Steele Waters Run Deep – 14

Back again! This is going to be a long post. Sorry.


Laura and Steele have brought a shaken Arnoch back to Steele’s apartment.


Laura helps him off with his jacket as he continues to fuss.


Arnoch stumbles off, muttering something about needing perspective. He asks where he’s going.


“The kitchen,” Steele provides helpfully. Arnoch is fine with that.


Once he’s gone, Laura lets down her upbeat façade. She’s discouraged. Steele concurs; every time they turn up someone who might help …

“… they get killed,” Laura finishes. Still, she thinks, there must be SOMEONE else they can talk to (bad luck for them, whoever they might be!).


“Somebody else who knew George, but maybe only peripherally. Somebody off the beaten path … someone who was around Ratooi tonight and might have seen something.” Well, that’s asking quite a lot, Laura. I wonder if there is anyone who fits that description? Steele knows!


“Manuel!” The young man who cleans the offices at night must know George, Steele reasons.


“Of course!” Laura exclaims. He might also have run across something while cleaning George’s office that might help the investigation!


Laura is pleased! She starts to dash off to see the hapless janitor, when …


… Steele pulls her back. (I love this little bit of physical business.)


“How are we going to find him at this hour of the night?” Steele asks. (Surely it must be close to dawn by now?)


Laura’s got a list of Ratooi employees back at the office. But she thinks one of them should stay here with Arnoch. I wonder which of them she has in mind?


Steele doesn’t agree! “But if we’re both out there looking …” he begins.


“Nah. I can handle it,” she said. Looks like you’ve been put back in your place, Mr. Steele!


On her way out, Laura stops to ask how he knows about Manuel.


“We’ve done a bit of cruising together,” he replies. Ahem. I’m going to assume “cruising” meant something different in the early 80s (or perhaps Cynthia was on to something?).

We fade into a shot of the exterior of Steele’s apartment building …


The Country Club Manor on Rossmore.

funfacticonThe Country Club Manor was constructed in 1926 and remains one of L.A.’s most exclusive residential properties (at least according to realtors trying to sell space there). I read somewhere that it was once home to Zsa Zsa Gabor, but can’t find the reference now. In 2012, a one-bedroom, one-bath condo sold for $550,000. You can take a brief tour of the building and apartments. The interior doesn’t much resemble Steele’s apartment, however.

We segue into Steele’s apartment, where we find …


… Mr. Steele, engaged in a heartfelt confessional: “I don’t quite know how to put this, Laura, but I feel like I’ve let the agency down …”


“I’ve let YOU down. I dragged us both into this thing …”


“… and now two people are dead, we’re nearly out of time and we still haven’t found George.”


“Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I’m not really suited for this kind of work.”

As the camera circles, we discover that Mr. Steele is confessing to …


… Manuel! The young man objects to Steele’s strategy. “No, no, no! It’s too heavy, man! What are you trying to do, make the chick cry or something?” He tells Steele to keep it short and sweet; she’ll get the message.

By the way, it looks like Mr. Steele has provided a hearty breakfast for his new advisor. Just then the doorbell chimes. Steele goes to answer it.


“You’re right,” he calls back to Manuel. “Simple sincerity is the best route here.”


It’s Laura, in a foul mood. She’s been all over the city – twice! – looking for his kid Manuel.


Steele explains that Manuel is here, but he has something important to tell her.


“You mean he’s HERE?” Laura gasps. She wants to know how Steele found him.


Manuel informs her that if she comes into his turf in a limo, he’ll find HER.


Laura is pleased to meet Manuel! She’d like to ask him some questions about George Kaplan. Steele informs her Manuel has never actually seen George.


“But before we get into that,” he begins, “could I just-“


“You’ve never met him?” Laura interrupts. Manuel confirms, but reminds her he only works nights.


Laura wants to know about George’s office: is it typically clean, or messy? Manuel says he’s only had to clean it once a week or so. It’s like the dude was never there!


Steele tries to get her attention. “If I could just have a moment …”

Laura’s got no time to chitchat!


“Thank you, Manuel. You’ve been very helpful!” She’s got to call Murphy! (I think Laura may be on to something, don’t you?) She races off to call Murph, leaving Steele feeling …



Manuel tries to cheer him up.


He tells Steele he has a nice place … and a foxy lady! “Conquistala!” (Conquer it!)

“Con mucho gusto,” (“With pleasure”)  Steele replies.

Meanwhile …


… Laura is on the phone, thanking Murphy for something.


Steele interrupts her call. He’s got something to say! “Laura, I think it’s time …”


“… that we started rechecking our assumptions,” she finishes for him. Hm. I’m not sure that’s what he was going to say, Laura!


She recaps their situation: “We’re given very little time to find a missing man. Worst result, we don’t find him. What happens then? What are Gruff and Reston really going to do about this?”


Steele admits he doesn’t know much about corporate types, but suggests Emery might be able to fill them in.


“Where is he?”

Steele points in the direction of the bathroom. But he wants to have a little talk before they proceed …


“There’s something that-“

Too late, Mr. Steele.


She’s already gone. He follows her, calling, “Laaaauuurrraaaaa…”

This seems like an opportune moment to share another of Elise’s amazing vids, a nice compendium of Mr. Steele speaking the name closest to his heart:

Love this so much!

Laura barges into the bathroom, despite Steele’s protestations:


“A man’s toilet should never be disturbed!”

Laura is not deterred. She wants Arnoch to answer a hypothetical question.


“Miss Holt?!”


“You’re on the board of a large, multinational conglomerate that’s bought out a small, but highly profitable, company. On the day of the takeover, you discover a substantial amount of that company’s assets are missing, along with the plans for their next big project AND one of their top executives. What do you do?”


Arnoch – who is surprisingly buff – says he’d sweep it under the rug as fast as possible to avoid a scandal. “Soonest it’s forgotten about, the better.”


Satisfied, Laura hands him a towel and beats a hasty retreat from the bathroom, Steele hard on her heels.


She’s got to get to Murphy so they can figure out what’s going on. Otherwise, the agency could take a lot of heat! Steele asks her to give him a moment to change; they can talk in the car on the way to the agency.

“Oh, no!” Laura says.


“You’re taking Arnoch to the airport. STRAIGHT to the airport. Comprende?”

He comprendes!


“What was it you wanted to tell me?” she asks, as an afterthought.


“It’ll wait,” he answers.


Aw. Sniff.

I have to admit I’m a little peeved with Laura here. In the first part of the segment, we see Laura and Steele working as a team, even finishing one another’s sentences. But as soon as Laura gets a whiff of a lead, she gives Mr. Steele the brush off – even though talking to Manuel was HIS idea! Steele once again proves his ingenuity when he is able to locate Manuel (presumably he had Fred drive him around the ‘hood until he attracted attention). Yet Laura gives him no credit for this, either. She’s so caught up in the chase that she has no time for a heart-to-heart with Mr. Steele. If only she knew what he wanted to tell her! (By the way, what do you think he was trying to get across to Laura with the speech he was practicing with Manuel?). At the last moment, Laura remembers that Steele wanted her attention … but the moment is gone.

It’s interesting that Mr. Steele, who had been so committed to the case before, is wanting to set it aside for a few moments to get things straight with Laura. I think this adds credence to the theory that his interest in the case had much to do with proving himself to her. Share your thoughts!


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15 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 14

  1. eaz35173

    Yes, Laura does her best steamroller impression once she gets that idea in her head. I hate that, too, that she really didn’t let Steele get a word in edgewise. It is quite funny in the bathroom scene with Arnoch when Laura finally realizes that she’s talking to a naked man in a shower and thinks about which towel to hand him. Some great, subtle comedy there. And I also love that “bit of physical business”, as you put it, when Steele grabs Laura and literally pulls her back into the conversation. As a side note, it took me forever to figure out what Laura was eating in that scene … it’s a small purple plum (the kind that gets made into prunes), in case anyone was interested 😉

    I think the conversation with Manuel was a good insight into Steele’s thoughts. I truly believe that he didn’t think the initial meeting with Albie would turn out this way. I do believe that he is sorry and wants Laura to know how he really feels about it. I do think he feels like he let her down. Having Manuel there as a confidante was a nice way to let the audience in on Steele’s emotions, but still keep Laura guessing about his motives. I think it was our first look at some genuine honesty from him and a reveal of who he might be under that charming facade. And thank you for translating that Spanish – I never knew what the heck they said to each other there. I really feel sorry for him that Laura never gave him the chance to speak his mind when he wanted to.

    Oh, and thanx for the video plug!! I love the way he says her name and how many different ways he can say it and have it speak an entire sentence with just that one word!

    • Steele’s practice confession is fascinating! On the one hand, his underlying impulse seems sincere. But as Manuel points out, he’s certainly making a production of his apology – perhaps to try to manipulate Laura into feeling sorry for him? I suspect that might be his default mode in dealing with others (especially women, where it is particularly effective). Yet when Manuel calls him on it, he seems to acknowledge and discard that strategy.

      Re the Spanish, I just plugged it into a translator program – so the translation is at best approximate.

      • eaz35173

        Steele has a tendency to make a production out of everything 😉 He’s very wordy at times and quite theatrical, in general. I never got the sense in this scene that he would be trying to manipulate Laura into feeling sorry for him. I think he had the opportunity to try out something novel (the truth) with an impartial party and really needed to practice because I bet he has really never had to express himself like this before – especially to a female.

  2. eaz35173

    2 other things …

    I love that little handshake that Steele and Manuel do when Manuel leaves. It shows that Mr. Steele really can make friends with just about anyone.

    And, that sofa table behind Steele’s couch at some point in the next few episodes is moved to be up against the wall instead of just behind the sofa. I guess the set dressers didn’t like it up against the sofa for some reason.

  3. Melissa

    Laura does steamroll over everyone else’s feelings in this scene, both Steele’s and Arnoch’s. Maybe Laura’s put herself in “work mode” because she’s comfortable there. She just had the shock of her life out on that pier (and I ain’t talking about the gunshots). She needs time to process that and she doesn’t have that time right now. So she focuses on something she is capable of processing and that’s the case.

    • Excellent insight, Melissa! Laura has a tendency to put herself “in the zone” – a single-minded focus on the job at hand that perhaps allows her to avoid dealing with the messier parts of her life. I think it’s interesting to ponder just how determined Laura is to “win” her cases: we’ve seen her willing to play around with (and perhaps even have sex with) a suspect to try to get incriminating information, let herself get felt up by Creepy Izzy, and charge into a bathroom to confront a naked man. She is definitely an “eyes on the prize” kind of gal.

    • eaz35173

      Great insight, Melissa! Laura certainly does fall back on her work when she is emotionally unsure of things. It’s her “safe place” where she has control over things.

  4. Melissa

    By the way, I always thought it was Laura traipsing around Manuel’s neighborhood in the limo that got Manuel over to Steele’s house. I assumed Steele stayed put with Arnoch.

    • That’s a possibility. Laura did tell him to stay there with Arnoch. But it’s not clear to me why seeing the limo would prompt Manuel to seek Steele out at his apartment. I also thought Laura might be more likely to zip around town in her own little car than use the limo, leaving Steele free to “cruise” (perhaps with Emery in tow) in search of Manuel. I guess we’ll never know!

      • Daph

        I think it was Laura cruising around in the neighborhood searching for Manuel all night. Arnoch was done for the day with murder #2. He wasn’t fit to go anywhere. Manuel and the entire neighborhood knew the limo because the license says STEELE.

        It is interesting how Steele confides in Manuel, a new and fast friend. Yes he is a friendly chap. Seriously though he forms close bonds with people easily and quickly, unlike Laura. And he had no problem telling his emotions to a new friend like Manuel. He was totally prepared to bare his emotions to Laura and SHE shut him down. She knew what was coming and she iced it. She was very afraid of her emotions after that first kiss. She knew that didn’t feel like I’m-still-exploring-type-of-kiss. It was an I-found-it-type-of-kiss. Steele felt it too, that is why he felt he should apologize and come clean. (I have no idea about what though. Real interested to hear your thoughts.)

        I agree that Laura likes to hide emotionally in her job but I think something more is going on here. She is seeing the George as a smokescreen, someone who is a vapor/doesn’t exist. That’s why she’s running around like a mad woman; she’s on the brink of busting this case wide open. The fact that it gives her an opportunity to side step some relationship issues with Steele is a plus in her mind. This scene is what caused me to suspect that Laura is the one standing in the way of a relationship not Steele. She appeared to me to have some seriously deep issues beyond ‘I don’t know your name, you are a thief, and i don’t know your past’ stuff. All that is fixable with thievery rehabilitation and a heart-to-heart talk. Don’t hate me but I think Laura is the one whose got issues not Steele. I’m just saying.

      • Melissa

        Hmmm, Daph. I’m not sure I agree with you 100%. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen this episode, but I don’t have the feeling that it even registered with Laura that Steele wanted to talk about the kiss. I see Laura scared of her response to his kiss and not able to deal with it, so she put it out of sight, out of mind. As much as she complains about Steele’s one track mind (okay, she hasn’t complained yet, but it’s coming), she is much more one-track-mind-gotta-solve-this-case than he ever is.

        I don’t know what Steele was apologizing for. He definitely shouldn’t apologize for the kiss. They both wanted it!!!!

    • eaz35173

      I always thought Steele took Arnoch with him in the limo. That, or he sent Fred to cruise the ‘hood.

      • eaz35173

        I think you’re spot on, Daph, about Laura having the bigger issues here. Steele did seem willing to come clean and express himself honestly with her. And Laura IS using the case as a barrier to a much larger issue. They were both affected by that kiss. Interesting to see how they each wanted to deal with the fallout from it. In general, I think that Steele is a much more sensitive person – he is very aware of human nature and the actions that speak louder than words. I think he’s well aware of what the kiss did to him AND to Laura.

        Thievery rehab – LOL. I think he may be in the Laura Hold Rehab Clinic for Former Thieves at this very moment!! I just wonder if Laura knows that she entered the Remington Steele Rehab Clinic to cure what ails her! 😉

  5. Daph

    LO. I agree with everything you wrote. Laura Hold Rehab Clinic For Former Thieves. Hilarious!

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