Steele Waters Run Deep – 10

Our next scene opens on a close up of a photo …


A hot bikini babe aboard the good ship Toodle-Loo!


Mrs. Albie Fervitz expresses surprise that George had a girlfriend. She doesn’t seem pleased!


Albie says he had a feeling George had been seeing someone, but didn’t like to pry.


Creepy Izzy is creeped out! He wants to know how George could have murdered this girl!


Albie hurries to defend his missing partner: He doesn’t believe George took the money or killed anybody. Somebody’s trying to frame him!


Mr. Steele points out that the dying girl mentioned George’s name.


Albie suggests that George might have been in the elevator, but so was someone else – the real murderer.


Little Albie’s like a dog with a bone on this, isn’t he? He just can’t seem to accept that George might not be who he seemed. I wonder why?


Steele concedes that Albie’s scenario might be possible …


Sheila, who seems to have a lower opinion of good ‘ol George than her husband, says she needs some air and stomps out. As she leaves …


Mr. Arnoch arrives on the scene, wiping his fevered brow. He tells Steele he thinks he’ll be all right now.


Albie is alarmed! “He’s not a cop, is he?” Laura prepares to introduce her client, but Steele intervenes.


“Special Operative Arnoch. We bring him in on sensitive cases quite frequently.” He asks Miss Holt to back up his explanation.


“Whatever you say, Mr. Steele,” she agrees, not very convincingly. As Arnoch starts to protest, Steele leads him away, followed by Albie. Laura is left to make her phone call in peace.


“Murphy? Is that you?”


It is! Murph, bathed in the soft, blinking light of some neon sign, tells Laura he has a solid lead on this George character. Good news!


“Bad news,” she corrects him. George has been seen here in L.A. an hour ago.


Murphy can’t believe it! George has a reservation at this hotel and tickets to fly to Toronto in the morning!


Laura is either really puzzled by this news, or trying to fight off a sneeze.


She’s puzzled! Laura tells Murphy he might as well come home. Meanwhile …


… Albie is still trying to convince Steele that George is innocent. He’s known George Kaplan since before there were circuit boards. The man is a saint!

CRIMEOFFASHION Sorry, Albie’s open shirt look just isn’t growing on me. But perhaps I haven’t given it a fair chance. Maybe it’s the man, not the look, that’s the problem. Let’s take a look at some others who have championed this particular fashion statement:


Oh, dear. Back to the episode!


Sheila, who still seems peevish, returns to tell Albie he has a phone call – from someone who wants to talk to him about George.


George accepts the call. It’s George’s kidnapper!


“What did he say?” Laura inquires.


“He said if I care anything about George or this company, I’ll meet him at the end of Bally Way at the Marina in an hour.” Albie asks Steele what he should do.


“Excellent question!” Steele stalls. But Laura’s got the answer.


She suggests that she and Steele go to the marina first and position themselves so they’ll see whoever meets Albie.


“My thoughts exactly!” Steele agrees.


Steele exhorts the twitchy Albie to be brave, then hurries toward the door, reminding Laura they haven’t a moment to lose. She reminds him he’s forgotten something.


“Come along, Emery!” Steele says. “We may need your help on this!” The two detectives and Special Operative Arnoch depart for the marina …


… as the scene ends on an ominous close up of creepy Izzy!

I’ll stop there, because the next scene is a BIG one. What do you make of this scene? This scene apparently takes place a short time after the previous scenes (Cynthia being killed while Laura is simultaneously being menaced by creepy Izzy.) Did Laura call Steele and the others to gather them back at Ratooi? What time of night is this? Creepy Izzy noted in the last scene that it was getting “quite late.” By now it must be quite, QUITE late. Yet good old Murphy is still on the job in Vegas, scarfing down Chinese food and doing the legwork on the mysterious George. What a trouper!

Laura seems to have recovered from her disturbing encounter with Izzy. Do you think she’ll mention what happened to Steele, Murphy or Bernice?

I wonder why Steele didn’t want Albie et al to know who Arnoch really was – is he afraid he’ll be outed as essentially the “errand boy” for the agency, tasked with accompanying the client to his plane?

So many questions! Share your thoughts!


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13 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 10

  1. eaz35173

    Either Laura or creepy Izzy must have called everyone to come to the Ratooi offices. I’m confused now, just like most of the characters. But I confess, that a lot of the time I don’t really watch to follow the mysteries, so being confused doesn’t bother me too much.

    Yes, it is definitely the wearer of the unbuttoned shirt and not the unbuttoned shirt itself that sells the look!! Albie needs to button up!! Mr. Steele, on the other hand, needs to loosen his tie 😉

    I do not think that Laura will mention the incident with Izzy to anyone. It’s over and she will move on from it. It was all in the line of duty. That’s how she rolls.

  2. Ines

    I have to say here that I differ about paying attention to the plots. I find them just like a yarn to develop their relationship into. Without the misteries, we couldn’t have the chance to appreciate their characters in action, and that was an important part of the story to be left aside.

    About them kissing, I think that everybody wanted that, but the wait made every kiss special itself. I like that.

    At least, I might say that I am learning a lot with this kind of analysis of the chapters. And I feel that I missed a lot while watching the series. it’s great to have the chance to correct that, sharing your knowledge about every Little detail. And having fun in the meantime feels perfect!

    • eaz35173

      Ines, I agree that the mysteries gave R&L a context to develop their relationship and for us to see how some of the characters involved in those mysteries mirrored what R&L were thinking/feeling/doing in their own personal lives. I just never got too caught up in the mystery – I just choose to focus on how the solving of it was affecting their relationship.

      And I also agree, that this type of discussion is giving me a better appreciation of a show I already love!! Thanx, Keri, for starting this!!

  3. Ines

    Their relationship, I mean.

  4. Daph

    I am a die hard mystery fan. There is nothing better than to have a mystery with some sizzle. Laura and Remington provide great sizzle. I always watched the plots carefully, following clues, and figuring out who did it. It made waiting for the relationship to heat up fun. Most of the RS mysteries were excellent. But this episode left me flat and confused. Strangely dark episode.

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