Steele Waters Run Deep – 12

The next scene fades in …


… it’s the Century Plaza Towers, HQ to Remington Steele Investigations!

funfacticonThe Century Plaza Towers were completed in 1975. They each comprise 44 stories and stand above one of the world’s largest underground parking garages. It was awarded the prestigious (?) International Outstanding Building of the Year by the Building Owners and Managers Association in 2013, and the property was recently listed for sale. Got $2 billion to spare? A piece of Remington Steele history could be yours!

We are not given any explanation as to how Steele, Laura and Arnoch escaped the sniper from the previous scene. Let’s just assume he got bored and went home. Anyway, we rejoin our intrepid trio in the Steele offices, where Emery Arnoch is having a difficult phone conversation with his wife.


“Millicent? Yes, I know what time it is … but I’ve had a very rough day!” Meanwhile, Laura and Steele are going over what they know – or rather, don’t know.


“What did you tell the police?” Laura asks.

“As little as possible,” he answers, while perusing the damage to his jacket.

Laura says she feels they’re going around in circles.


Like this, Laura?


Laura lays out the contradictory “facts:” “First, George is a hermit …”


“… then he’s got a girlfriend.” (Steele continues examining his jacket for bullet holes; he’s a fastidious man.)


“Then he’s on his way through Vegas to Canada, then all of a sudden he’s here!”


Steele seems to find the whole matter a bit distasteful!


“His office is spotless, but his condo’s a pig sty,” Laura continues. “Albie gets a call to go to the marina …”


“… and we get shot at,” Steele finishes for her. “It does seem like we’re a step behind, doesn’t it?”

Laura suggests someone has gone to a lot of trouble to keep them there. NOTE: Um … isn’t that what criminals do? Try to avoid being caught? Steele wonders if it might be the mob, as Albie suspects; Laura is more inclined to suspect George himself, trying to throw them off track.


In the background, we hear Arnoch telling his wife to shut up (!), while Laura asks Steele if he saw anything after Cynthia was shot.  NOTE: It seems to me he saw a lot of things: the car racing away, Cynthia croaking, Emery fainting … but that’s apparently not what Laura’s looking for. Steele tells her whoever did it drove away too quickly (apparently after teleporting out of the elevator into the getaway car).


“George didn’t drive!” Laura points out. “There’s another one!” Suddenly they are interrupted by Special Operative Arnoch!


“It’s him again on the phone! The one who called in the car!” Laura turns to take the call, but is stopped by Arnoch. “He says it has to be Mr. Steele.”


“Of course,” Laura responds, more graciously than I would expect.


“Steele here,” the detective answers authoritatively.


It’s creepy Izzy! He says he has to see Steele right away – there’s something he doesn’t know about George! Meanwhile, we see shadows and lights suggesting the door to Izzy’s office has been opened. Too bad he’s blind, so he doesn’t detect it!


“I’ll be there as soon as possible,” Steele promises while trying not to nod off (well, it is AWFULLY late).


“Quickly, Laura! I sense this may be the break we’ve been looking for!” To the batcave!


Arnoch is confused again. “What? Where?” Steele and Laura rush off. Arnoch rushes to the phone, where’s he’s had Millicent on hold!


“Millie? I can’t talk right now. I’ll get back to you.”

I’ll leave it there for now. The big takeaway for me in this scene is how Laura treats Steele as a partner in their discussion of the case. She’s talking through it with him in the same way she confers with Murphy. Interesting, too, that she apparently let Steele talk to the police on his own, showing she trusted he’d know how to handle them. It’s not clear why they wouldn’t want the police to know about the shooting – perhaps because Albie insisted on discretion? Or maybe Laura doesn’t want the cops to solve the case before the agency does, cheating them of the credit (and fee).  I’ve been wondering what the point of having Izzy be blind is – surely not for this one, tiny moment in this scene? Share your thoughts!


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4 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 12

  1. eaz35173

    Laura does seem to be treating Steele as a partner, isn’t she. Perhaps it’s because she’s so focused/distracted on solving the case she doesn’t have time to remember that his role is just as a figurehead? She seems to be using him as a sounding board, tho, more than asking him to help her solve this one. But that’s how they do their best work sometimes.

    Not sure why Izzy is made to be blind. Perhaps it was another way to break the stereotypes for people with disabilities similar to the way Laura was breaking the woman-in-the-workplace stereotype?

    • I agree that Steele serves more as someone to bounce her own ideas off of than a true partner here, but it’s how I imagine she works with Murphy, too. I think one of the pivotal differences between Steele and Murph is that Steele isn’t going to be content to be Laura’s “yes” man and subordinate. He challenges her … and that’s what makes him irresistible to him.

      As for Creepy Izzy, I think he’s just a big, old red herring in this episode. I suspect we were meant to think he was going to turn out NOT to be blind and that he was the killer – they certainly set him up as a suspicious character. I don’t recall whether, when I first watched this, I actually suspected the real culprit. I think I was probably misled by Izzy, as the writers intended.

      • eaz35173

        Ahhh, good point about Izzy being a red herring. And I agree, Murphy really doesn’t challenge Laura. Steele really keeps her on her toes.

  2. I always thought of “Batman” when Steele utters that line, “Quickly Laura…..”, too! I agree about the red herring, and I don’t think I caught on to the criminal until later when Laura says, “He’s beginning to sound a lot like someone we know.”

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