Steele Waters Run Deep – 7

NOTE: This will be a shorter entry, but I think it’s an important scene to hash over!

Laura and Steele return to George’s apartment. Laura is peevish.


“You promised me!” she snaps.

“A promise I fully intend to keep!” he retorts.


Laura starts digging in George’s drawers. “When?” she demands. “When Arnock’s flight is halfway to Topeka?”

Mr. Steele knows the REAL reason she’s upset:


“You’re just afraid to admit that I might know what I’m doing with this!”


“You’re right,” she answers.

“I am?”


“But do you really?”

“Do I really what?”


“Know what you’re doing?”

Mr. Steele is taken aback.


“Just …. barely,” he admits.


“That sounded almost genuine,” Laura smiles.


Steele tells Laura he’s just had a run-in with George’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend. Laura is intrigued!


“Girlfriend? But I thought George was the shy, hermit type!” Steele informs her that George broke off the relationship just before he disappeared.


“Do you think that might tie in?” he asks, hopefully. Laura doesn’t answer. Instead, she goes to the phone.


She discovers a neatly torn-out newspaper ad for a cut-rate to Vegas. What a coincidence! (You also get $75 worth of casino chips – whatta deal!)

Laura asks Steele if he can produce this girlfriend.


He figures he can smoke her out. But he wants to know what this ad is about? She tells him Murphy’s on a plane to Vegas, and she needs to let him know about this.


“Murphy? Vegas? Who are you calling?”

“Room 217, please,” she says into the phone. “Mr. Arnock! Remington Steele for you, sir!”


Steele looks … disappointed … with this development!


“Promises, promises,” Laura mutters, as she hands him the receiver. Steele tries to make nice with Mr. Arnock.


The scream coming from the other end of the line suggests Mr. Arnock isn’t glad to hear from him!

Lots going on in this seemingly simple scene! We see Laura’s disappointment that Mr. Steele went back on his word (Remington Steele’s word is his bond!). I think she’s angry with herself, also, for trusting him. For his part, Mr. Steele is wounded by Laura’s resentment – he knows that he intended to see Arnock as promised … just as soon as he solved the case with his brilliant sleuthing! He is startled when she admits she’s uncomfortable with the thought that he might be a competent investigator, and when she challenges him about his braggadocio, he admits he’s essentially winging it. Allowing Laura to see his less confident side is a big step for him, I think – and I also believe Laura appreciates that, too. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get his nose rapped for stepping out of line! Again she refuses to acknowledge that he has developed good information, and punishes him by making him face Arnock. What are your thoughts on what this scene says about their relationship?


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7 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 7

  1. eaz35173

    I like the fact that he confronts her on her fear (one of them, anyway) that he might know what he’s doing. I like, also, that he admits that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing. And I do think that Laura is touched by his honesty. It’s always nice to see his guard slip around her, and vice versa.

    He runs more on instinct and human nature traits. As a conman, he’s well versed in human behavior. She runs on logic and rules and following the clues. Together, they compliment each other. Although Laura doesn’t see that yet. I think Steele does – he just wants a place on the team to prove it. And he’s doing well so far, even if Laura won’t admit it.

    Love how she calls Arnock and hands him the phone and his facial expressions!

  2. Daph

    I always felt that in this scene Laura changes hats from boss to mentor. She is teaching him business priorities of which Arnoch is #1. She has already surmissed and admitted to Murphy in the last scene that Steele has a knack for investigating. He is surprised with himself that he has skills. (I’m not because he has to have good investigative skills to plan heists and cons.) He lives for those moments of pleasing her. That’s why he told the truth that he barely knows what he is doing.

    He realizes that he has disappointed Laura by not following up with Arnoch but would like to buy himself more time to work on this George case with Laura.

    So interesting how Laura seamlessly moves from boss, confidante, friend, mentor, back to boss. All without damaging his ego. What a smart, brilliant in fact, woman Laura is. She’s got skills!

    • eaz35173

      Interesting, Daph, I had never looked at that way – Laura moving from boss to mentor. I like that analogy. Yes, Laura’s got skills!!

    • Ines

      I like your apreciation about Laura moving frpm boss, to confidante,to friend, to mentor, and to boss again. I think she allowed herself a Little detour, but returned to the safest place for her.
      And you are right about he surprised with himself noticing he has skills. Maybe with that thought in mind he could develop another strategy to wear Mr. Steele’s shoes. A more succesful one in front of Laura.

  3. I think the most surprising moment in this scene is Laura’s frank admission that yes, she does hate to have to admit Steele might know what he’s doing. I would have expected an angry denial, coupled with a disparagement of Steele, along the lines of “Don’t flatter yourself.” But here she acknowledges that he might be more capable than she’s given him credit for – hardly the way to maintain her “control” over the man. Why do you think she was moved to such candor in this moment?

    • eaz35173

      I think she saw thru his mask because he let it slip a bit. He’s actually pretty emotionally invested in the case. He was caught by her while he doing legwork (which, we will find out, is not something he generally initiates or likes to do), which showed to her that he was really trying to be a detective, not just play the role. I think those things showed her something else about him. Similar to how she learned more about him when she saw his reaction and compassion for Wallace at the morgue in the previous episode.

    • Daph

      I think her admission that Steele might know what he is doing helps maintain her control. It encourages him to: perform his role well, makes him want to please her even more after realizing that he can please her, and puts him in shock. All of which gives her the control he seeks. And she keeps him near her. Although she won’t admit it even to herself, she wants him to stay and not just for the agency.

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