Tempered Steele – 10

We find ourselves back on the seedy side of town.


We see the limo driving under a fairly prominent product placement – though why Merit cigarettes would want to be associated with this environment isn’t clear. In any case, the limo pulls up outside the Lost & Found Mission, and the same group of indigents swarms the car.


I believe this used to be a “problem” in cities – homeless people approaching cars at stoplights, etc. to wipe the windshield in exchange for a handout. It’s my impression that cities cracked down on this practice. I wonder if it still goes on some places. But I digress.

Steele is apparently surprised to find himself outside the mission. Was he dozing in the backseat?

looking out

“What are we doing here?” he asks Laura as they watch the homeless guys get to work outside the limo.


They observe a group of gentlemen imbibing around a trash can fire. “The minute anything happens down here, everybody knows it,” we hear Laura explain. “Let’s see what they know about Wallace’s death.”


“See? I told you,” Steele comments as they exit the limo. “You’re good.”

toothpick again

Laura suggests Steele start with the trashcan guys.

randomalertThough it’s hard to see in the photo above, Mr. Steele is chewing on a toothpick again. What’s that about?


Mr. Steele muscles his way into the sacred circle …

Laura enters

… while Laura enters the mission. It’s dark and deserted. Is Wallace the only one on staff to make sandwiches?


She tries to engage a sleeping denizen in conversation, but no dice. Meanwhile, outside …


… Steele is bonding with the boys with the bottle! “Pity about Wallace,” he comments. His companions don’t seem interested in conversing.


Back to Laura, still wandering around the dark mission. She pauses outside the “Contact Office.”


Back to Steele, who seems to be making friends!


Suddenly we’re in an alley, where a mysterious (?) car is waiting. Or maybe just parked there. Who knows?


Steele seems to take an interest in the vehicle. Either that, or he’s looking for a place to “refund” the swig of cheap booze he just swallowed. He throws his precious toothpick into the fire. Things are getting serious!


… Aaaand back to Laura, still wandering aimlessly around the mission. What is she trying to accomplish, anyway?

snarkwarning Is it just me, or is this scene meandering a bit?


Aha! Laura suddenly sees lights in an office with conveniently opaque windows!


Back to Steele, who is closely observing the mystery car. Perhaps he’s in the market for a new ride?


Back to Laura, who knocks on the office door.


And back to Steele again!

dizzy-smiley-emoticonWhoa! Is anybody else getting dizzy?


Back to Laura again – and suddenly (finally!) something is happening. Specifically, she is being choked by an unknown assailant! Perhaps it’s the guy whose sleep she so rudely disturbed before.


Back to Steele, apparently absorbed by the complexity of his writing implement.


Back to Laura, in some difficulty.


Back to Steele, still pondering his pencil.


Back to Laura, still struggling for her life.


And … oh, for Pete’s sake.


Finally, having exhausted the wonders of his pencil, Steele looks around for some new shiny object to occupy his interest.


He observes, in the words of the old song, “Two silhouettes on the shade.”


Well, it’s no pencil. But still seems interesting enough to attract his attention.


He races to Laura’s rescue!


Tussles with the bad guy!


Is felled by a mighty blow from the assailant!


And his foe makes his escape!


Worried Mr. Steele hurries to tend to Laura. She’s still shaken up!


Ever the professional, she motions for him to pursue the bad guy’s car! (How did she know he had a car?)


“Fred! Block the alley!” Steele shouts as he rushes to intercept the baddie.


But Fred experiences some difficulty extricating himself from the attentive car guys.


Steele doesn’t have time to wait around!

This seems like an excellent opportunity to showcase one of Eaz’s amazing RS videos!




Alas! The perpetrator gets away!


Steele reconnects with a still-shaken Laura back at the limo. She wants to know if he got the license plate number.


“Right here,” he assures her. Steele’s brain is a steele trap!


“How did you know I was in trouble?” Laura asks.


“Actually, I was looking for a pencil,” he admits.

And that’s the end of that scene. I’m going to assume there is some larger meaning here, and they weren’t just trying to fill up those 47 or whatever minutes it takes to make a full episode. Perhaps the point was to show that Mr. Steele really isn’t as observant a sleuth as Laura (though she certainly didn’t see the baddie sneaking up on her), or perhaps that Steele will put himself at risk to save Laura when needed. Your thoughts?


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20 responses to “Tempered Steele – 10

  1. eaz35173

    Hey, thanx for the plug on the vid!! As for the toothpick, I think it’s kinda Sam Spade-ish. Didn’t Bogey do the toothpick thing? Plus, Pierce was a smoker in real life, so maybe that has something to do with it, too.

    Anywho, back to the scene … I think the point of this scene is to show that there is more to Wallace’s murder than we know. While trying to get more info on it, Laura is attacked. It lends credence to the foul play theory that Steele is so sure of. But, as you pointed out, it also shows that while Steele may have good instincts, he is still pretty clueless when it comes to detecting.

  2. Ines

    Maybe they are trying to show that he can be a good sleuth “accidentally”. It’s clear that Laura is a good sleuth, even in her last breath.
    I’ve always wondered why the guy that attacked Laura was in a Porsche. It’s not the best car to be unnoticed. Maybe Stele was trying to write the license plate number just to send the guys from the alley to get a good tip (I don’ think they would have much luck with Fred).

  3. Daph

    LOL. Love the video insert. It is so hard to be coherent after you make me laugh so good.

    I think Remington was looking for a pencil to write the down Carrera’s license plate number. Although inexperienced as a detective, he knew a Porsche, just like his limo, is not normal in that neighborhood and wanted to know why and who it belongs to. Another thing to consider, he said in the previous episode that he is an artist not just a thief and con man. As a thief, his life would depend on his powers of observation and adaptability to deal with changing environment and circumstances. That’s how he stayed out of jail and alive to become Remington Steele. So I think he really was looking for a pencil to write down the license plate number and luckily for Laura, ended up being in the right place at the right time to save her life.

    And the look on his face when he realized that Laura was in trouble, it was sheer terror. Although he said earlier in a roundabout way that he loved her, I think he knows he is in love with Laura. I dont think he was saying the things he loved about her just to get off the hot seat for the burglar system not working or to distract her. He didn’t even fight that hard with Laura’s assailant. He just wanted him to stop choking her. Yep he is a goner and knows it.

    • So you contend it was love at first sight for Mr. Steele? I’m inclined to agree that Mr. Steele was in very deep waters emotionally very early on, though I don’t know if he is fully aware of that fact at this point. I think he’s powerfully attracted to Laura physically and intrigued and impressed by her. But a couple of episodes hence we’ll see him back away when Laura tentatively expresses her feelings (and her fears of being hurt), so I don’t think he’s prepared yet to be fully open with his heart – to Laura or to himself.

      I do think it’s interesting that (spoiler alert!) while Laura repeatedly demands he express his feelings toward her in words over the course of the series, I believe it is only Steele who ever actually uses the word “love” in connection with their relationship – in this episode; to Fred in “Steele Among the Living” later this season; and once more in season 3, “Now You Steele It, Now You Don’t.”

  4. steeleinterested

    I agree this scene could use some tightening up. Usually, I feel I can’t turn away or I will miss something. Here, I think I could head upstairs for a snack run while Steele tries to determine if that is a no. 2 pencil or not. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I would have noticed if I missed the whole scene. Not sure if the intention was to provide a misdirection or an actual clue here. Either way, I am “Clueless” (Alicia Silverstone, et. al., Paramount, 1995).

    I remember hearing somewhere that Pierce and Stephanie worked scripts ata more rapid pace than was normal. Because their timing was spot on for the comedic pieces and worked so well for the characters, it was decided to increase the number of script pages rather than slow them down. So maybe the drawn out action here without much dialogue was a bit of filler.

    • Upon further reflection, I wonder if the laggardly pace of this scene was intentional – to build audience suspense. Especially when they get to the part where Laura is being attacked and Steele is just lollygagging outside with his pencil, I was shouting at the TV: “Quit fooling around and go save Laura!”

      • steeleinterested

        I just assumed that Laura would figure something out (a lamp, a phone, maybe one of her lethal heels) and save herself if he didn’t hurry up. I didn’t feel much tension at all. Not saying that wasn’t the intent. Just that it didn’t work for me.

  5. steeleinterested

    Ez, loved the vid. Think I got an ab workout from laughing so hard watching PB run. Stephanie definitely has the better running form, even in heels 😉

    • eaz35173

      I don’t know how the heck she ran in those things!

    • There is something a little odd about PB’s running style. I don’t know if it’s the way he pumps his arms, or that he takes rather small strides, or keeps his body curiously upright … But anyway, I enjoy his running scenes. They make me giggle.

    • eaz35173

      I happen to love the way he runs!! I can’t put my finger on it, but I just like watching his body move!

      Yes, Stephanie mentioned on one of the DVD extras (I think the one about the stunts) that running in heels ruined her feet. And she mentioned it again to me, Ines, and a few others when we had the chance to meet her in person after one of her performances last year! Now THAT was a treat – seeing her perform live!

      • Dapg

        Oooo, I’m so jealous you got to meet her. I want to see SZ perform live. I really miss seeing her perform on tv. I have been following her career ever since she started acting and have seen almost everything first run. (I only missed the Prophet Game and the Jericho movie which I plan to rectify soon.) I miss seeing her. Guess I will have to go see one of her plays soon. I am so loving this blog. This is great.

      • eaz35173

        Dapg – not sure where you live, but some of us are getting together in Feb in LA to see Stephanie perform in a play called Sex & Education. Come join the fun!

      • Dapg

        That sounds like do much fun. I may be able to join you. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

      • steeleinterested

        I enjoy watching most anything PB does. I just find some more amusing than others. I think that she runs “better” than him is part of their charm 😉

  6. What are the dates you’ll be in L.A.? Just in case I can sneak away …

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