Steele Waters Run Deep – 5

Steele and Laura exit the Ratooi headquarters.


“LV-952,” Steele muses. “Sounds like a code, doesn’t it? Or perhaps a secret account number.”


“I’ll make it a point to check that out,” Laura promises. She reaches into her purse for her wallet and discovers something stuck inside:


It’s the note that Izzy slipped in her purse!


Steele sees her fiddling with the paper. “What’s that?” She tells him it’s just a shopping list. Steele wants to know where they go from here.


“Warnock’s hotel,” Laura tells him, apparently having forgotten her client’s name. (I hope Steele goes to the right hotel!) Laura says she’s sending Steele on alone; she has some calls to make. Steele is affronted!


“Laura, you can’t expect me to turn my back on a case like this now!”


“I said I’d listen. I listened,” Laura answers. She tells him he has an hour to fulfill his part of the bargain and sends him off to see Arnock while she goes to make her call.


Back at the car, Steele gives her a pleading look. Laura ain’t buyin’ it.


She shoos him on his way!

Moments later, in the limo …


… Mr. Steele is pondering. “What say we stop off at the Belvedere Towers?” he suggests to Fred. The chauffeur is wary.


“My instructions are Mr. Arnock’s hotel.”


“Just a brief detour. I’ll take full responsibility,” Steele promises, adding a plaintive, “Please?”


Whatever, says Fred’s hand.

Meanwhile, back at Ratooi Headquarters …


Murphy! How we’ve missed you!


Murph finds Laura playing what is apparently a solar-powered arcade game in the parking lot. He calls to his “partner.”

(Hm. Is Murphy trying to establish himself as Laura’s equal, or reinforce the idea that he and Laura are a duo, in contrast to the outsider, Steele?)


Laura thanks him for getting there so fast, and tells him their Mr. Steele has stumbled onto something!


Murphy is … delighted ? … by this news! “You don’t mean you’re letting him work on a case!” he asks.


“Give me a little credit,” she tells Murphy. If she told Steele that, she’d never get him to Arnock! She asks Murphy what their travel people told him. He informs her that two days ago a George Kaplan bought a ticket on flight 952 to Vegas – one way. Laura tells Murphy to start packing: he’s going to Vegas.


Murphy wants to know why nobody ever skips town to Maui, or even Acapulco.

spoileralert emoticonOh, Murph. If only you’d hung in there another season!steeleaway

In this scene, we see Laura being a little underhanded with Mr. Steele, not giving him credit for stumbling on to the case and making him believe she’s not really that interested in it. I can’t help feeling a little bad for Steele, who genuinely seems to feel some commitment to helping Albie and co. Or is it more that he wants to work closely with Laura, as he suggested in the previous scene? We’re beginning to see a little tug-of-war here between Steele and Murphy. Steele asks Laura what “we” do next, thus placing himself in partnership with her. Murphy refers to her as his partner. I wonder which gentleman will prevail?


December 19, 2013 · 7:13 pm

2 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 5

  1. eaz35173

    I think Laura is giving Steele the brush off on the case so that she can regain some control of the situation. Plus, he screwed up her meeting with Arnoch, so until he makes good on THAT, she doesn’t want to hear from him of have him get sidetracked (wonder how that’s gonna work??). Murphy is definitely feeling the negative effects of Steele in his work relationship with Laura. I think that he has probably called Laura “Partner” for years, but now he is making a conscious attempt to remind her that THEY are the real detectives and the team that works on the cases. I think he’s truly glad that she called him to come for her.

    I think Steele has an affinity for the underdog, and probably does see Albie in a bit of that role at the moment. I think, deep down, he really likes to help people. And in doing so, if it helps him get in Laura’s good graces, even better.

    Many people talk about Laura’s fear of being abandoned, but I think that Steele feels the need to be needed, to be wanted. He really hasn’t had that before. So for him to find a case and be able to prove to Laura that he is worth “keeping”, may be part of his motivation.

  2. Daph

    I agree. Steele is more helpful toward friends and anyone wronged than even Laura. He is genuinely interested in George Kaplan’s disappearance plus he wants to be Laura’s partner. So to prove he can be her partner, he needs a joint case, not an Arnock sales pitch, working side by side with her to prove it.

    Poor Murphy! His constant reminders to Laura that they are partners is so desperate. He should know her better than that. She knows he is reliable and there for her. There is no need for constant reminders. But I think he realizes he is losing ground and is trying to maintain his position in her affections the best way he can. I feel so bad for Murphy but not enough: Steele’s the one.

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