Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 7

We’re back at the Seward mansion …


Mr. Seward wants to know if there’s going to be a wedding Saturday or not!


Just then a health care professional appears. Wait a second! That’s no health care professional – it’s evil Marta Kristen! Well, THAT can’t be good. She tells Lucille it’s time for her shot.


This kind of shot?


Lucille asks Laura to tell Sheldon what she said. (What did she say?)


Mr. Seward still isn’t happy about this whole wedding thing, but his daughter loves Sheldon, so what can he do?

We cut abruptly to …


… headlights speeding toward us.


It’s Laura’s car (but is that Laura behind the wheel?).


Laura seems a little uneasy … maybe it’s that uber-dramatic, strings-heavy music playing! Try another radio station, Laura; sounds like NPR is featuring “ominous movie suspense themes” this evening.


She glances in the rearview mirror – someone’s behind her.

headlights closer

Getting closer!


We know something’s afoot, because there are only two cars on the road (they roll the sidewalks up early in L.A.; it’s a quiet town).


Laura pulls over, giving us a nice side view of her zooty little car. I SO wanted this car when I was 18.


Laura’s tailgater breezes by. Whew!


Laura pulls out again. I wouldn’t feel too relieved, Laura. That music is still playing.


Sure enough …


Laura shifts into evasive maneuver mode.


She pulls into a parking lot.


Uh oh! Squealing brakes behind her. Laura exits her car.


Her pursuer is hot on her heels flats! Run, Laura! Run! (We get a nice demonstration of Stephanie Zimbalist’s athleticism here; more to come!)


Laura runs into what turns out to be a grocery store.


She grabs a cart – might as well pick up a few staples while she’s here, right?


And she’s in training for Supermarket Sweep!


Why hello, prominent product placement!


Laura checks out the hot guys – grocery stores are such meat markets! This one’s a real hottie: headband, shades … dirty blond hair. Is that Owen Wilson?


Laura seems quite taken with him!


Gotta pick up some salty snacks to go with that soda. It’s never too early to stock up for the Super Bowl party!


It’s another sexy beast! (Is Laura shopping at WalMart?) I’m not digging the sweat suit jacket, but Laura likes hats. Maybe this could work.


Hey! This place is a veritable smorgasbord of irresistible manhood! And speaking of manhood, those jeans might be just a little too snug, dude. Nice headband, though. (I don’t even want to know what he’s going to do with those Wet Wipes.)


Things are looking up! Laura crashes into a guy in a suit jacket (Also, JiffyPop is on sale!).


“Excuse me,” she tells the man she assaulted with her cart. Time to ditch this popstand!


Laura makes a run for the exit …


She’s got no time to go through a cashier line. Up and over!


Yikes! Guy in fedora and long coat loitering around her car. What’s his deal?


Better hang out in the store a bit longer, Laura.


Laura gets in line behind a relatively normal-looking guy.


Well … relatively normal looking.


Flirty Laura notes the contents of his basket: Steak, wine, hearts of palm. Obviously he appreciates the finer things!


“Of course, what’s the point of buying it if you have no one to share it with?” Smooth, Laura.


Uh … what I said before about normal?


I take it back.


Still, Laura seems pleased with her conquest!

In this scene, we get to see how Laura deals with a dangerous situation. She is clearly alarmed, almost panicky, but she is able to implement strategies to try to get herself out of trouble. This scene highlights the fact that Laura, for all her skills, is at greater risk because she’s a woman. This scenario – alone at night, being pursued by somebody – is a fear every woman has drummed into them from an early age.

She’s got to be wondering at this point whether Mr. Steele was right to suggest giving this case a pass. What’s your reaction to how Laura handles herself here?


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6 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 7

  1. eaz35173

    I like that we see how resourceful and quick thinking Laura is in this scene. She shows how savvy she is about her surroundings and makes a good decision to go to a crowded place. I don’t like that she had to resort to picking up some guy in the checkout line, but if it gets her a male escort to safety, then I’d probably do something similar.

    I so wanted a white VW Rabbit, too!! And we really do get a good glimpse at how athletic Laura (and Stephanie) is in this scene. How the heck does she run in heels??

    Look at all that Dr. Pepper on the shelf! I wonder if they had an agreement with them? Wouldn’t you like to be a ‘Peppler’, too? (ooops, I’m getting too far ahead in the episodes) 😉

  2. Melissa

    Oh, Keri, your comments crack me up! “Try another radio station, Laura; sounds like NPR is featuring “ominous movie suspense themes” this evening.” Wait a second! Laura listens to AM KROT, not NPR! Although, she totally seems like an NPR listener to me.

    I want Laura’s car, too. Actually, I want Remington’s car first (except its not his, yet)! Anybody wanna buy me a 1936 Auburn?

    Can I say that Laura’s hair looks fantastic in this episode?

    • The Auburn was AWESOME. Honestly, for all the kvetching PB and SZ did about how onerous making this series was, it seems to me that a lot of it would(should) have been fun. The cars, the clothes, the kooky disguises, the stunts, the international travel … sign me up.

      And I agree Laura’s hair (and the rest of her) looks spectacular in this episode. No wonder Steele is thinking about settling down.

      • eaz35173

        I love the Auburn, too! But being a more practical gal, I wanted the Rabbit! Sign me up, too!!

        On a different note, I never got the impression that either SZ or PB felt it was so onerous making the show. Did they each have their beefs? I’m sure they did. But I think “onerous” may be too harsh a word (from my perception).

  3. Inés

    Fantastic entry, Keri!!!!

    I’ve always loved the Rabbit, The Auburn it’s a bit sophisticated for my simple taste. But if the offer arrives with RS as the driver, maybe I would make an effort…

    I like Laura’s hair, and her wardrobe, as I said before. Her hair looks more natural than other chapters. I like that. It makes her look younger.

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