Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 6

Meanwhile, back at Laura’s place …


… we find Steele reading something that seems to amuse him. I looks to me like a high school yearbook. Is he finding out more about Laura by paging through her past?


The detective adopts a curiously put-upon air as Sheldon emerges, half-nekkid. Trying to ward off unwelcome advances, Mr. Steele?


Sheldon reports he found some men’s clothing in Laura’s closet. Lucky break!


Steele seems … interested … in this news. “Men’s clothing. Laura’s closet? Lucky break indeed!” he responds dryly.


Sheldon notes that it must be great to be Remington Steele.

But happily for you, Shelly, it’s also …


… hip to be square! (At least according to Huey Lewis). And look what kind of babe he snagged!


Yeah, a gal like that would TOTALLY end up with a guy named Huey. Right?




Steele concedes that being him has its moments. Sheldon is nonplused at his ambivalence.


“Are you kidding? I’ve wanted to be you my whole life!”


“Relax, Sheldon. Remember – you’re only wearing a towel.”

(That’s a suggestive quip for primetime!)


Sheldon has a seat. He begins to reminisce …


“All through school you dream of being a hero. Everybody laughs at you …”


Steele seems very attentive to Sheldon’s confessional.


“You keep telling yourself: Just wait ’til you grow up. They’ll be throwing ticker tape at your parade.” But when you finally grow up, there’s no ticker tape, Sheldon continues, and you realize you’re just not cut out of that particular bolt of cloth.


“So you find yourself a nice girl …” (Note to Sheldon: Keep looking.)


“On Sundays you look at sensible cars together.”


Steele’s expression is inscrutable: What do you think he’s thinking here?

As Sheldon continues waxing poetic about getting married and joining the family business, Steele’s demeanor changes slightly …


He looks away from Sheldon, who is laying himself bare emotionally as he is physically undressed. Uncomfortable for Steele? Sheldon interprets his expression as boredom.


“You wouldn’t understand about that,” Sheldon says. “That’s what happens to the rest of us.” Seemingly embarrassed by his candor, Sheldon excuses himself and leaves the room.


Steele remains impassive as Sheldon departs.


… then touches his nose briefly as he appears to come to some decision.

funfacticonAs has been noted before in this blog, body language experts say that nose touching indicates discomfort with being deceitful. Pierce Brosnan does this with some frequency; do you think he’s aware of this psychology, or is it a natural response?


Steele follows Sheldon and stands outside the door. He seems torn.


“Sheldon, it occurs to me you have that backwards. I mean, I know you think I lead an exciting life … and yes, I suppose I do.”


“But don’t you think it’s rather like the tree falling in the forest? If there’s no one there to hear it, it doesn’t make much of a noise, does it?”


“An exciting life … without someone to share it with?”


“What I’m trying to say is, any time you’d like, I’ll trade places with you. What do you say?”

There is no response from within.


Steele takes a peek inside …


… and finds Sheldon already asleep in Laura’s bed.


“If I’m nice enough to say all of this sugary slop, the least you could do is stay awake.”

Well! That was a meaty scene, wasn’t it? (And I don’t mean Sheldon’s brawny chest.) Steele seems very affected by Sheldon’s slightly pathetic summation of his life – and uncomfortable, suddenly, with Sheldon’s hero worship of him. I think Sheldon’s admiration reminds Steele that he really is a fraud and he feels guilty being the object of the nerdy little guy’s adulation. It’s hard to know how sincere Steele’s soliliquoy is – perhaps he was indeed just saying all that “sugary slop” to make Sheldon feel better. But I’m inclined to think there was true in his words. Listening to Sheldon describing his ordinary life – what happens to “the rest of us” – reminds Steele of how separate and disconnected he has been from a real life. Perhaps a nice girl, a sensible car and a career don’t sound so bad to a man who has never had anything like those things. I think this speaks to what we were discussing in a previous post, about Steele’s determination to find a date for the evening. He is a man who doesn’t like to be alone … perhaps because he has been that way so much of his life. What’s your take on this segment?



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5 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 6

  1. eaz35173

    I think you are spot on with the analysis of Steele’s reaction to Sheldon. I see it the same way. I do love his reaction, tho, to finding out that there were men’s clothes in Laura’s closet. Ahhh, the things there are to discover about Laura Holt!

    Oh, and funny with the Huey Lewis reference. Here’s a link to PB on Jimmy Kimmel last year talking about Keely … (it starts around 1:25)

    • I LOVE that clip. Only PB could respond with such aplomb to a guy on national television essentially telling him he “amused” himself to a video featuring his wife. Yikes! Slightly awkward when Kimmel asked him if he wanted Keely when he first saw the video; um, dude was married to someone else back then. I wonder if PB was brief ahead of time that Kimmel was going to bring this up?

      • steeleinterested

        I love that the shoe was on the other foot there in that clip. You know Keely must put up with a lot 😉

        Agree with the discussion about Steele. His facial expressions are priceless, and well, so is the face LOL.

  2. Daph

    You both are right on about Steele. Sheldon’s words deeply affected him. I think Steele is lonely; he realizes it and not for the first time. Could the real reason he didn’t continue his chase of the Royal Lavulite is because he wants to find someone to share his life with and not because he stumbled onto a great con opportunity? I always thought the former because he works too hard to please Laura, to not disappoint her on a personal level, and to be her partner (professionally at least for now). He’s worked very hard to show her that he can be a detective. He doesn’t have to do this. He is the face of the agency and she can’t get rid of him.

    No it was not just sugary slop, he meant every word. Besides RS is good at covering emotional uncomfortable moments with little witty remarks to distract from others from seeing his feelings.

    And he definitely is going to confront her on the man clothes in her closet. So funny. He is dating others but is jealous of a man’s clothing. That speaks volumes. Priceless.

    • eaz35173

      I agree, too, that was not sugary slop and he really did mean it. It’s so much easier to tell a stranger some of your inner most thoughts because there is no emotional tie to that person. Think of all those random conversations on airplanes or buses with people you think you will never see again.

      Oh, and I also agree that he was snagged by Laura and the potential of her and him together (whatever that may have meant in the beginning), not the con opportunity.

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