Steele Waters Run Deep – 8

The scene shifts abruptly to …


… a neon sign advertising Ratooi Games, Inc.


We’re in the interior of the building. One game seems to be active!


Laura appears, making her way through the building sneaky-like. (She’s changed clothes and put her hair up, so this must occur some time after the previous scene)

The warehouse (?) is a kind of maze of arcade games, with strange beeps and electronic noises …


Suddenly the noise level ramps up. There are flashing lights and bells and whistles! Laura is unnerved.


She wends through the maze of machines, growing increasingly desperate. She rounds a corner, and …




It’s creepy Izzy – up close and personal!

Cut to …


… Mr. Steele and Arnock, outside the latter’s hotel. Steele is happy that Emery agreed to be driven to the airport. It will give them a chance to get to know one another better!


Mr. Arnock wants to be sure he won’t be late for his plane.


Steele tells him not to worry; they’re only making one brief stop!

Cut back to …


… Laura, looking wary.


She is presented a glass of water and asked if she’s feeling better.


Creepy Izzy is seriously invading her personal space! He explains that he set up the scary security system because he works alone at night. She informs him it’s very effective. He responds that the system is completely harmless – it’s just sound. Laura wants to know if that’s what he does for the games –  create the sounds.


“Take my sounds off a game and what do you have? Colored lights and a TV screen,” he answers. He tells her he had intended to pass his note to Mr. Steele, but when he fell into her arms …


“May I touch your face?” He asks abruptly. “You have a lovely voice, and I’d very much like a picture to go with it.”



Laura reluctantly agrees to let Creepy Izzy fondle her.


As Izzy begins performing the Vulcan Mind Meld on Laura, she asks him what he wanted to see Mr. Steele about.


“Deep Water,” he says. “It’s gone.” It’s their newest video game, worth $50 million in the market.


“You have very soft skin,” he adds.




Laura soldiers on, even as Creepy Izzy gets creepier. “You think George took Deep Water?” she asks. Izzy says the theft of the $5 million was probably just a cover. George hated the takeover and fought it every step of the way.


“Mmmm. Good bone structure.”


As Izzy’s hands find their way around Laura’s throat, she asks him if he thinks George was trying to strip Ratooi bare before the merger.


“I like your choice of words,” Izzy says as his hands begin to drift downward. He says George would do anything to hang on to Ratooi. The company is his whole life.


“It seems there was still room for a girlfriend,” Laura comments as his hand slips inside her blouse. Um … when does Laura get around to kicking this guy in the groin? But news of George’s girlfriend seems to cool Izzy down.


He removes his hands and backs away. “Excuse me, Miss Holt. I think I forgot to lock the door behind you. It’s very late.”  He leaves Laura alone in the office.


Laura is visibly relieved.

This was a genuinely scary scene, don’t you think? I believe we were meant to wonder whether Laura was going to be raped by this weirdo. It’s a darker scene that we’ve seen before on the series, IMO. Laura’s fear was palpable as Izzy touched her, yet she remained calm and kept doing her job. I wonder what she would have done if his hands had kept roaming? How far is Laura willing to go for information? I look forward to your thoughts on this disturbing scene!


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5 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 8

  1. eaz35173

    For me, this is one of the most disturbing scenes in the whole series!! I was genuinely fearful for Laura. In that sense, it was well done – the lights, the sounds, the lighting, creepy Izzy. Laura did seem to keep her cool, but she was most definitely scared. I’m not sure how far she would have let Izzy go, for information. We will see later in the series that Laura will do some unexpected things in the line of duty and to get information, but this is by far one of the creepiest. And what makes this different than other scenarios in the series is that this one was not Laura’s choice to pursue. You can see from this scene how having backup and not going it alone would be beneficial. Too bad she sent Steele to be with Arnock. CREEPY!!!!!!!!

  2. Daph

    I remember watching this scene for the first time having the same reaction as I do to horror movies, I scream run inside. He was a rapist-type violating her space. This not only disturb me. I felt that Laura was unsure of how far to let him go. That was the most unsettling.

  3. Would you say that Laura was reckless in going alone to the company at night? Presumably nobody knew where she was going. Was she trying to prove something in going to meet Izzy alone? When things started getting creepy, why didn’t she step away? Did she believe she could handle Izzy if things really got scary?

  4. eaz35173

    I think she truly thought nothing of going to meet Izzy. She had sent Steele away and Murphy was in Las Vegas. She probably thought what was the harm in meeting up with a blind guy. Not sure why she didn’t step away from Izzy when it started to get creepy. Perhaps she didn’t want to offend him and have him think she was acting funny because he was blind. I think that Laura always thinks that she can handle anything that gets put in her path. I think that’s one of her strengths, but it also comes back to bite her every now and then. My personal opinion is that she could have gotten away from Izzy, if necessary. But that whole scene was VERY uncomfortable to watch!

  5. Al

    It is a great scene. The message is that some people will tolerate anything for the sake of information. Normally a person would not tolerate the violation of space in this manner but Laura did – because information is more important than personal concerns.

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