Steele Waters Run Deep – 3

Back at Remington Steele Investigations, Bernice is on the phone.


She’s telling the party on the other end of the line that she’s not yet ready to start checking morgues (presumably for Mr. Steele, who is just arriving!)


Mr. Steele is waylaid by some random guy with paperwork and an astonishingly awful tie, while Bernice jokes, “On the other hand, give me the number. I may have something for them in an hour.”

Steele shrugs off the paperwork guy and scampers over to Bernice like an over-eager puppy.



“Where’s Miss Holt?” he yips asks. Bernice gives him the finger … point.

Meanwhile, in Mr. Steele’s office, Mr. Arnock has had enough.


“If Mr. Steele thinks my time is so easily wasted …” he is grousing as Steele arrives.


Mr. Steele makes his grand entrance, apologizing for his delay. “The flights from Bogota grow less reliable by the day.” Arnock is confused; he thought Steele was stuck in traffic!


“My staff are instructed to say that whenever I’m out of the country,” Steele explains.


But now he’d like a word with his associate!

Arnock protests as Steele leads Laura away.


Just two minutes. Perhaps some coffee while you wait?” He assures Arnock that Bernice will be right in with a fresh pot.


Based on Laura’s reaction, I’m not sure she appreciates Mr. Steele’s clever ruse. But aren’t they a cute couple? They even dress in matching outfits!


In the filing room, Steele and Laura launch into one of their patented jousting matches.

SHE: “You’re doing this intentionally, aren’t you!”

HE: “Laura, I was abducted by a gang of Latin youths!”


“Oh, please!” Laura snaps. “I like the Bogota story better!” She reminds him she’s had to stall Arnock for TWO HOURS.


“It’s true!” Steele protests. “What’s more, I’ve found us a client!”

Laura ain’t buyin’ it. She asks him what it was “this time” – an unpaid bookie? (Apparently this isn’t the first time Mr. Steele has failed to show up on command, and Laura’s mention of an unpaid bookie suggests Mr. Steele still has a few side games going.)

Aw. Poor Mr. Steele. He was so excited to tell Laura about the new case he’d stumbled on to, but she doesn’t seem impressed.


Puppy Steele is sad.


Laura reminds him of their arrangement: We will find the clients. We will do the work.”


“You just put in an appearance when we need it, maybe make a good impression.”




Steele declares he won’t let his natural talent for this work go ignored! Laura reminds him that he has no training whatsoever.


“But a rare instinct!” Steele argues.


“Call it a gift, if you will.”


“I WON’T.”

Mr. Steele won’t be deterred …


“Think of it, Laura: The two of us working together, hand in glove … midnight skull sessions … breathless searches for evidence … long hours in cramped quarters …”


Hm. I think he may be getting through to her!


“We simply can’t function like this,” Laura says dejectedly.


“We can try.”

Just as the moment was getting … interesting … Bernice barges in.


“I just thought you’d like to know Arnock’s gone.” She suggests the “real thing” might have been too much for him. Steele says he’ll try and take that as a compliment!


Arnock’s flight doesn’t leave until 8:15 – Laura thinks maybe they can catch him before he leaves!

“Perfect!” Steele declares. “It’s right on the way.”


“What’s right on the way?” Laura calls after him.

Interesting dynamic between Steele and Laura in this sequence! Steele is glib and authoritative with Arnock, showing that he can play the role of “top dog” very effectively when he wants to.  However, his battle with Laura shows again that he’s not satisfied with the figurehead role. He genuinely believes he can be successful in this job (as he has likely been successful in every other pose he’s every adopted) and is disappointed and frustrated that Laura refuses to see him as anything other than window dressing. Laura, for her part, feels increasingly desperate and frustrated herself – she is a woman who needs to feel in control, and her wayward fantasty-turned-reality isn’t cooperating! Her genuine anguish when she declares, “We can’t function this way,” shows how torn she is by the situation. The idea of working closely with this enigmatic, alluring mystery man is so appealing – yet represents such a risk to her agency, and her heart.

I look forward to your thoughts on this scene!


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7 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 3

  1. eaz35173

    >>Laura, for her part, feels increasingly desperate and frustrated herself – she is a woman who needs to feel in control, and her wayward fantasty-turned-reality isn’t cooperating!<< – That's for sure!!

    I think at the heart of the matter at the moment is trust. Laura just can't trust that Steele won't muck up all her hard work so far. And Steele can't trust that he's been given enough information to function in his "advisory capacity". It's a bit of a catch-22. I do like how Steele can rattle Laura with talk about spending time in close quarters, breathless searches, etc. She is fighting hard against the sexual attraction between the both of them. I like how she says they can't function like this and he says he wants to try.

    Poor Arnoch – it's about time he left the office. As the CEO of a company, I can't imagine why he would hang around and wait as long as he did. Wonder if he's gone for good or if they can catch him?

  2. Daph

    Steele is not settling to be a figurehead. He wants more from his job and Laura. Although he says he is gifted in detective work and that may be true, I think he is experienced. To make a good living as a thief or con man, he would have had to research thoroughly every aspect of the job including victims, people involved, locations, every detail. It was a lot of planning, work and most of all, detective type work. Anything missed could mean jail time, injury, even death. Yup he had experience detecting. And he is bored staying on the sidelines and acting like a purse.

    Funny how Laura treats him the same way men treat female employees. The very thing she can’t stand, she does to him. Telling him to be quiet, do what he’s told, and stay in the background. No one could put up with that for very long and it didn’t take long for Steele to want more.

    Laura really has serious control issues. But mostly she is afraid. She wants him but she has to first eliminate the risk he potentially poses for her agency. Her fear is causing her to ignore or push aside the obvious, their feelings.

    • Inés

      You have a point here about Laura treating him the same way men treat female employees. But maybe that’s part of her need to be in control. The only way to do that with a carácter like him, is being the boss, and making him feel that every minute.

      • eaz35173

        One of the great things about this show is that they turned stereotypes on their heads. The male/female relationships are reversed many times, as we’ll see a bit later in this episode, the Latin/Hispanic stereotype is challenged. Many times during the series, they used these stereotypes to point out how we need to change the way we look at things.

      • Inés

        You are very right!
        The whole series is a play with challenges. And some of them very progressives for that time.

  3. Inés

    I can think that Laura really needs to be in control of everything, and that includes him, in every way: in their relationship, if there’s a chance of any, and at the office. She can’t hide hide him under a stone because he wouldn’t allow her, and because it would be a loss for her agency. So, she have to play looking for balance. The thing is that he hates balance, so he would do everything at hand to make her loss that balance. He would even work to achieve his goal. But Laura is not sure about him working yet…

    I see Bernice here as a shy interrupting one. She is always ready to appear at the incorrect moment, saying incorrects things to keep Laura safe from him. But she does that with some glamour.

  4. steeleinterested

    Absolutely agree with the turning stereotypes upside down idea. Also, they spend a great deal of energy arguing about rules and roles perhaps because, as my Political Science prof always said, “She who makes the rules, rules the world.”

    I love Bernice and her ‘been there, done that, would never wear the t-shirt’ attitude. Steele’s charm slides off her like an egg off a new Teflon omelet pan. It’s a great foil to show just how vulnerable Laura is where Steele is concerned.

    Hey, where is Murphy? Guess that’s why Bernice needed the number to the morgue. I’m sure Murphy has it memorized 🙂

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