him touch her more tan profesionally!

  5. Dapg

    I agree and Laura is also trying to keep her secret that RS doesn’t exist. She needs NANPSS on her side. After all she doesn’t want to risk him telling Hunter about the “real” Ben Pearson pretending to be RS.

  6. Do you think Laura is out of her depth here? We don’t know much about her previous cases with the Steele agency, her own agency (apparently there weren’t many) or what she did at Havenhurst. I wonder if she’s ever been up against a con man of this level of skill, or faced the dangerous side effects (e.g., two killers following the limo!) of her association with this man.

    • eaz35173

      Yes, I do think Laura is out of her depth, but I get the impression that she enjoys impossible challenges just as much as the next guy 😉 Just because she hasn’t faced this danger before, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the wits, courage, and perseverance to deal with it successfully. I have faith in her!

  7. Love love love this updated (for the early 80s) version of the screwball comedy from the 30s. The Thin Man and Bringing Up Baby come to mind 🙂

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