License to Steele – 14

It’s the following morning, and we see the Once-and-Future-Steele leaving the Huntington Sheraton. That jacket he’s wearing doesn’t look like anything Mr. Steele had in his closet; presumably the con man returned to his own, slightly less grand lodgings after the bittersweet parting of the night before. Wonder what he did with his tux?


He’s about to get into a cab, but seems distracted by something.


What could it be?


It’s Laura in the back of the limo. She looks less glamorous than last night … and sad.


Is that a hint of regret I see on the handsome man’s face? Followed quickly by …


… bemusement? Is he perhaps wondering why this hasty departure is so much less satisfying than all the ones before?


He does seem to be having a little trouble letting go!


Laura looks a bit hopeful now. Is she wondering if he’ll stay?


But no. Another half smile in her direction … and he’s away.


Sad times. What might have been? But Laura can’t waste time on regrets and what ifs.


She’s got things to do! Places to go! People to see! And time’s a’wastin’!


But who’s that shouting her name?


It’s Murphy, looking the worse for wear. I guess that room service pizza last night didn’t set well. But no!

“Somebody blindsided me!” he gasps.


Laura is stunned! And then …


UPSET! Guess nobody warned Con Man: Don’t make Laura angry.


You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry!

“He lied to me! That treacherous thief LIED TO ME!”

Laura and Murphy give chase …


… apparently back in time, to LAX, circa 1975! No wonder that limo seems so spacious on the inside:


It’s a TARDIS!


Treacherous Thief arrives in a Rapid Taxi.


He seems to be in a hurry! Uh, oh. That’s not a good sign.


Remember this?


But Laura is hot on his heels!


What a coincidence! There’s Gordon Hunter, being interviewed in the middle of the terminal by reporters who have to lug around some seriously non-portable lights!

“I was very encouraged by last night’s showing-“ he’s saying as Treacherous Thief dashes up to them.


Laura calls for back up: “Stop that man! He’s a thief!”




Murphy takes a brief moment to manhandle Treacherous Thief before dashing off after Hunter.


Meanwhile, Laura leaps into action!


She has her man!


Doesn’t she?

“You mean you didn’t steal the gems?”

Treacherous Thief Wrongly Accused is affronted!


“Laura! I gave you my word!”


“But they’re fair game now!”


“Oh, no they’re not!”


Hunter runs through a curiously deserted terminal …


… pursued by Murphy,


… Wrongly Accused and Laura!


Hunter commandeers some hot wheels!


But Murphy (or a stuntman who is a reasonable facsimile of same) is on him!

PDVD_125 PDVD_126 PDVD_127

Oh, dear. Looks like Mr. Michaels is down for the count! (It’s a good thing he happened to be thrown into a stack of barrels containing … Styrofoam peanuts?)


Wrongly Accused arrives, still in OJ Simpson mode!


He grabs the closest available transportation – but Laura is right behind!


The girl’s got gumption! (I think this was really Stephanie Zimbalist.)


Looks like Laura may be a backseat driver.



Laura takes charge of the situation!


Oops! Hunter seems to have forgotten the first rule of road safety: Watch where you’re going!


Laura and Wrongly Accused press their advantage.




Looks like it’s time to pick up the trash.


“I take it you wanted to drive?”


Yes, but he makes a good co-pilot, doesn’t he, Laura?

I’ll leave it there – the tag is next! Share your thoughts on this action-packed sequence!
















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15 responses to “License to Steele – 14

  1. eaz35173

    LOL – The Hulk and OJ!! You are just too funny, and I’m enjoying this immensely! I think this may be the one and only time we see Wrongly-Accused carrying a briefcase. He sure did make up for not looking back at Laura the night before, in that cab scene. You can tell that Laura was hoping he would stay. I have to give props to Murphy for figuring out so quickly that it really wasn’t Wrongly-Accused who stole the gems. Murph was on Hunter pretty quickly. The whole driving scene is funny. He’s got her figured out pretty well with that comment about wanting to drive. If he only knew what he’s in for!

    • I wonder what he kept in that briefcase (his passports, presumably, and movie book, perhaps his camera and photo developing supplies. No luggage – does he buy new clothes wherever he goes?

      Re Murphy’s detective work – assuming he was dazed, and not actually knocked unconscious by being “blindsided,” perhaps he saw Hunter making his escape as he staggered to his feet. I can’t think of any other way he would know it was Hunter, not Impending Steele, who stole the gems. One would think he would have had time to fill Laura in on the race to the airport, but maybe she was so busy cursing Soon-to-Be-Her-Steele that Murph couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

      It’s interesting that approximately one year after this episode, Scarecrow & Mrs. King had its first episode – which also had a chase scene featuring a golf cart. Coincidence? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

      And finally, I think it was stunt guys who got thrown around in place of Hunter and Murphy. But if there were stunt people doing Laura and Almost-Steele-Now’s scenes, it was skillfully edited. Sure looked like the actors to me.

  2. eaz35173

    Murphy originally grabbed STBHS and saw that he wasn’t running and that Hunter WAS running. That’s why he went after Hunter. It took Laura a bit longer to realize that STBHS wasn’t trying to get away from her.

    I think in the commentary about all the stunts, they mentioned that Pierce and Stephanie did most of their own work. I recall one of the writers saying that Pierce said that if it was written into the script, he’d do it. I think that some of the driving stunts had stunt doubles for both SZ & PB, tho. And Stephanie was inducted as an honorary member of the Stunt Woman’s union or something like that for all the actual stunt work she did on RS.

  3. You’re right! The best part of this blog is learning from people more observant than me. Props to Murphy, then. Especially since it must have been a bitter disappointment to discover it wasn’t What’s-His-Name.

    Interesting about the stunt work. I gather SZ is a natural athlete, but PB doesn’t seem to be – at least, his old schoolmates that they dug up when he got the Bond role expressed astonishment at seeing him running, fighting, etc. Not the kid they knew! On a tangential note, I must love PB if only for his remark (re having to stay in shape for Bond), “The gym is such a bore!” I couldn’t agree more, sir!

  4. Inés

    I love this! I’m a bit sad the chapter is almost over.
    The thing that really got me this time, is that they ended their first case together chasing the bad guys in a golf cart, and they ended their last one (don’t count S5, please) in a similar vehicle. Laura seems more capable this time, with her hands on the wheel.
    About PB as an athlete, I can see him as a good one. And as I said before,
    his old schoolm.ates sound like they are green with envy.
    And I agree with him and with you: Gym is such a bore!

  5. eaz35173

    Ines, you’re right about the golf cart chase in Bonds.

    I also see PB as athletic, but more as the fit, runner-type. My understanding is that he likes to play tennis in real life. I was just listening to some behind-the-scenes interviews for Die Another Day, and they were saying what a natural he was in picking up the fencing. The other actors marveled at how quickly he got it and how good he was at it.

    I’m not sure why some of the Bond fans make fun of his running, because I just love the way he moves and runs as RS. He is definitely athletic!

    • Inés

      Tennis??? 🙂
      I agree with those fans. He is so natural when he is doing something athletic. I love his running too.
      And again, everyone that make fun of his athletic type, is green with envy for sure (they old mates are from Ireland?)
      And as someone told me sometime: he is very sexy when he is running!

  6. Debilyn

    Thanks for such a fun blog. I haven’t seen Remington Steele in such a long time. It’s fun reliving the episode this way. Great commentary!

  7. The Hertz Car rental—-too funny! I never thought about the luggage he WAS NOT carrying. Also, I never thought about the golf cart scenes in both the first and the last episodes—thought provoking. Again, I laugh at PB delivery of “I take it you want to drive!” Funny–and SZ’s reaction—she is a GREAT straight man!

    • Don’t get me started on how PB’s comedic talent has been underused in his career post-RS … I may start to foam at the mouth. Just the expression on his face at that line (“I take it you wanted to drive”) makes me laugh out loud. For me, that moment cements Laura and Steele as a great team.

      • I agree, I could foam at the mouth as well. As I have said before, I love him
        funny. Generally, you don’t get an actor who is as handsome as PB who has such a presence, and is hilarious to boot. Yes, he was way underused. Loved him in “Around The World In 80 days.”

      • Daphne

        I think ” I take it you wanted to drive” is my favorite line in the whole series. It foretold of the immediate closeness between them and their future relationship. What I mean is would you say that to someone you just met? And the look on Laura’s face was so what? Classic. Hilarious.

        I’m going to say it even if everyone disagrees. I think it was love at first sight for them both.

  8. Melissa

    I love your last 2 pics! I always liked how he looked at her and then she looked at him and neither one saw the other one do that. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it was great!

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