Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 8

Some time later, back at Laura’s place …


… Mr. Steele, apparently spent from baring his soul to Sheldon, is dozing on Laura’s couch.


His partner bursts in, with disturbing news: “They’re on to us!”


 “We’ve got to get out of here!”

But Mr. Steele has more important matters on his mind – disturbing news of his own!


“There are men’s clothes in your closet!”


“Men’s toiletries in your bathroom!”

Laura doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s happy to enlighten her:


He’s talking about men’s bikini underwear!


He’s talking about a T-shirt that says “Bankers Do It With Interest” Yuck!

Laura can’t believe it.


She’s been chased through the canyons by Mario Andretti …


… had to fight off the Galloping Gourmet to get a ride home …

funfacticonThe Galloping Gourmet is celebrity chef Graham Kerr, who had a TV show of that name from 1969-1971.  He was famous for drinking wine while cooking on the show, often appearing to be a bit tipsy by the time the credits rolled.



Steele can’t believe Laura didn’t tell him she lives with a man! She tersely informs him that she doesn’t live with a man.


“Not anymore.”


Little Sheldon hears Mummy and Daddy fighting and is worried. “What’s going on?” he asks.


Mummy Laura helps Little Sheldon finish dressing, informing him that “they know you’re with us.”


She tells him their only chance is to keep going. They’ll rent a car. (Where’s the limo?) Steele wants to know where Laura’s car is. She tells him it’s at the supermarket. Mr. Steele isn’t finished with her yet!


“You lived with a man who wears white belts?”


“Am I disappointed,” he sniffs.


Hey … don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, Mr. Steele. Smokin’!


Laura seems mildly amused by Steele’s reaction.

The main interest in this scene is obviously Steele’s fixation on Laura’s love life. He seems surprised that she had lived with a man (does he think she’s “not that kind of girl”?) and channels his jealousy into childish taunting, disparaging the kind of man his left-behind belongings suggest. Steele seems uninterested – even oblivious – to the real danger Laura was in.

Laura is well-prepared for an emergency, efficiently moving to pack some food, flashlight and, inexplicably, what look like highway flares (or sticks of dynamite).

We also see Laura and Steele in kind of a parenting mode here (especially Laura, who seems very intent on taking care of Sheldon). What’s your take on this segment?


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7 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 8

  1. eaz35173

    My mom used to watch The Galloping Gourmet!! I used to love watching him enter the set and jump over a chair and head into his kitchen!! But I digress…

    Yes, Steele does seem one-tracked here… focusing on Laura’s love life. She sure is full of surprises, isn’t she. And he does love a good challenge! Love that Laura is hearing every word he’s asking about her live in lover and ignoring most of it. I think, that even with all the prep she’s doing to get them out of there, she’s enjoying watching him squirm and try to puzzle out those clothes he found. That smirk says it all!

    I never noticed Laura buttoning up Sheldon’s shirt before. Wonder if we’ll see her do that behavior again in the series?? She certainly is well prepared for an emergency, but that doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Debilyn

    I enjoy seeing Steele’s reaction here. Instead of focusing on the case, he’s focused on her. Laura, as usual, is more focused on the case, but notices the peripherals without commenting (though maybe she does later?). She is definitely mothering here. I find it interesting how involved/distant she can be with clients. She definitely becomes very involved with Sheldon’s case quickly.

    I so enjoy your fun facts – they keep me entertained, and I enjoy reminiscing on some of them.

  3. Daph

    Well I chuckled all through this segment. Steele has been stewing all night waiting to confront Laura about a man in her life. I think she probably told him she is unattached which explains his reaction to the “evidence” of another man in her apartment. If Steele was trying to be cool and mildly confrontational about this man, well he certainly blew it and bared all his intentions. So funny.

    I think this Sheldon mothering is a way for Laura to avoid a confrontation with Steele and keep things on a professional level in front of Sheldon. She is so good at working and staying on point. But I also wonder what would have happened if she had taken 5 minutes to explain herself to Steele. It probably have done wonders for their relationship. Another missed opportunity, sigh.

  4. I believe Laura was fully enjoying Steele’s outrage. After all, it was only a few hours ago that he essentially accused her of having nothing going on in her life. Now he discovers her private life is apparently livelier than he imagined.

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