Steele Waters Run Deep – 11

Here we go, kids! a PIVOTAL moment!

We fade into the next scene …


… the limo, en route to the marina.


Our trio of heroes! But I get the feeling they’re not all in the same frame of mind.


Mr. Arnoch is unnerved by the day’s events. “Nothing like this ever happened to me,” he explains.


Fortunately, the limo comes supplied with liquid courage to shore him up. Arnoch tells Steele it looks like he’ll have to borrow his private jet after all.


Laura seems surprised! Before Mr. Steele has to explain himself, the limo rolls to a stop.


“Marina!” Fred announces.


Arnoch wants to know what happens now. Laura tells him to stay in the car – he’ll be perfectly safe here. Mr. Steele explains the rest of the plan:


“Miss Holt and I will pose as lovers, strolling among the boats.”


Guess that explains Mr. Steele’s upbeat mood!


Laura doesn’t seem sure of this plan, but Arnoch says he thinks it’s a great idea!


Steele agrees! “Ready to assume the position, Miss Holt?”


Oh, yeah. She’s way into it.


Steele and Laura walk along the dock, bickering. She wants to know what the “private jet” was all about.

Steele: I had to stall him somehow!

Laura: You could have simply taken him to the airport!

Steele: And shirk my obligation to the case? What would you think of me then?

Laura: We’d better stay off that subject for the moment.

Steele agrees; he suggests they adopt a more romantic demeanor.


Laura seems …. receptive?


“I love the sea air, don’t you?”

Meanwhile, back at the limo …


… Emery is still calming his nerves. The car phone rings.


Arnoch answers. He tells the caller that Steele’s not there, but to get a grip on him/herself … he’ll “go see.” See what, I wonder?


Back on the dock, Laura tells Steele he shouldn’t be so involved in the business.

“I think of it more as an adventure,” he counters.


“Asking a client to hold a dead body isn’t my idea of adventure,” she sniffs.

Steele notices the chill in the night air. While Laura continues to chastise him for pretending to know what he’s doing …


… he gallantly removes his jacket and places it around her. Aw.



“It’s not as if you have any real, hands-on experience in the field, is it?” Laura comments.

“Here and there, I suppose” he answers vaguely.

Laura ain’ buyin’ it.


“Oh, yes. Your mysterious past, never to be revealed.” (Laura can’t seem to make eye contact with Steele here. I wonder why? Is she as afraid of learning the truth as he is of revealing it?)


“What for?” Steele answers. “The one you’ve created for me is perfect. Why puncture it with something tedious like the truth?”


“You’re not real big on the truth, are you?”


“On the contrary,” Steele avers. “The truth is, I’m standing on a pier with the water slapping gently below …”



(Laura reacts to his words …)

“The moon is full, the breeze is high …”


“… and a beautiful woman is only inches away.”


Laura moves slightly closer to Steele. She seems …. distracted. But quickly regains her composure.


“The truth is, we’re waiting for Albie to show up, because George is missing.”


“It’s a pity we can’t put our truths together,” Steele murmurs, lowering his face toward Laura ..


She lifts her face to him, while quietly noting, “Someone is coming …”





Aw, I can’t resist:

Sigh … Just at that tender moment:


“Mr. Steele!” (Drat! Bad timing, Arnoch!)


Steele and Laura quickly unclinch as Arnoch apologizes for the interruption.


“That’s quite all right, Mr. Marnoch!”


Oops. I think Laura is a bit flustered!


“We were just … er …. posing!”


Try not to look too smug, Mr. Steele.


Arnoch alerts them that there’s a phone call waiting back at the limo. The caller sounded desperate!


“There a lot of that in the air tonight,” Laura concedes, just as …


Bang! Somebody’s shooting! Arnoch hits the deck, while Laura and Steele race for the shelter of the pilings!


Ahem. (Immature? Me?)


“Gunshots?!” Arnoch’s day just keeps getting worse.


“Or something very much like them,” Steele responds.


“Do something, Steele! Shoot back at them!”


Steele says he’d love to, only … “You wouldn’t by any chance be carrying a gun?”


“Oh, my God!”

And that’s the end of the scene! What did you think of Laura and Steele’s intimate moment? We saw a bit of their characteristic verbal jousting, ratcheting up the sexual tension … and the kiss! Who was more affected by it, do you think? Steele looked stunned, but Laura forgot Arnoch’s name (again). Could be a toss up, I guess.

A couple of other things struck me in this scene. Steele’s comment about thinking of his work with the agency as an “adventure,” is interesting. Does it suggest he doesn’t take it entirely seriously, or perhaps doesn’t recognize – at this time – the very real ramifications and consequences of this work? Or does it reflect his previous devil-may-care lifestyle, moving from one “adventure” to another, without investing emotionally in any of the people or things he encounters? Secondly, Laura’s line about noticing someone was coming just as she moved in to kiss Steele (and it seems to me that she was the one who ultimately initiated the kiss). Did she kiss him because she saw someone coming and wanted the cover to look convincing (only to get caught up in the moment), or did she kiss him in spite of seeing someone coming, because she couldn’t help herself?

 I look forward to your thoughts.


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5 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 11

  1. eaz35173

    Wow, yes, a pivotal moment – not just for the episode, but for the whole series!! More on that in a moment.

    I do think that Steele still sees this opportunity as an adventure. I don’t think that he’s not taking it seriously, but it’s not something he’s worked for all his life. I think he is taking THIS case very seriously – to the point of not taking Arnoch to the airport so that he can continue his investigation. I think the adventure comment speaks more to his outlook on life. He is much more “take it as it comes, let’s have fun” than Laura. He lives more in the moment. Laura is much more “planned” than he is. It’s a pity they can’t put those 2 truths together 😉

    As for the kiss … I definitely think that Laura was much more affected by it than Steele. I think he knew it would be great and was a bit stunned as to how great it was. I think that Laura was fighting her internal war too much and was genuinely taken by surprise by the effect he had on her. She is the one who has been fending him off for the past few episodes. We already know that she would love to sleep with the man. The kiss was bringing her dangerously close to the line she drew. Look how really flustered he made her! She actually called the client “Ister Marnoch” and had to shake herself back to reality. I think she got “lost” in that kiss. And if you watch the scene, Steele didn’t snap out of it until Laura’s hair flipped him in the face. He was certainly affected by the kiss, but he wanted that from the beginning, so he didn’t really need to hide it (except maybe from Arnoch).

    Interesting question about Laura and her reason for going into the kiss. Now that you bring it up, I think it was a little of both. It was a good excuse for her in either case.

    Another reason for this being such a pivotal moment is that what other show that you know of with this type of will-they-won’t-they tension has their main characters kissing in the 3rd episode of the series???? I don’t think Moonlighting even did that! Even Castle (which, in it’s early seasons, was very reminiscent character-wise of R&L), waited until the 3rd season to do the let’s-pretend-we’re-lovers-during-a-steak-out-kiss-first-kiss thing.

    I wonder what will change in the relationship dynamic now that the first kiss has happened. Hmmmmm.

  2. Ines

    I think Laura was in a semi-work mode until their lips touched. And I think that, because she was avoiding to look at his eyes until the last moment. She knew that it was a bold move, and she was trying to use it as a last resource, She knew that, once they made that step, everything would be different. After that move…she was lost. Just as she thought.

    He was in a opportunity full-mode everytime.

  3. Melissa

    How did I miss this post?????


    “Try not to look too smug, Mr. Steele.” LOL

    I never saw season one as originally broadcast. I started watching the show during season 2. I was very surprised (& delighted) to see that they kissed in episode 3. Actually, many of Laura’s early season one actions surprise me. The fact that she admitted to him that she would love to sleep with him in episode 2 surprised me. From her later actions, I would have thought she would keep her cards closer to her chest than to admit that outright. She was very bold for a woman, but then, she’s Laura Holt…

    • I think I scheduled two posts to go live at the same time. D’oh! Remington Steele did defy many conventions! I think at this early point in the series, it could have gone either way – Laura might have slept with Steele (and later regretted it) because she was so attracted to him physically. I could envision Laura seeing a “fling” as tempting, not considering she might develop a strong emotional attachment to this guy. But her concern for her business overcame her libido … and allowed her to develop those deeper feelings over time.

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