License to Steele – 10

The limo is back at the Huntington Sheraton, and Laura and She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson stand by to watch as the gems are unloaded.


Our conman has his “Joe Cool” attitude firmly in place!



The Graybridge guards unload the decoy lockbox …


Murphy unloads the laundry …


And She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson unloads … his nose?


Laura gives Murphy a pleased nod. She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson seems very interested in Murphy’s sideline as laundry boy for Randall Linen Supply.


In fact, he’s so engrossed that Laura has to remind him to come along!


Laura takes the lead, striding purposefully into the hotel, with She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson trailing.


She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson hangs back while Laura proceeds to the security office, where the Graybridge guards are waiting.


She gives She-Thinks-He’s-Pearson the A-OK signal. All is going according to plan!



She-Thinks-He’sPearson  Gordo-Thinks-He’s-Steele is approached in the lobby by Gordon Hunter. The client is in a good mood! “Everything went off without a hitch!”



Mr. Hunter seems very friendly as he leads “Mr. Steele” toward the elevators.  He tells the detective that he was puzzled when all his previous efforts to connect with him were thwarted: “You were always out of town or unavailable,” he says. “I was beginning to think you didn’t exist!”


“Ahahaha,” Gordo-Thinks-He’s-Steele chuckles. He seems a bit disconcerted, though – perhaps because Hunter is still all handsy on him? Well, you are an attractive fellow, Gordo-Thinks-He’s-Steele!


The pair step into the smoothest-running elevator ever invented. Seems a little cramped, though.

Uh, oh. Now Hunter is talking about fetishes … Mr. Steele’s fetish for secrecy, that is.


“Anonymity is an asset in my profession,” his companion answers. (Word to the wise, sir: if you want to discourage Hunter’s advances, you perhaps shouldn’t stand quite so close. Just how dinky is this elevator?)


Hunter ain’t buying it. “No photographs, no interviews, never involving yourself directly in a case.” He adds that he’s spoken to several other clients of Remington Steele Investigations, and it was the same story: “Plenty of Miss Holt. None of you.”

Gordo-Thinks-He’s-Steele points out that Hunter now has a great deal of him.


“Who knows? When this is over, you may rue the day you ever met me.”

The elevator stops on the top floor without so much as a shudder, and the men proceed down the hall to the penthouse suite.


Our man is fumbling in his pockets again. Perhaps he was more affected by Hunter’s attentions than he let on!


No! It’s just that he seems to have left his key at the desk.


Fortunately, a tiny housekeeper is on hand to save the day.

Hunter says he looks forward to seeing Mr. Steele tonight, at the “formal unveiling of the Hunter JetStar 6000.” We know how excited Hunter is about it, because …


Jazz Hands!


Hunter mentions in passing that the gems will also be on display at the soiree.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”  Gordo-Thinks-He’s-Steele declares sincerely.


He enters Steele’s palatial suite, where we find no fewer than eight pieces of luggage! Mr. Steele comes well-prepared for an overnight stay, it seems.


He finds a suit laid out on the bed.


It’s new! And expensive! (On the other hand, for such a high-class suite, that’s a cheap looking bedspread.)


A drawerful of dress shirts, still in their packages. Curiouser and curiouser!


Closets crammed with suits, shoes … and more luggage!


In the bathroom, new-looking toiletries. What can it all mean?


He avails himself of the sweet-smelling amenities, then takes a long, hard look at the man in the mirror.


“Pleased to meet you … Mr. Steele!”

I think they’re going to get along fine, don’t you?

I’ll leave off there. Thoughts?



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3 responses to “License to Steele – 10

  1. eaz35173

    I just love all your names for our mystery man – you crack me up!! As soon as Hunter started talking about Steele never being around, I think it cemented in Gordo-thinks-he’s-Steele’s head that Miss Holt is running quite the con herself!! And he is proved right!! Wonder what he’ll do about it?

    I do wonder if he was thinking of rolling Murphy and absconding with the Jewels as they were being delivered. Laura snaps him back to her reality, tho, before we can find out.

  2. Dapg

    I agree but Laura is also trying to keep her secret that RS doesn’t exist. She needs NANPSS on her side. After all she doesn’t want GTHS to tell Hunter about the real Ben Pearson pretending to be RS. Meanwhile GTHS is very happy because he can’t be blamed when he steals the gems. Laura can’t admit there is no Mr Steele and Hunter can’t admit Laura never introduced him to Mr Steele so he had the wrong person without looking like a fool. GTHS has the perfect con and gem heist going.

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