License to Steele – 15

And so we finally reach the tag of our first episode! It’s been an interesting journey, no?

The final scene opens on a close up of a newspaper. It seems the press were on hand to capture the Steele Agency’s moment of glory!


We hear Bernice’s voice: “Remington Steele and unidentified woman …”


“… that’s you – rescue rare gems.” Laura seems okay with being anonymous (wonder how long that will last)? She expresses sympathy for “poor Mr. Hunter.”


“He wasn’t a thief. Just a man who saw his dream going down in a sea of red ink.” (People are willing to go to extreme lengths to preserve their dreams, eh, Laura?) Laura surmises that Hunter planned to use the gems to finance production of his supercar.  They two ladies proceed to the offices of Remington Steele Investigations.


A bit bizarrely, they seem unfazed to find the offices already open and a gentleman waiting for them. Perhaps they assume Murphy has arrived before them.


It seems Mr. Lester Giddons has a 9:00 with Remington Steele. Laura breaks the bad news: Mr. Steele has been called away on urgent business … in San Francisco. But they can use his empty office. She points Giddons in the direction of the executive space. She hangs back a moment to have a quiet word with Bernice:


“If anyone should call …” Laura says.

“He won’t,” Bernice predicts.


Kind of a downer, aren’t you, Miss Foxe?


Laura ushers the new client into “Mr. Steele’s” office.  But what’s this? There is apparently someone already in the office! Giddons addresses him as “Mr. Steele”!


What can this mean?!


“I thought you were in San Francisco!” we hear Giddons say as Laura enters the office.


“I was,” answers the strikingly handsome, curiously familiar fellow behind the desk.


“But suddenly there was nothing for me to do up there.”


Laura offers a tentative smile. Will she blow his cover and throw him out of her office? Apparently not!


“Now … how can I help you?” asks our Mr. Steele.

And there we have it! The first episode of Remington Steele. Why do you think the Man-Who-Is-Steele decided to forgo chasing the Royal Lavulite to San Francisco? There’s a link to my idea of what happened on the fanfic page of this site. But I’d love to hear YOUR ideas of what’s going on here. Is nowSteele planning to run a con on Laura? Is she already so smitten with him that she trusts he won’t harm her agency? Share your thoughts!







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10 responses to “License to Steele – 15

  1. BJo

    Ack!!! I am so far behind! I want to watch the episode first and then comment. I think that will make a difference! I am looking forward to it – I know I liked watching this show when it was first on air!

  2. eaz35173

    Love how, except for a brief moment, nowSteele once again is only looking at Laura as he speaks. As for why he stayed, I think it has to do with the impossible challenge thing he mentioned over the magnum of champagne. The Royal Lavulite was an impossible challenge – part of the allure, I think. THIS challenge – being Steele – has some fringe benefits that stealing jewels and artwork just doesn’t have. PLUS, it’s a con – a BIG one. I think that intrigues him as well. Here is a woman who offers not just a physical challenge, but a mental one, too. His curiosity is most definitely aroused!! I don’t think he realizes how long he will be playing this role at the moment. I think he just thinks he will see how it goes and what he can get out of it. Little does he know what’s in store in the long run!!

    • Daphne

      I think he meant it when he said that there was suddenly nothing to do up there. He made a conscious decision to stay. He saw big potential to make very good living without the law on his tail and get the woman he wanted. Plus a major challenge. This new life contained all the elements he required and so he decided to retire to the luxurious life of RS. I realize retire is a strong word because he never looked far into the future. The future for him was never beyond tomorrow. Yet he was very smart (and clever). He knew he could not be a thief forever. I think this and the fact that he knew Laura’s feelings towards him and he toward her, made him decide to stay.

      Oh I love his blazer. From my closeups, it looks like a Harris tweed. This is a highly expensive, more costly than silk , hand woven wool from Scotland. The subtle colors and classic textures are spectacular and unrivaled. I bet he looked like a billion + dollars in it in real life, sigh…

      • eaz35173

        Good points, Daphne, about seeing big potential to make a good living without the law on his tail. He already knew that Laura wouldn’t turn him in as a fraud, as it would cost her her biz.

  3. Inés

    I think Laura was truly dissapointed to se him leaving. She was alone again. And while the case was running, they interacted in businness, but they interacted in emotions too, and their interaction was so intense!
    When she answered to the client that Mr. Steele was in San Francisco, she told him the true, because she was missing him just from the first moment he was no longer in sight. He was in her mind (and in her heart, but I don’t think she realized that yet).
    And he returned because he enjoyed a lot playing Mr. Steele. He enjoyed to be beside Mrs. Holt, resolving a case, and he enjoyed to be beside Laura, feeling her challenging sex appeal.
    There was a con behind all of this, but that con was the last thing in his mind at the moment.

    • eaz35173

      I agree that Laura was missing him and that she connected with him both in business and emotionally. I don’t think the con was the last thing on his mind, tho. I think it was all mixed in for him in his attraction to Laura. She was beautiful, smart, had a sense of humor, presented a challenge, and was just as big a con artist as he was. No wonder he fell hard for her! And the flip side for Laura was that he was also beautiful (handsome), smart, had a sense of adventure, and was a HUGE mystery for her to solve. No wonder she fell hard for him!!

      • Inés

        You are totally right. And I should add something: he had a very finest sense of humor too!!!
        I agree with every word you wrote in your reply. A finest and perfect conclusion.

      • Inés

        I have one more important thing to add: The final shot. He was standing beside Miss Holt, but just one step ahead of her. He wanted to start the game playing close to each other. And he wanted her just beside him. Not behind. He was going to play Mr. Steele, but she was going to play Mr. Steele with him too. They were going to be partners in every step of the road since that final shot.

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