Steele Waters Run Deep – 16

We pick up where we left off … aboard the good ship Toodle-Loo.


Steele expertly hot wires the engine, which fires up like an SST.


Oh, dear. Arnoch is already looking a little queasy.

Meanwhile, back at George Kaplan’s luxury condo …


… two shadowy, yet oddly familiar silhouettes, are pillaging a closet.


It’s Murphy and Laura, of course! While Laura fondles George’s wardrobe, Murphy explains that Kaplan must have had some heavy financial problems. “Until six months ago, he didn’t have a credit rating,” says Murph.


“And now?” Laura inquires.

Murphy says he’s a perfect bill payer now. But he’s got no tax returns, he didn’t register for the draft and his birth certificate was filed in Sacramento, where a fire destroyed most of the records.

funfacticon The Sacramento Courthouse did burn – but in 1854. Seems a bit early to have eliminated George’s birth certificate!


“He’s starting to sound a lot like someone we know,” Laura comments.


They’ve figured out that George Kaplan is a nowhere man … but how to prove it? And what about the murder of poor Cynthia?


Laura hurries to the phone to make a call. (Hope it’s local, as I don’t think good old George will be paying his bills on time any more.) But who could she be calling?


“Fred here.”

Laura asks him to put Mr. Steele on the line.


“Sorry, he can’t come to the phone right now.”


Laura is concerned! “What’s he doing?”


“About five knots.”


Bon voyage, Mr. Steele!


Mr. Steele has taken his rightful place at the helm. He looks confident!

On the other hand …


… Arnoch doesn’t seem to be enjoying this pleasure cruise!

I’ll make this a short post to make up for the recent mammoth one. Questions to ponder: Do you see any difference in how Laura interacts with Murphy as opposed to Mr. Steele? When did Laura figure out what was going on – in the closet with Murph, or before that? What do you think is Fred’s attitude toward his new “boss”? And will Emery get puke all over his nice three-piece suit?

Inquiring minds want to know!


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9 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep – 16

  1. eaz35173

    First off, those do not look like Pierce’s hands doing the hot wiring.

    Laura is definitely more casual while working with Murphy. They already have their work rhythm figured out and are quite comfortable with each other. Laura doesn’t have to manage Murphy like she does Steele.

    I think that Laura figures it out in the closet when Murphy tells her about the financials, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

    Again, some great dialogue … “What’s he doing?” “About 5 knots.” I think Fred doesn’t know what to make of Steele yet, but he is doing his best to stay neutral.

    Steele looks like he’s having too much fun piloting that boat!! I can only imagine him and Monroe back in the day.

    • Inés

      I agree with you.
      I think that when Laura works with Murphy, both are constructing the solution at any case. When she works with Steele, her thoughts are that she is trying to construct a solution while Steele is having fun and destroying the case.

      …about 5 knots…I think Fred’s suspicions are that Steele is 5 rope knots away from Laura’s hands to hang him…

  2. Daph

    What a difference between how she treats Murphy vs Steele. She treats Murphy so much better yet neither man is satisfied. Murphy wants her to drop Steele like a candy wrap in the wind and protect his partnership with Laura. And even at this early stage, Steele wants to be the man she dreams of. Laura is not afraid of Murphy but she is of Steele.

    Yeah Laura knows that George isn’t real after hearing the financial report from Murphy.

    Poor Fred, caught in the middle but I love his knots comment. Steele looks so good at the wheel.

    • Poor Murphy cannot be unaware that Mr. Steele rouses an emotional response in Laura that he never has been able to. Murphy is steady, reliable, a good guy – things he legitimately believes should be attractive to Laura. But he just never creates that spark with Miss Holt.

  3. I think Laura is pretty sure George isn’t real when she talks with Manuel in Steele’s apartment. “Thank you very much, you’ve been very helpful… I have to tell Murphy about this.”

    • I agree – I think Laura had at least a theory of the case even as early as her conversation with Murphy in Las Vegas. This guy George was just too elusive and slippery – and Laura has some experience with that. I wonder if it gave Laura pause, realizing that someone else had come up with a ruse essentially identical to her own … and if she worried that HER con game might someday be discovered, as the Ratooi scheme was.

  4. In addition, I think Fred finds Mr. Steele amusing. And, I think Fred likes that Mr Steele seems to “rattle Laura’s cage.” I think Fred, like everyone else believes that Laura needs to loosen up a bit!

    • eaz35173

      I agree that Fred probably finds Mr. Steele amusing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fred is a shipper!

      • I suspect that Mr. Steele quickly forms a bond with Fred, as he does most people he meets. Fred is in the position to see and hear much that the rest of the world doesn’t, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he figured out that Steele was a phony pretty early on.

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