Steele Waters Run Deep – 13

We’ve back at Ratooi headquarters, experiencing a moment of deja vu!


Laura makes her way through the maze of machines again, but this time she’s not alone.


When Izzy’s security system kicks in, Arnoch and Steele are alarmed, but Laura remains smugly cool. “It’s nothing,” she says, conveniently forgetting to tell them how she reacted last time.


We see an eerie bit of foreshadowing on one of the darkened game screens: Game Over.


As the bells and whistles continue, Steele asks Laura if she’s sure there’s nothing to worry about. “It’s just noise,” she assures him. “Trust me.”


“You first,” says Arnoch.


Laura leads them to Izzy’s office.


Arnoch brings up the rear. All seems normal and uneventful so far …


Oops! Arnoch’s day just got even worse! (And Izzy isn’t having a red-letter day himself.)


Arnoch’s hollering attracts the attention of Laura and Steele.

randomalertThe posters for “Solar Fox” we see on the wall here  (why does a blind guy have posters?) remind me for some reason of Tron.


The timing is right; the movie and accompanying arcade came were released in 1982. Looks like the Ratooi gang are working on a cheap knock-off!


Laura and Steele race to the stricken man men! “He’s trying to say something,” Steele shouts over the din.


“Let’s look for a switch!” Laura shouts back.

“Okay!” shouts Steele.

Arnoch doesn’t say anything. Neither does Izzy.


The detectives race to find a way to shut off the noise, offering a nice opportunity for another gratuitous butt shot! And look! There’s ANOTHER Tron-esque poster!


Bruce Boxleitner may be entitled to residuals from this episode! Meanwhile …


… Creepy Izzy is fading fast. And another Tron sighting!

“Never again, I swear,” Arnoch moans. Steele and Laura rush back to the suffering victim (and Izzy).


Izzy mouths his last word: “Toodle-loo.”


“That’s what I call shuffling off with class,” Steele comments.


Since this scene was so short, I’ll leave you with a YouTube video of a Japanese Tron dance. Because … why not? Feel free to comment on this scene, Izzy’s tragic death, Steele taut derriere or Tron. It’s all good!


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4 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 13

  1. eaz35173

    That Tron dance was cool!! I had never noticed the Tron posters on Izzy’s wall – maybe Albie decorated the room for him.

    Poor Emory, his 2nd death in the span of 24 hours!!

    Always glad to see some gratuitous taut derriere shots of Mr. Steele!!

  2. I am amazed at the details that you notice! It brings some new interest to an already favorite! Any screen shot of Mr. Steele is good! No matter what, I always giggle at the line, “That’s what I call shuffling off with class.” Funny!

    • That line reminds me of the famous “dead parrot” Monty Python sketch, when John Cleese – whom Pierce Brosnan says influenced his portrayal of Steele (?!) – says, “He’s shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the choir invisible!”

  3. Daph

    I also never noticed the Tron posters. Great catch.

    I laughed when Laura acted so cool about the noisy alarm system. If only they had seen her terror earlier, she couldn’t act like she had it together. I love Steele’s response to Tootle loo. Hilarious sunshine to a dark moment.

    Again in this scene, i notice how well they work together. It’s like they are on the same page, same reactions.

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