Steele Waters Run Deep – 6

Our next scene opens with Mr. Steele exiting an elevator in the company of a woman:


“I just love surprise parties!” she tells Mr. Steele.

I must say, Mr. Steele is looking very distinguished here.


One might even say Napoleonic!

funfacticonIt’s been suggested that Napoleon adopted his signature gesture because it was, in his time, a pose that conveyed a man of “breeding and manly boldness, tempered with modesty.” Do you think that fits Mr. Steele?


Steele tells the woman he was surprised that someone named Beatrice forgot to leave the key as she had promised – stranding him in a limousine full of warm champagne.


Mr. Steele rather flirtatiously invites the lady back later to “tip a few” with them. He knows George would be glad to see her again … as would he!


The woman (can we assume apartment manager) seems tempted, but admits she and George have never been formally introduced. And, she notes, Beatrice seems to take up a lot of his time. The lady takes her leave with a hearty …


“Surprise!” (Perhaps the biggest surprise is what this woman is wearing, and how far her blouse is open without betraying a hint of bosom. Dude looks like a lady?)


Steele answers with a little heh-heh before letting himself into the apartment. (Hey, look! It’s another plastic tree. Boy, those must have been really popular in the 80s.)


He finds an apartment crowded with electronic clutter …


… and leftover Chinese takeout.


There’s that nose-touching gesture we’ve seen before. Either the leftovers smell bad, or Mr. Steele is feeling guilty about deceiving the apartment manager. (But I think she deceived him even more – she’s a man, baby!)


Steele next discovers a bit circuit board, which seems to be finger-lickin’ good …


… and finally sniffs a half-empty glass. Mr. Steele seems to have a nose for this kind of work!


Uh, oh! Someone’s coming. Steele beats a hasty retreat.


A young woman enters. She’s also wearing a very low cut top. Seems to be a theme in this episode! (And look! Another plastic tree! The production company must have got a good deal one those in bulk.) Meanwhile, Steele is hustling to find a hiding spot.


Ah, the old hide behind the curtain trick! Note to Mr. Steele: I believe you are actually supposed to hide behind the curtain to pull this off.


Unfortunately, Mr. Steele steps on the TV remote with his expensive shoe. A loud western starts blaring!


“Who’s in there?” the girl calls out.


Mr. Steele scrambles to turn off the TV!


“There’s no reason to be shy, honey,” the girl continues. “George told me he found someone else.”


Steele is still fumbling with the TV controls!


The girl comes upon Mr. Steele bottoms up on the bed. I don’t think he’s who she was expecting!




“Oh, dear God!” she exclaims.


“When George threw me over a week ago because he’d found someone else, I never figured he meant …” She gathers up her belongings and flees the bedroom


Mr. Steele can’t have his manhood impugned! (Ha! Ha! Remember when it was okay to make fun of gay people?)

He follows the girl out.


“No! No! No!” he insists. “I don’t think you quite understand!”


Oh, she understands, all right. “No wonder he bought me a one-way ticket to Jamaica. Who wants me around when he’s going start over with … oh, dear God.”


“Wait a minute!” Steele realizes. “You must be the Beatrice she meant!”

Nope. She’s Cynthia Denard, for the record. Steele tries to introduce himself, but she knows more than she wants to already!


Steele tells her they need to talk. George could be in trouble!


“You’re telling me!” she retorts.


And then Cynthia runs away, because gay people are, you know, scary (sheesh).


“Why is it always the gorgeous ones,” she says in parting. (Well, I’ll give her that one.)

Mr. Steele, in pursuit, rushes to the other elevator.


Surprise! Laura wants to know what Steele is doing here – he’s supposed to be at Arnock’s hotel!


“Let’s not stand here in the corridor and snap at each other like commoners, eh?” Steele says.

I’ll stop there. This episode is pretty un-PC, isn’t it? First smirking at Hispanics, now joking about gays. Times have changed. We get a sense of Mr. Steele’s investigative style here. He searches diligently for clues, though one senses he doesn’t really know what he’s looking for. And his hiding skills need some serious honing – hard to believe he was a successful burglar in the past! Pierce Brosnan’s physical comedy chops are well on display here; his scrambling around the bedroom is genuinely funny. What do you make of Mr. Steele’s comment about “commoners”? With what we later find out about his background (spoiler alert!), it’s rather interesting. He perhaps is familiar with the sight of “commoners” arguing in hallways.


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4 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 6

  1. eaz35173

    I loved that she mistook him for being gay – it was quite funny. I’m not so sure they were making fun of gays (except for the line about it always being the good looking ones). I think it was a fair assumption on her part … she was dumped, George said it was for someone else, she comes into the apartment and “someone else” seems to be making himself very at home there. But once again, RS is not afraid to “go there” with the stereo typing, showing us that pre-judging can get you into all kinds of trouble.

    Love that he’s searching for clues but has no clue what he’s looking for. And you’re right. For a thief who needs to camouflage himself, he’s doing a poor job of it in broad daylight. Perhaps he works better under the cover of darkness… or just under the covers 😉

    As to his comment about commoners, I think he feels he and Laura are better mannered than to have an argument in public. I’m sure he has seen enough of that in the past. And I also think that’s his way of getting thru to Laura. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be compared to a commoner, either.

    • eaz35173

      If you want to talk about joking about gays and being non-PC, wait till we get to “Grappling”!! Now THAT was definitely stereotyping!

  2. Daph

    This whole scene had me crackin’ up. I laugh every time I see it. Denise thinking he was her ex’s new lover was hilarious. She obviously had no suspicion that George was gay while they were together. Her reaction was normal.

    I think Steele was caught off guard at Denise’s entry which is why he wasn’t looking for an exit or a hiding place and had to scramble unprepared. After all he wasn’t stealing anything (only smelling everything) and had the manager’s permission.

    That commoners’ statement really gets me laughing. Partly because they ARE commoners, not royalty. But it goes to show how well Steele knows Laura. He knows that they fight like really close friends rather than the acquaintances they are. And she would not want to fight in public and risk someone overhearing the wrong things. He is so smart. They make a great couple: beautiful, smart, and funny, don’t they?

    • eaz35173

      True, he did have the manager’s permission to be there, so he probably wasn’t thinking of a hiding spot. >>Only smelling everything<< – LOL!!

      Yes, they sure do make a great couple!!

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