Tempered Steele – 15

Sorry for the delay in getting to the final post on this episode – too much turkey! Anyway ….

The tag opens with a long shot from above of the Steele limo on a fairly traffic-heavy LA thoroughfare:


The shot cuts abruptly to …

shocking larger

… the front page of the Los Angeles Register (“Largest Circulation in the West!” according to its nameplate). It seems the brilliant detective Remington Steele has done it again! (And also that “Building-Loan Men to Hold Banquet for Jubilee Date.” That seems like a legit item for the front page!

funfacticon A cursory search of the Internet suggests that no newspaper by the name of the Los Angeles Register exists. However, in 1982 The Register was a daily published out of Santa Ana, California. It changed its name to the Orange County Register in 1985. As far as I can tell, it does not claim to have the Largest Circulation in the West.


We hear Mr. Steele expressing mild outrage about the press coverage of his triumph. As he browses the curiously photo-free interior of the newspaper, he frets:

“Really Laura, this is shocking. If I were you, I’d have a word with the press.”


“Do you realize that not one of these stories mentions your name?”


She says she’s learned to live with it. In response to her equanimity, Steele performs an astonishing feat with his forehead.

Steele Pei

His Shar Pei impression is uncanny!


Laura points out something she apparently sees in the paper. “That was nice, donating the money you won in the polo match to Wallace’s mission.” It’s not clear which article on the inside pages we just saw would contain such a statement. Perhaps the item headlined “Oil Giant Admits New Illegal Gifts.” Hm.

Steele responds that Wallace was a nice man.


“… and a helluva burglar.”

clark kent

Suddenly Steele reaches up to take off his glasses. Is it me, or is there something vaguely familiar about that gesture?  Wait a minute! No, it can’t be!




Nope, guess not. Mr. Steele just takes off his shades. He tells Laura that the entire staff can be “rather proud of this one.”


“The entire staff thanks you,” Laura says drily. (Did you consultant Murphy and Bernice before making that sweeping statement, Miss Holt?)

Mr. Steele admits there’s one small thing that still puzzles him.


“How did I know it was Mrs. Dillon and not her son?” (Or Meecham)


Laura reminds him that Mrs. Dillon was the only one who drank that tea.


“So when it turned up in the stable and Wallace’s stomach …”



Steele is impressed!


“God, I’m good!”

And thus ends the second episode of Remington Steele, season 1. I think we learned some interesting things about our dynamic duo, don’t you? There may be friction between them at times, but in the end they make a pretty good team. I do have to wonder, however, if Laura is quite as unruffled by his getting all the credit as she claims. Perhaps we’ll find out as the series continues!

I look forward to your final thoughts on this episode!




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7 responses to “Tempered Steele – 15

  1. eaz35173

    Too funny with that Clark Kent/Superman reference!! He certainly has the hair for it, tho!! At least he noticed that Laura was overlooked in the press. I’m sure he remembered it from License, but it’s nice to see that he recognizes that it was she who solved the case. Love his “G-d, I’m good” comment!! Delivered with great timing. And here we see the freeze frame again at the end. After the first episode, it wasn’t clear if this was how they were going to end each episode (at least to me), but now that they do it here, they are setting up how the show will end each week.

    I found this publicity still that looks like it might be from this episode, based on Steele’s wardrobe, but the headline on the newspaper is very different. This headline says “Steele Pure Gold”. Did it actually come from a different episode? I don’t recall him reading a headline in the limo in another ep, but I could be mistaken. Here is the link to the picture … http://tvshrine.com/Steele/Pics/rspaper2.jpg (notice that there is a red jacket on the floor by the door). So, I decided to do a bit of digging because that headline seemed familiar, and lo and behold, look at the shot of the newspaper headline that Bernice and Laura are reading in the elevator from License … http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r630/eaz35173/Licence_-_2013-12-02_2242.png (but the other stories on the page are different from the one in the limo). Hmmmmmm

    Ok, back to the episode. Yes, you can see that they make a great team. They seem to compliment each other in the strength and weakness department. I love the chemistry and friction between them! It just sizzles and pops off the screen! It’s one of the things that grabbed me the first time I ever saw the series (that and Pierce’s good looks) 😉

    • Inés

      I love that Superman/Steele reference too. After all Superman was the man of steele (If I remember right).

      About the tvshrine’s link, I can see he is holding two papers there in the limo, with the same S at the beginning of the title, but with a difference in the left up’s angle of them. The picture is different from the one used in this chapter too.Then, when you see the image in which Laura is holding the paper in the elevator, there is something there too, but different, in the same left up corner. Maybe the production had two or three different papers with the same title, ready to the original shot, that should have been the one in the limo, and they used a second one in License, only changing the picture. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

      About him getting all the credit, I think she is lightly upset with that, but can live with it.

      The “God, I’m good” comment is fantastic. I could turn the words upside down and say “Good he is a God”, just with a slight look at him…

  2. steeleinterested

    Man of Steel…Yes, I think that is it, Ines.

    I love Laura’s smug look when Steele asks how he knew it was Mrs. Dillon. At this point, I think she can live with everyone ‘out there’ thinking Steele is wunderkind as long as he knows, and better yet, has to admit that she is the brains behind the operation. Already, his opinion, his acknowledgement of her brilliance is what is important to her.

    • eaz35173

      >>Already, his opinion, his acknowledgement of her brilliance is what is important to her.<< Good point. She finally has that outside recognition of her talents in this chauvinistic world. Murphy and Bernice are insiders and know Laura from a different perspective – how far she has come, seen her struggle. Steele sees her as she is now – a brilliant detective and in intelligent woman.

    • Inés

      I agree with you. As long as he knows that she is the brain behind the operation, she can live with that. And she will always find the way to make him know about her intelligence. Maybe with big gestures, maybe with Little ones.

      • Interesting discussion! It will be interesting to see, as Steele grows in confidence and in his role as a real partner (as opposed to figurehead), how Laura will respond.

  3. eaz35173

    Hey, I found a 3rd version of the newspaper/limo scene (this time on ebay) … http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r630/eaz35173/KGrHqVHJFQETingyIGBP3sgNTNtg60_12.jpg

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