Steele Waters Run Deep – 4

Our next scene opens with the agency limo pulling into a parking lot.

videogame lot

We see arcade games being wheeled around.


When Steele and Laura disembark, it’s evident that their argument has continued from the office.

“I still have my conscience to consider,” Steele declares grandly, “and if you really feel the agency can’t spare 36 hours to help a desperate man, I’ll simply go it alone!”


Laura concedes that the fact that the Arnock security account could pay their costs for the next two years has her preoccupied. But she’s willing to compromise!


“I’ll go in there and listen -“


“-I underline LISTEN, if you promise to go straight to the hotel after that and give Arnock your best shot.”


“I knew we could work together,” Steele responds smugly.


Gentlemanly Steele holds the door for Laura. They do look great together, don’t they? LOVE Laura’s fedora!


Inside, we see someone playing a not-very-sophisticated-looking video game. THIS is worth $350 million?


Albie leads Steele and Laura to George Kaplan’s office, cautioning them that Gruff & Reston musn’t get a whiff of Kaplan’s disappearance.


“Mum’s the word,” Steele agrees. Albie suggests they might find something in Kaplan’s office to tell them what happened to him.


“Or where he ran,” adds an unknown woman who seems to be drinking on the job. Laid back office culture, I guess!


Albie retorts that they have no proof of that, and he refuses to listen to such talk! He introduces the woman as Sheila, the company’s Chief Financial Officer.


“Also known as Mrs. Albie Fervitz,” Sheila clarifies. She tells Steele and Laura that they can’t rule out George running off, “under the circumstances.”


“Circumstances?” Steele inquires. Albie gives Sheila the go-ahead to tell them what’s up.


She explains that after George didn’t show up for work, she ran an audit. “Five million in liquid assets are missing.”


Albie declares that if George took the money, he had to have been forced to. “He must be in trouble!”


“I’m afraid we’re the ones in trouble now, Albie,” says a slightly creepy looking guy who suddenly appeared behind Albie.


Albie introduces the guy as “Izzy Webster, our VP of Development.”

CRIMEOFFASHIONUgh. That open shirt and gold chain look is really starting to grate on me. I mean, what kind of guy dresses like that?



Izzy the developer, who it turns out isn’t creepy but rather seeing impaired, makes his way toward the group. “Honored to meet you, Mr. Steele-“ he says …


… then stumbles and runs into Laura, dragging her down with him. When they recover, Albie resumes the trek toward Kaplan’s office.


We see Izzy slip a note into Laura’s purse.


“Excuse me for saying so, but you don’t feel or smell like a Remington Steele.” Okay, he’s back to creepy again.


Laura introduces herself as Mr. Steele’s associate and leads Izzy into the office. “What can you tell us about George?” she asks.


“There’s not much too tell,” Izzy answers. “George kept pretty much to himself.” Apparently George was a “shy, nerdy type, a slave to his keyboard,” according to Sheila.


“He didn’t have any family and we were his only friends,” Albie says.

“He didn’t even drive,” Sheila adds. “We had to twist his arm to get him to buy a condo in Belvedere Towers.”


Meanwhile, Laura has discovered Kaplan’s desk calendar. The entry for Monday, October 18 reads, “Call B about previous appt.” I wonder if this is a clue!


Mr. and Mrs. Fervitz are bickering. It seems they’re not in agreement on the merger. Sheila calls it a takeover – Gruff & Reston have been trying to gobble them up for six months.


Laura tries to bring the discussion back on track. “You say he disappeared the day before yesterday?” She notes that day is missing from his desk calendar. But wait! Laura has an idea.


She uses a pencil to lightly trace over the next page in the diary, thus revealing what was written on the missing page: LV952.


“Does that mean anything to you?” Steele inquires. The Ratooi tribe says no.


Still, Steele declares it a “compelling lead.” He asks Laura if she agrees. She does!


Mr. Steele informs the clients that Miss Holt will be working very closely with him on the case.

“As closely as possible, Mr. Steele,” she confirms.

I think this scene shows how well Mr. Steele already knows Laura. He was certain that if he got her to the “scene of the crime,” as it were, her curiosity would be piqued and she’d want to take the case. We also find out that the Ratooi crew is not one big, happy family; things definitely seem tense between Albie and Sheila. Perhaps the biggest mystery is how a blind man can develop video games. Presumably we’ll find out more about this later!


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8 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 4

  1. eaz35173

    OK, here’s my big beef about this episode … Potential Spoiler Alert …. Mr. Steele is a movie buff and the name George Kaplan does NOT ring any bells in that encyclopedic filmography in his head?! I know he’s seen the movie because he used elements of it to ferret out Laura’s secret in Licence (perhaps she even saw the movie, too?). This has bugged me for years.

    Yes, the blind guy is creepy – ick! He must not have been blind from birth because he is able to write a note and get it to Laura.

    And you are right about Steele knowing Laura – getting her to the scene of the crime with just a hint of evidence of foul play, and she’s hooked. He really is getting good at this whole thing – detecting AND reading Laura. Not surprised about the reading Laura part, as a con man must be an expert in human nature and evaluating human behavior.

    • Yes, the missed movie reference is a puzzle. I picture a missing scene:
      STEELE: My God, Laura! I’ve got it! Kaplan is a ruse, and one of these people is a spy! Quick, contact our travel agent – the solution will be found in South Dakota!
      LAURA: You see why we don’t let you work cases? Sheesh. *eye roll*

  2. Ines

    Steele knows Laura very well, and he certainly knows how to arouse her curiosity, among other things…

    “Does that mean anything to you?” Steele inquires. The Ratooi tribe says no. LOL!!! (Ratooi sounds very much like ratòn -mouse in spanish- and it sounds funny the Ratooi tribe…)

    Mr. Steele informs the clients that Miss Holt will be working very closely with him on the case.
    “As closely as possible, Mr. Steele,” she confirms.
    I’m sure she has another kind of closely in mind as him while saying those words. Let’s see…

  3. steeleinterested

    Seems the open shirt and chest hair were almost de rigeuer for PIs and action heroes in the 80s–Magnum PI, Miami Vice, Spenser– For Hire. Although the only other gold chains I remember are B.A. Barrabas’s on the A Team. It is possible that Spenser sported one as well, but the New England climate meant he kept his shirts buttoned or layered most of the time 😉 I had rather forgotten how much better the scenery was in mid to late 80’s TV…

    From the moment Steele threatens to ‘go it alone’ you know Laura’s in. Keep your friends close, and all that. No way will she want him out on the loose detecting on his own. He is the face of the agency, after all.

    I find this episode to be a bit confusing and creepy and not in a good way. Hopefully there is something that will redeem it before the episode is over.

    • I agree, steeleinterested, that apart from a couple – well, especially ONE – moments, this episode is kind of a misfit for the series. It doesn’t have the same breezy tone that would come to exemplify the show, IMO. There are some genuinely dark moments coming up …

      • eaz35173

        Well, it is only the 3rd episode, so everyone involved probably hasn’t hit their stride yet. We’ve basically had 2 pilots before this – the original pilot, which became the 2nd episode, and the 1st episode which set up the whole premise of the show. So this outing is really the first one now that the introductions are done. I do think that Laura and Steele’s interactions here are in line with the rest of the series. It’s just the story that seems “off”.

  4. I do find it interesting how determined Mr. Steele was to take this case. He really seemed to feel a sense of responsibility to Albie – is it because Albie is a kind of underdog (or “nebbish,” as he’ll describe a similar character in an upcoming episode) and Steele, who we’ll see has a soft spot for such types, wants to be his hero? Or is it because it flatters Steele’s ego that Albie came to HIM as the only person who could solve his dilemma? Or is it simply that he wants to impress – or, alternately, spite – Laura?

  5. Daph

    I think Steele’s interest is piqued in this case and he had his “conscience to consider”. I still say his main motivation is he wants to become Laura’s partner in the agency and although he may not have admitted it fully to himself, he wants to be her life partner too.

    I agree this whole episode feels off. It doesn’t flow and there are a lot of creepy, dark moments and plot holes. Truthfully I had to watch it twice to even get what was the motive.

    SZ can really wear hats. She looks gorgeous. And PB………

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