Tempered Steele – 4

We next see Laura striding purposefully toward her office, her “undercover clothes” over one arm.


That leather satchel says, “I’m a serious businesswoman!”

Laura enters the office, where a potential client seems to be waiting:


Presumably referred by this guy:


Taking her public relations cue from Mr. Steele, Laura pointedly ignores the be-turbaned potential paycheck and proceeds to peruse the post!


“Mayday!” Bernice warns. Laura hurries to Steele’s office.


Hm. Either she’s just finished a packet of these …


… or she’s a bit concerned about what she might find on the other side of that door!


Laura discovers Meecham and Steele engaged in some serious male bonding.

Mr. Steele welcomes his associate into the mancave.


“Meech was just telling me about the time he wildcatted up Alaska way!” Steele explains.


“The tanglefoot from the motel!” Meecham, who wasn’t there and shouldn’t know this, exclaims. By the looks of him, he’s had more than one shot from Mr. Steele’s bottle.


“Now, Meech,” Steele soothes. “Let’s not blitz her buns!” (Et tu, Steele?)

He declares Laura to be one of his finest operatives.


She seems … delighted? … by his assessment!

Laura tells Meecham they are watching the young man’s (NakedGuy’s) apartment, in case he shows up.


“That’s just fine for the taxi squad,”  Meecham answers,

(Google helpfully informs me that a “taxi squad” is a practice team made up of young, inexperienced players. Not to be confused with:



Meecham says the “head coach” has convinced him that a whole new security system is just the ticket!


“We start first thing in the morning.”

Oh, dear. Judging from Laura’s reaction …


… I’m not sure she’s all on board with this plan.


She reminds her “boss” that his enormous responsibilities prelude any direct involvement …

Meecham ain’t buyin’ it.


“Little lady (ouch!), when I buy seats on the 50-yard-line, I expect to see the first team play.”


Laura finds this argument … compelling?

Meecham suggests Laura let Steele do what he does best …


“… and you do whatever it is you do around here.”


I get the feeling Mr. Steele is anticipating Laura’s reaction to this little speech!


Keepin’ it classy, Meecham “doggie bags” the Scotch on his way out.


“Are you crazy?” Laura demands once he’s gone. Steele explains that Meecham insisted he handle the case himself!


“You couldn’t even install a light bulb!”


“Piece of cake!” Steele demurs.

Laura accuses Steele of believing his own publicity.


“You are NOT Remington Steele!”


“I invented Remington Steele. He’s a figment of my imagination.”

Cut to Miss FoxyWolfe, evesdropping …


Let’s hope the potential clients have cleared out of the waiting area, so they don’t hear Laura say Steele is a “figment.”

“Do you know how draining it is to have to be Steele?” we hear him shout from behind the door.

“Oh, it must be agony!” we hear Laura retort.


“Living in the kind of apartment I’ve only seen in the movies …” They seem to have moved into the file room.

Steele tries another tack: seduction.


“We make such a winning combination!” he reminds her.


“We have a deal,” she responds.


HE: “Let’s enjoy our success-“

SHE: “I do the work-“

HE: “… allow our passions to erupt-“

SHE: “-you take the bows.”


HE: “… into something outrageously fulfilling …?”

SHE: “You mean hop in the sack?”


“A little crude, but to the point.”


“Love to.”

But she can’t. Steele wants to know why not?


“It’s tough enough pulling off this little charade without that kind of complication.”


“As long we we’re in business, let’s keep it businesslike.” (Hm. Monkey business is a kind of business, isn’t it?)


Laura orders Steele to tell “old Meech” that the press of business requires him to turn the security plan over to her and Murphy.


Steele lets her know what he thinks of that idea!


“I gave my word. And everyone knows Remington Steele’s word is his bond.”

f Pierce Brosnan as James Bond (007) in GoldenEye.

You mean THIS Bond?


Laura seems … impressed? … by his integrity!


Steele (and his Foster Grants) make a determined exit. “Carry on, Miss Wolfe!” he declares.


Somehow I don’t think Bernice is happy to take orders from “Mr. Steele.”

I’ll stop there. Meecham certainly drives home the rationale for Laura creating Steele, doesn’t he. What a chauvinist! Do you think Steele appreciates/agrees with his condescension toward Laura? Back in 1982, I remember being rather shocked when Laura admitted she wanted to go to bed with Steele. It seemed pretty racy for the time! Do you think Steele was surprised by her admission that she wanted to have sex with him? If she had agreed, what would he have done?  Is Steele determined to “handle this one himself” because his word is his bond … or to spite Laura? Is he indeed beginning to believe he can be the man he’s posing as? Why does Laura apparently capitulate when he says he’s going to go ahead without her approval?




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9 responses to “Tempered Steele – 4

  1. eaz35173

    Yes, Meech is certainly making Laura’s case about creating a male figurehead! I do not think that Steele agrees with Meech’s attitudes towards Laura (or women in general). I think he’s playing the part to gain Meech’s confidence – a good con-man needs to connect with his mark – afterall, Meech just offered him $25K, and I’m sure Steele would love to make sure that Meech delivers the cash.

    It WAS pretty racy back then (and even somewhat now) for a single woman to admit that she wants to have sex with someone she is attracted to. One of the things I love about this show is that both of them agree up front that they want to sleep with each other. It wasn’t something that had to build over the course of 6 seasons like it does with today’s shows. Laura, however, has some very valid reasons for NOT acting on that impulse. And if they would have slept together this early on, I’m not sure Steele would stick around. Or maybe he would – I have some additional thoughts on this based on some scenes that we haven’t gotten to yet (and will expound on them when you get there).

    I think he is set on doing this job without Laura’s blessing because I think he wants to prove he actually does know something about what he was commenting on. And I’m sure there is a little bit of spite thrown in for good measure. She has basically told him that he knows nothing (“couldn’t even change a lightbulb”) – basically, she has thrown down the gauntlet and presented him with a challenge – and we all know how he likes challenges! I think Laura goes along with it, because she realizes it probably makes sense, but she won’t tell him that.

    Loved the Bond pic – I had a similar image when I heard this line. Oh, and notice the carpets with the criss-cross red pattern. This scene is from the original pilot. Oh, and I love that Bernice eavesdropping!

  2. Daphne

    LOL. Monkey Business. LOL hysterically.

  3. Inés

    Meecham is a swaggering. Just offering that $25K as an opening to their conversation says a lot about him. Everything can be bought, and he has the money to do it. He would be condescendent with anyone if that approach him to his target.
    I have to say that I share your shock, there in the 80’s, when Laura admited that she wanted to go to bed with him. But I’m not shocked anymore!! I’d have been shocked anyway, if a woman in her 40’s would have said that she wanted to have sex with him, but again, I’m not shocked anymore…
    He wouldn’t be surprised. Every woman would do that!!! And he knew that, for sure.
    I think he wants to prove Miss Holt, that he is capable doing Mr. Steele’s work. If doing this job right, he could prove Laura he can do more like change a lightbulb, it deserves the effort.
    I love your “he said, She said” timing. Perfect!!!
    I have only one detail to make a critic: where did he find his sunglasses? My mother had a similar ones….
    I hope he would find some good Ray Ban in the near future.

  4. Some follow up thoughts based on your responses …. Do you think Mr. Steele has the same respect for Nadine and Bernice that he does for Laura?

    Does Laura really believe Mr. Steele is as incompetent as she suggests (that lightbulb remark was pretty harsh). Or is her reaction a defensive one – perhaps she fears this guy will “take over” HER Mr. Steele?

    Based on the ease with which they bantered about going to bed, I suspect this is not at all the first time they’ve had this conversation. I suspect Mr. Steele tests these waters frequently. One thing I find interesting, that you allude to, Elise, is that Laura is frank about her attraction to him. Is it simply because she’s a forthright person, or does she want to leave that door open a crack? She could easily have said, “There’s nothing about you I find remotely attractive,” if she really wanted him to lay off. Of course, she’d run the risk of him giving up on that impossible challenge of his.

    Ines, I agree with you. I hate those sunglasses. Makes him seem like a pretentious jerk.

  5. Inés

    I think he has the same respect to them as women. But he has another kind of respect to Laura as an intelligent woman.
    I think Laura is saying those things because until now, he is not being useful as an operative in the agency. He is spending the money, but not making money incomes. And that’t why I think he is eager to take the case. Those $25K are such a relief to his monumental expenses.
    About the bed’s conversation…they seem very comfortable with it. It seems they’d had it before.

  6. Melissa

    “Keepin’ it classy, Meecham “doggie bags” the Scotch on his way out.” LOL

    I’m not sure Steele has any real respect for Nadine. I think he has the utmost respect for Laura. After all, she’s running her own long con. The grifter in him admires that. I think he has respect for Miss Wolfe, at least he knows where to put her. There’s a reason he calls her Miss Wolfe, after all.

    I don’t think Laura believes he is as incompetent as she purports. She’s trying to win an argument. However, he is a loose cannon and she feels the need to keep him under her control.

    I was rather surprised at her response to his “outrageously fulfilling” proposition. I expected her to deny her attraction. Perhaps the sparks are too much to deny.

    Laura and Steele’s season one verbal sparring very much remind me of “His Girl Friday,” Columbia Pictures, 1940, Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. 😛 You don’t get much better than this! Here’s an apt scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJVCQTd6DTI

    • eaz35173

      The sparks are definitely too much to deny!! If we can see them popping out of the screen, imagine what R&L are feeling!

      Love His Girl Friday!!

  7. SteeleInterested

    This episode makes me more certain my eleven year-old self was not snuggled up on the couch while my mom sat near by working on her cross-stitch. My forty-something self finds these to be brilliant scenes. The timing is perfect!

    And I agree that Laura has earned his respect because he understands how intelligent and cunning she must be to have thought up this plan to have a fictitious boss and how much of a risk taker she really is to actually try and pull it off. She is his match and his equal.

    If he’d really thought she’d give in that easily, he wouldn’t have asked. I think he just wants to see how much she will reveal and how honest she’s being with herself. And make her squirm because she doesn’t want to want him this way, but she does. They both know it. Have since the early part of episode one.

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