Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 3

Leaving Mr. Steele to ponder his Plan C, we view the mass exodus going on outside the offices.


Six o’clock! We see Laura following the herd.


While she waits for the elevator, Laura looks back at the office. Reconsidering her rash refusal?


The elevator doors open and Laura and the herd get in, while a totally inconspicuous stranger, apparently engrossed in the daily news, sidles out.


He lowers his paper – why, it’s S&M Guy! He now has a few weeds in his hair as souvenirs of his tumble down the hillside. He looks very serious. What is he studying?


Bernice! She’s watering her posies preparatory to departing for the weekend.


S&M Guy continues pretending to read the newspaper. Incidentally, it’s the Daily Press, Final Edition. Its news coverage seems to skew to politics.  It seems City Hall is about to get a facelift, and there’s little reason for optimism in the Middle East (what else is new).


Calling over her shoulder for Mr. Steele to lock up when he leaves, Bernice heads out into the night … to find some magic. Good luck!


After she departs, S & M Guy quietly enters Suite 1157.


Moving stealthily toward Steele’s office, he overhears our hero trying to scare up some action.


“Hard to believe two such beautiful women could work together on one small jumbo jet,” we hear Steele schmoozing. “Tell me … is Deidre there?”


He’s got big news for Deidre: “I just got off the phone with Mischa, and guess who just fell into two front row seats at the …”


S&M Guy makes himself known!


“… Bolshoi,” Steele continues coolly, while watching his unexpected visitor approach.

grabbing hatstand

S&M Guy reaches for the hat stand … picks it up …


… advances on Mr. Steele!


“Deidre, theres a man standing in my office, holding a hat rack. Let me get back to you.”


S&M Guy stands before Steele, looking less menacing than pathetic.


“I’d ask you to take a seat, but you’ve already helped yourself to some furniture.”


Ah, with one-liners like that, you have a great future in Bonds, Mr. Steele.


Suddenly S& M Guy hoists the hat rack and smashes it across Mr. Steele’s desk! Fortunately, the detectives doesn’t actually use the desk to do any work, so no harm done.


Are you Remington Steele?” S&M Guy intones menacingly.


“That all depends on how you feel about Mr. Steele.”

I’ll leave it on that cliffhanger! What do you think of Mr. Steele’s reaction here? He seems like a pretty cool customer. I suspect he’s found himself facing down some menacing people in the past, don’t you? Do you think Mr. Steele is the sort to talk his way out of trouble, or spring into action?


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8 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 3

  1. eaz35173

    I love those one-liners! The one about the man with a hat rack and helping himself to some furniture have always been favorites of mine,

    Mr. Steele is definitely a talker. And by the way he answered the question about him being Mr. Steele, you know he’s practiced that line a time or two.

    Love that he’s still trying to find a date. Perhaps he needs a confidence boost after the fiasco of asking Laura? He certainly does know many ladies since landing in LA.

    • steeleinterested

      I suspect he’s used the line about being (fill in the name) so many times he might have a harder time giving a straight answer to being (fill in the name) than using his standard line.

      Perhaps Mr. Steele isn’t very comfortable with his own company at this point. He does seem to have a rather extensive little black book for someone who is supposedly a recent arrival to the area. (BTW what is the 21st C catch phrase for ‘little black book’? I’m not sure my teenager would get the reference. LOL )

  2. Melissa

    I don’t really understand S&M guy here. Isn’t he coming to ask for help? Why does he basically attack Steele? This is very incongruous with his real personality. Is he thinking Steele sent the assassin? If so, why come to him at all?

    • steeleinterested

      I agree. It doesn’t make sense to me, either. Maybe as we go along?

    • Ha! This scene makes exactly as much sense as the “terrorist drill at the Agency” scene currently being discussed on the “Just Walk With Me” blog – which is to say, no sense at all. Obviously they were trying to create a sense of mystery, danger and suspense – even if it doesn’t lead anywhere. Oh, Remington Steele … you’re better than that.

  3. Yes, I have never really understood this scene either. Maybe he was just trying to get Mr Steele’s attention? I never thought about the fact that Laura was looking back from the elevator having second thoughts. I thought she was probably wondering what his plan c was, which in the end, probably made her have second thoughts! (Incidentially, I would have taken him up on his offer–throw caution to the wind etc.)!

  4. Daph

    Yep Steele talks first and fights later. His jokes are great. I love the furniture one. I think poor S&M wants to apppear manly and in control even though he is growing grass out of his head and is covered in hair dye. He’s probably thinking that if he comes off too inept and needy Steele will throw him out and continue finding a date. Plus all that fear has finally turned to anger.

    Now wait. Steele looking like he does and being in the spotlight, he probably knows every woman in LA even those over 90. He could literally get on the elevator and have at least 1 date before it hit the bottom floor.

    I don’t think Laura is regretting turning his date offer down. She is setting her standards high to let him know she is not a flash in the pan and that if he wants her he must recognize that: 1) she is not a bimbo and will not be treated like one and 2) he has to come right. She is not going to wait in line or take just anything he decides to give. Laura is clever and smart. I really like how she stood up for herself.

    Poor Murph, Laura forgot his invitation.

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