Tempered Steele – 6

We find ourselves looking at a black and white photo of a rather handsome man …


But whose well-manicured thumb is holding the snapshot? (and what is Steele wearing? A hoodie?)


Ah, it’s crack detective Laura Holt. She seems engrossed! So absorbed, in fact …


… that she doesn’t even hear Bernice enter with a box of … something. They put in some long hours at the Steele agency. Do you suppose Bernice gets time-and-a-half?


Laura seems to be having a rather pleasant daydream. I wonder what about? Pure speculation on my part, but perhaps something like …


Just a suggestion. Anyway …

Bernice enters and starts reciting a list of homework for Laura:


“… surveillance on Marlene York, insurance description of the Regatzi jewelry and a wrap-up on the Morton case.”

Bernice seems to sense Laura is distracted.


“Don’t you get enough of the real thing?”



Laura explains that she just happened to come across Steele’s photo on her desk.

Bernice ain’t buyin’ it.


“This is me, remember?” she says. “The belle of the ball? The life of the party?” Heavens! Is Bernice confessing to be a woman of easy virtue?


Bernice has seen that look before – she’s even had it a few times herself.


“Who is he?” Laura muses. “Who was he before he was Remington Steele?”


“Who cares?” Bernice suggests that Laura “go for it.”

(Go for what, Bernice? The gusto? The gold? Go for broke?)


“Then what?”

Bernice says that depends on what Laura is looking for.


Bernice knows what she wants: “A slightly dull, filthy rich husband.”  However, if she were in the market for …


“… a heart-stopping, teeth-rattling, eye-rolling fling …”


… she’d set her sights on Steele!


Laura confides that “it’s not just the free ride that keeps this clown around.”  Of course not!


It’s the circus peanuts! Or perhaps, as Laura suggests …


“It’s the challenge. I’m probably the only woman he’s ever met who didn’t tumble right into bed with him.”

Bernice notes that … erm … “tumbling” isn’t a bad way to break the ice.


“Yeeaaah …” Laura seems tempted. But, as she explains, she can barely keep him in line now.


“Can you imagine what he’d be like if we turned that corner?”


Bernice thinks it would be fun finding out!


“I’ve worked too hard to risk everything just to get my teeth rattled.”


“So where does that leave you?”



I’ll leave it there. Another rather risqué scene for the time, methinks. It’s interesting to see these women speak so candidly about their – ahem – needs. Why do you think Laura is so certain that sleeping with Steele could cause her to lose everything she’s worked for? Is it only because she doesn’t know his past, or is there more to it? Does she really believe Steele is hanging around just to get her into bed? How would she feel if Bernice had decided to “go for it” with Steele? (I think there’s a fairly graphic fanfic out there on that theme.)


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9 responses to “Tempered Steele – 6

  1. eaz35173

    I love the way Stephanie delivers the “itchy” line! It’s nice to see some girl talk. One of the things that RS did well is stand typical stereotypes on their heads. And this is a perfect example. It’s perfectly fine for a man to talk about his conquests/needs with the guys, but to have 2 women having the same discussion … scandalous!! It’s refreshing, and risque at the same time.

    I do think that Laura had some legitimate fears that after sleeping with Steele (and I did appreciate your visual aid of her fantasy), he will be on his merry way – leaving the agency without a flesh and blood Remington Steele, after all the publicity of him finally making an appearance. I also think that another part of her finds there is a challenge of keeping him at bay. It is a way for her to maintain control. He is, after all, a gentleman, and I believe he would take his cues from the lady as far as pursuing her into the bedroom. And another reason is that I think she fears she will like it too much and be drawn in too deep and not be able to stop herself – thereby endangering her business by being distracted by an admitted conman and thief.

    I think that once Bernice saw how Laura reacted to Ben Pearson, she took her thoughts of getting her teeth rattled by him off the table. Plus, Steele started purposely getting on her nerves with the whole “Wolfe” thing. I think I remember reading that fic you mentioned. The creativity in this fandom is quite remarkable!!

    • Inés

      I agree with you about Laura and Bernice’s chat. It wasn’t usual that kind of discussion between two women.
      I think the writers wanted to make Laura’s carácter strong. She would play in a men’s world, but she would still be a woman.

  2. You bring up a good point – that in some ways “Mr. Steele” has Laura over a barrel. He has become the public face of Remington Steele (and that image seems to be attracting higher-end clients), so it’s in her interest to keep him on board. She has to keep him interested, without giving him too much power. A delicate balancing act!

  3. Inés

    I think Laura is certain that sleeping with Steele would be dangerous. They were both “itchy” at this time, and that was a good push for both of them, to find the way to go on with their con. If they turned that corner, she would be able to see the uncertainty about the whole future, She doesn’t like uncertainty, so she always chooses to stay in safe places. In bed with him doesn’t sound as a safe one. Keeping him at bay…hard, but less dangerous.

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