Steele Waters Run Deep -18

And at last we come to the tag! I have some ambivalence about tags … sometimes they serve as a nice coda to an episode, other times they feel forced. Let’s see how this one rates, shall we? We open the scenelet on a “sexy” version of the theme and ….


… Laura Ingalls Holt, looking lovely despite her bun and ruffles. As she did in the tag of “Tempered Steele,” she thanks her “boss” on behalf of his “excellent staff.”


Mr. Steele, in full-on Bond mode here, gives her a suave look. Is he going to seduce her?


No! He’s going to eat some humble pie. “That’s very gracious of them, considering how badly I misjudged Albie.”

It is interesting that Mr. Steele, the consummate con man himself, didn’t see right through Albie. One would expect someone in Mr. Steele’s (former) line of work to be an unerring judge of character. Is that true most of the time for Mr. Steele? Is this an aberration?

The camera pulls back to reveal an intimate setting.


Laura and Mr. Steele are at his apartment, on the floor (no bearskin rug?), with a bottle of champagne between them. Romantic!

“Pity, really,” Steele continues between sips of bubbly. “He seemed to have such a genuine concern for George.” Speaking of George, Steele is curious!


“How exactly did I crack the case?”


“Just by being you.” She explains that she knows how troublesome a fictitious man can be.

Steele ain’t buyin’ it.


“You didn’t seem to have much trouble on the dock.” Touche!


“Ah, but then I was merely posing.” Riposte!


“To posing, then.”


“To posing.” *clink*

Just when things are warming up …


… the doorbell! Who can it be?


Steele uses a single digit to express contempt for whoever is interrupting this tender moment. “That will be the dinner I ordered,” he explains. (Funny, somehow I have the feeling Mr. Steele might be a good cook in his own right.)


Hey! That’s no pizza delivery man! It’s our old pal Emery Arnoch.


“I just couldn’t do it, Steele. I stood on that airport ramp and I thought to myself, ‘Emery, this has been the most exciting 48 hours of your life!'”


He’s a fool to waste his life on unit pricing and shelf strategy! He’s selling out!


Laura and Steele think that’s … awesome?


“Millicent will be arriving with the children in a few days!” (Children? Millicent must be a younger woman. Why Emery, you old dog!)


“So tell me … what’s our next case?”


Somehow I get the feeling Laura is prepared to let Mr. Steele handle this one …

So what’s your verdict on this tag? The episode as a whole? I remember cringing at the beginning of this tag, because it just seemed so over-the-top – like those scenes of James Bond seducing the hot babe.


But then the scene turns as we see a slightly different attitude from Mr. Steele, compared with the similar tag from “Tempered Steele.” Then, he was happy to accept the accolades and toot his own horn, if in a tongue-in-cheek way. Here he freely admits that he blew it (not entirely justified, IMO) and Laura knew what she was doing. I do wish Laura had acknowledged his contributions to the case, but I don’t think she’s ready to open herself up like that quite yet. We see in their flirty jousting that each knows the dock incident was no pose … but it’s safer to pretend it is for the time being.

It’s interesting that Laura chose to celebrate the conclusion of the case alone with Mr. Steele – not a Murphy in sight. Already we see a comfortable intimacy between the two of them – uptight Laura sitting on the floor? She even undid the top button of her blouse (ordinarily, I wouldn’t approve of Albie influencing her fashion choices, but here it seems right).

The insertion of Emery is a funny way of bringing us full circle. Now Mr. Steele is confronted with an over-eager amateur whose enthusiasm may be charming, but could also wreak a lot of havoc. Sound like someone else we know?

As for the episode as a whole, I can’t say it’s one of my favorites – apart from the dock scene. But it did move us further along in the evolution of Laura and Steele’s relationship. It showed how they work together, reinforces that Steele wants to be more involved and feels he has something other than a pretty face to contribute. By the end of the episode, I think Laura is beginning to see that may be true.

Your thoughts?


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7 responses to “Steele Waters Run Deep -18

  1. eaz35173

    Now that you mention it, if his role as Steele doesn’t work, he might make a good James Bond candidate 😉

    I like your analysis! I feel pretty much the same way you do in your last paragraph. I’m glad Steele brought up the kiss on the dock – and each of them know the other is lying about posing. Laura can’t go there yet with her feelings towards him, that’s for sure.

    I have no clue why Laura even went over to his place to celebrate in the first place, except that maybe it was a good excuse to spend more time with him. Thank goodness Emory arrived to help “save” her from the impending evening alone with Mr. Steele!! 😉

    There’s a nice piece of fanfic that fills in a missing scene between the end of the case at Ratooi and the tag …

  2. I have always really enjoyed this tag. It’s a lot of the series in a nutshell. The romance, the case, the relationship and the comedy. I do love the “full circle” of Emery showing up at the end. Funny! I also have always thought Emery was too young for children, unless he meant their dogs! Thanks for the fanfic link, that is actually one I haven’t read! Good stuff!

    • eaz35173

      That’s a good way of looking at this tag – the series in a nutshell. I like that!

    • Inés

      “It’s a lot of the series in a nutshell.” I like that very much. I love every tag scene of the show. I think they are the perfect mix of romance and comedy. The essence of Remington Steele.

  3. Daph

    I agree. I love the tag scenes as well. But this is why I watched Remington Steele. It was a perfect balance between sizzle + comedy + mystery. None of these elements over shown the others. Real skilled writing which has not been duplicated since.

    Love the fanfic too.

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