Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 5

A new scene begins with a zooty little car pulling up to a snooty mansion.


Is this the first glimpse we’ve had of Laura’s Rabbit? She seems to have a thing for rabbits.

funfacticonThe Volkswagon Rabbit was introduced in 1975 and remained in production until 1984. Laura drives a 1981 model convertible, California license 1ELI525. Happy news! You can purchase a red version of Laura’s car on eBay for just $7,900, if you hurry.


Laura walks up to an ornate front door and rings the bell. A male voice asks what she wants. She tells him she’s here to see Lucille Steward. He wants to know who is looking for Lucille Seward.

“My name is Laura Holt. I’m a friend of Sheldon Quarry’s.”


Well! That produces results!


“Come in!” he welcomes her. Laura seems very impressed with her surroundings. I wonder if she hasn’t spent much time with the super-rich. I suspect that may change, Laura. (Can I just say, I love Laura’s outfit in this scene?)


Once Laura is inside, the man’s demeanor becomes less friendly. “Where is he?” he demands.

A still slightly dazed Laura responds, “Pardon me?”


“You’re pardoned. It’s Sheldon that’s going to get the chair!” the man vows. Does Laura know how many times he’s had to reschedule the wedding rehearsal? Hasn’t Sheldon ever heard of a phone?!


Laura would love to fill him in! But he’s got no time to listen to excuses.


For four days, they’ve been worried sick! He’s got a daughter who’s hysterical!


He’s got 90 lbs. of roast beef in the freezer!


He’s got 30 lbs. of shrimp – no, PRAWNS (they get you for $1.00 more a pound if they call them prawns) – makes it sound like they all went to college!


“Uh huh … heh heh heh.”


He’s got ice sculptures!

Suddenly, someone new appears:


“Forgive him, he’s an ass,” she says. Her father begins to object to her tone …


“Daddy!” she screeches. Seems like a close-knit family.


Lucille wants to know if Sheldon is really all right. Where is he? Sadly, Laura can’t tell her that. But she assures the happy Sewards that errant Sheldon is fine.


Mr. Seward reminds Daughter Dearest that she’s supposed to be resting.


She doesn’t take his advice well. “Isn’t he a wonderful father? He likes us best when we’re sedated!”

Aw. Lucille is a sweet little thing, isn’t she? I’m sure she and Sheldon will be very happy together. AS LONG AS HE STAYS IN LINE.


Lucille wants to know everything Laura knows. She admits there’s not much to tell.

The scene ends on Laura’s anxious look back at the unhappy father-in-law-to-be.

This was a short scene, but there are some interesting elements, I think. First of all, Laura seems astonished at the opulence of the Steward mansion. As I noted above, it appears she doesn’t have much experience interacting in these circles of society. We also see that she’s not comfortable with Mr. Seward’s overbearing manner; one suspects the glib Mr. Steele would have handled this exchange more smoothly. Laura also seems taken aback at the open hostility between Lucille and her father; we don’t yet know anything about Laura’s relationship with her own parents, but might one surmise that her bond with her own Daddy is different from what she sees here? Although Laura is a strong person, able to stand up for herself, I get the feeling that conflict makes her uncomfortable. What do you think?


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3 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 5

  1. eaz35173

    I imagine, living in LA, that Laura has come in contact with wealthy people and even visited a few homes. I think that she wasn’t expecting to be going to such a swank address based on Sheldon’s appearance and demeanor. She probably thought Lucille came from a similar socio-economic background as Sheldon. Laura is probably trying to piece together the story in her head. That’s what I think might be going on as she looks around and surprised at Lucille’s digs.

  2. Daph

    I agree. I’m not sure about her staring at the opulence. Her eyes weren’t moving around the room like you’d expected when you are seeing opulence for the first time. I think she might have been looking at the wedding decorations which were probably fabulous. Plus she didn’t tell the future father-in-law that she was a detective so perhaps she was acting that way to protect her undercover role as Sheldon’s friend. She presents herself as a naive friend not the smart lady that she is.

    Uncomfortable with confrontation,? Not Laura. Besides she was there to talk to Lucille not her Dad. She may have been uncomfortable because WW3 was breaking out between the daughter and father right in front of her and she had important information to deliver to the daughter.

    Something was going on though. Too bad it probably. ended up on the cutting room floor.

  3. Inés

    “…Can I just say, I love Laura’s outfit in this scene? …”

    I have to say that I love her in that outfit too! Very simple, but still stylish.
    I think she looks great because it’s similar to SZ’s own style.

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