Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 9

Morning finds our heroes camped out …


… in a scenic locale, if not a very stylish ride.


Inside the car, a cozy scene: Laura and Steele side by side in repose. But there’s an intruder on the scene:


An invisible mosquito disturbs the great detective’s slumber.


He begins to waken. Opens one eye to see Laura beside him. A happy circumstance!


Laura shifts in her sleep, smiling. Having a happy dream? Steele steals a look into the backseat.


Junior Sheldon is snoozing, too.


“Laura,” Steele whispers.

She stirs, slightly. “Mmph?”


“Finally.” Dramatic pause. “We’re sleeping together.”


Laura gives him a slo-mo reaction.


He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and chuckles. She doesn’t seem to mind.


“I must make it a point to tell Murphy,” he says.

“You would, too,” she responds, still amused.

“Damn right.”


Steele chuckles again, but simultaneously touches his face. Uh oh!

BeardedSMiley Psychologists tell us face touching can be a sign of discomfort, of being deceptive or of arousal. Which one is Mr. Steele experiencing here?


Steele notes that Murphy still doesn’t trust him, but Laura explains, “It’s not you. It’s me.”

(Is she trying to break up with him?)


“He worries about me,” Laura says softly.


“Worries … I’ll get in too deep.”


“And you’ll be gone …”


“… and I’ll be left …”


“… in too deep.”


“Murphy thinks that?”


“He isn’t the only one.”




Steele is uncomfortable with the direction this has taken.


“I think I’ll stretch my legs.” He flees the car, leaving Laura alone.

“Damn it.”


And we see that Steele, too, is alone with his thoughts … whatever they may be.

This is my favorite scene of this episode; it’s so rich and multi-layered. We begin in a warm and even humorous mood. Steele and Laura are together in a pseudo-intimate setting. And they are clearly comfortable and glad to be together. Laura appreciates Steele’s suggestive humor and tacit acknowledgement that their relationship goes beyond the strictly professional. Then the scene turns, as Laura confesses her deep fears. We rarely see Laura this open and vulnerable. Steele is shaken by her words – because he’s afraid she’s too serious, or afraid he might indeed leave her alone, in too deep. Perhaps Steele has his own fears about getting close to someone, and the possibility of being left behind, in too deep. There is such deep poignancy in Laura’s reaction to his desertion. She knows she has over-shared, shown Mr. Steele her “weakness,” and – as expected – he left her.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this pivotal little scene!


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12 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 9

  1. eaz35173

    It’s my favorite scene of the episode, too. Steele is too smart to let Laura get away with “Murphy thinks…” and calls her on it. I like that – he has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter with Laura, cutting thru her BS – he knows too much of human behavior. I’m glad that Laura fessed up that she thought that, too. I do think that her reaction to Steele exiting the car was more along the lines of berating herself for over sharing, as you stated. But I never go the impression that she thought he was leaving her.

    I do think Steele was genuinely surprised at her honesty. And her dropping that “bomb” left him with some fallout that he wasn’t expecting. I think they’re both “in too deep” at the moment and that has given them both pause. I imagine that Steele has never been in this situation before and just doesn’t know how to process this info. I certainly understand the need for him to be alone with his thoughts for the moment.

    • steeleinterested

      Laura is not playing by the script he’s used to here. It makes sense he’s caught off guard and taken back.

      Laura is such an enigma. She’s alternately and yet all at the same time the girl next door, the nonsense boss, a bit of a flirt and apparently that kind of girl. It’s part of what I think attracts him but he hasn’t the slightest clue how to deal with her. She has almost as many identities as he does 😉

      • eaz35173

        When you put it that way, yes, she does have quite a few different identities. No wonder it’s hard for him to keep up and figure out who he’s dealing with.

    • Daph

      I guess I had a whole different take on this scene which is one my favorites in all the RS episodes.

      I think Steele was hurt by her rather low expectation of him – that he would not be interested enough to stay around. He doesn’t like how she doesn’t trust him despite his hard work to show her he has her back and can be trusted. He also had no further comment after hers because he was surprised that she admitted that he had the power to hurt her deeply and he realized that his actions could indeed hurt her. Although he is a ladies’ man, he is only used to the type of woman who plays loose and wants to be free enough to take the next opportunity. He knows Laura is different from his other women and he knew this when he decided to stay. That’s why he told the waiter in Tempered Steele that if he gave Laura his brass nameplate it could very well be the last one he’d dispense. He has already decided She is the One. So I don’t think Laura wanting a commitment is a surprise to Steele. Like he told Sheldon (while sleeping) in so many words, he wants a life with someone special. And we know her name is Laura.

      The way Laura said damn and her subsequent facial expression indicated that Laura realized her words were a strong accusation and that she messed up. She didn’t mess up because she said too much. She messed up because she basically told him she knew he was going to hurt and desert her. She realized her statement hurt him and she could kick herself for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. After those words, he left the car to get some needed space to nurse his wound and, now he knows definitively what she wants, he needs to decide how to change her mind. After his Sheldon confessional, we now know he wants to settle down. But Laura isn’t seeing this and isn’t even giving him the opportunity to show her what he wants.

      • eaz35173

        I hadn’t even considered seeing it this way, but this makes sense, too. It’s one of the reasons this blog is great – getting all these different views on the same show!

  2. steeleinterested

    This is a great scene. I love that we do see the vulnerable side of Laura. If nothing else, she’s a quick study, I doubt she’ll be letting Steele see it again, soon. He’s blown it twice with her in this episode already. For a supposed ladies man, he’s having a hard time here. Maybe because this time is different, because it might matter a bit more?

    They both convey so much with their expressions.

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    • eaz35173

      >>For a supposed ladies man, he’s having a hard time here. Maybe because this time is different, because it might matter a bit more?<<

      I think you're right. Both with it mattering more, and with Laura not letting Steele see her vulnerable side again soon.

  3. Inés

    I think the important thing that happened here, is that Laura confessed that she would get in too deep with him. And as they were both recently awake, they have no filters on yet. The very truth is in the air.
    Is he ready to get in too deep with her? Perhaps he realize he doesn’t want to hurt her…a very new thought.

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