Steele Waters Run Deep – 1

And so we start on episode 3 of the first season – an episode with a very special milestone! Without further ado …

title card

Our title card finds us at a marina, where many expensive-looking boats are moored. As we tour the marina, we get an itemization of tonight’s guest stars, to wit:

Peter Scolari

When he guested here, Scolari was just coming off a two-year stint in “Bosom Buddies” with Tom Hanks. Though perhaps not as successful as his costar in that series, Scolari has continued to work very regularly in television and occasional films. His idmb profile lists 88 credits, the most recent of which is a 2013 short film.

george wallace

Mr. Wallace was a prolific character actor, with credits going back to 1951. This is the first of two appearances on Remington Steele (as different characters). He also had two guest spots on “Scarecrow & Mrs. King” and “Moonlighting.” His last credit was as God (!) in Joan of Arcadia in 2004; he died in 2005. RIP, George!


Betty Kennedy seems to be best known for a role in “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie” (1980) which doesn’t bode well for her longevity. And indeed, her idmb credits cease after 1989. Roxanne Hart is a very familiar face who also continues active to the present. Interestingly, she is married to Philip Casnoff.


Yep. The ill-fated Ben Pearson!

Meanwhile, back on the show …


We observe the departure of a boat called the Toodle-Loo (and also that the show is produced by Gareth Davies, but we already knew that).

behindthescenesDavies, incidentally, has an impressive track record. He also produced “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the cult favorite, “Firefly.”


Ah, our episode was written by Lee Zlotoff. Remember that name: he is credited as writer on seven episodes, among them (IMO) some of the best of the series. He also served as executive story consultant and executive producer on the series.


We next see a chest hanging over the moonlit water. It teeters on the brink, then …


… splash! As it falls we hear a disembodied voice: “Goodbye, George.” Mysterious!


A screen swipe segue reveals Laura at the office, looking slightly nervous as she addresses someone on the phone: “I thought you were going to join me for the meeting with Emery Arnock.” I wonder if that’s Emery behind her?


Looks like she’s talking to Steele, not Murphy. The Great Detective is breakfasting on his patio, sporting a robe and ascot.

CRIMEOFFASHIONAlthough the ascot is technically appropriate for morning dress, its place in popular culture is sketchy at best:



Mr. Steele is not impressed by being called in to schmooze the owner of a chain of supermarkets: “Really, Laura. Don’t you think produce peddling is a bit far afield for the Remington Steele Agency?”


“Not when he wants a security profile done on all 32 of his stores.”


“Still,” Steele demurs, “The thought of you trudging up all those supermarket aisles …”


Laura assures him that she likes supermarkets, but “it’s going to take an hour or so with the dependable and reassuring Mr. Steele to close the deal for us.”


Steele says if Laura really feels it’s important, he’ll call for the car. She tells him the car will be waiting for him by the time he gets downstairs. Steele thanks her for her thoughtfulness.


“I’m twisted that way,” she explains.

Meanwhile, back in Steele’s executive office …


… Mr. Arnock declines the offer of a refill.


Laura returns and tells Arnock that Mr. Steele is stuck in traffic but is eager to meet with him. “Another refill in the interim?” Nope.


Steele emerges from his apartment, looking dapper!


A man of rare sensitivity, Mr. Steele stops to smell the roses … or whatever that is.


He is accosted by a delivery guy, who asks him where he might find Mr. Remington Steele. Mr. Steele identifies himself, at which point …








Mr. Steele is surrounded and overpowered by a gang of thugs!


He is muscled into their car, which matches Mr. Steele’s posy!

pink car

The baddies speed away with Mr. Steele in their ride, which really is a startling shade of pink!


Wow – those Mary Kay ladies are getting a little aggressive with their recruiting techniques!

I’ll leave it there for now. Mr. Steele seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a fix! That’ll teach Laura to call him in at the crack of dawn noon. Once again we see the Steele Agency involved in providing security. Methinks this type of work was their bread and butter before Mr. Steele arrived on the scene … but I get the feeling he’d like them to up the excitement level of their caseload. He may just get his wish!




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3 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 1

  1. eaz35173

    Peter Scolari was also in “Stop the World I Want to Get Off” with Stephanie in 1996 as a TV special.

    OMG – those ascots – LOL!!! Funny to see Mr. Steele out on the balcony enjoying his breakfast. I think he’s been reading his own press again. And once again, Laura covers for him with the client. But at least she tells Steele that she needs him to close this deal. Only an hour, huh? Let’s see if her prediction is correct 😉

    I think this is Mr. Steele’s first abduction, no?

  2. Inés

    We are again at the start of a new chapter!!! 🙂

    I LOVE your ascott coment!!!
    But I have to say that I like him with that attire. It has a 20’s/30’s charme.

    And I really like their interesting chat about supermarkets. They can lead any trivial conversation into one including heavy artillery.

    About the pink car, I didn’t notice that!!! How would that kind of “latins” have an almost pink car!!! It must be one of their mother’s… Maybe she couldn’t sell anything to our dear miss Holt, and they are looking for revenge… who knows…

    About Peter Scolari, I would add that he worked again with Miss Zimbalist in a Touched by an angel’s chapter, “Heaven’s portal”, as her husband. It seems that a lot of the RS guest stars have crossed their paths again later with our favorite detectives.

  3. steeleinterested

    Looking forward to seeing what our daring duo find themselves involved in this episode–or in Mr.Steele’s case, what kind of trouble has found him.

    Lee Zlotoff was also the creator and writer of one of my other favorite TV shows, ‘MacGyver.’

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