Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 10

Our scene shifts to …


… a gas station. Note the pump: Not self serve!


The undercover car screeches up, braking so suddenly that poor Laura, riding shotgun, actually slides off the seat!


That’s her foot you see through the windshield. Maybe next time you’ll wear your seatbelt, Laura. Safety first!

funfacticonCalifornia passed its mandatory seatbelt law in 1986. Enjoy your free ride while you can, Laura; in a few years you’ll be fined $88 for not wearing it!


Steele strides purposefully from the car. Does this pose remind you of anything?


John, Paul, George and Steelo.


Laura and Sheldon watch him go. “Wow, is he a man of action or what?” Sheldon gushes.

“I’m not sure I have an answer for that question,” a worried-looking Laura responds.


We find Steele on the phone, looking grim (and slightly disheveled; things must be SERIOUS!)

randomalertIf you’re fascinated by collar bars like the one seen dangling here (and who isn’t?), there is an astonishingly long discussion of them on a web forum called “Andy’s Fashion Forum.” Guess who gets a shout out? Our man Steele!


“I’m not driving in circles, trying to elude people I don’t know …”


“… who want to kill a nice, little nebbish for reasons I don’t even understand.”

funfacticonNebbish: noun Slang.  A pitifully ineffectual, luckless, and timid person. Origin: 1890–95;  < Yiddish nebekh  poor, unfortunate. Thanks,!


Steele is ESPECIALLY not going to “sit in that car doing nothing while Sheldon looks at me like I’m Babe Ruth and George Washington all rolled into …”


As Steele asks the operator for the number of the Central Intelligence Agency (“No, that’s not a residence!”), Laura looks on with, I think, amused affection. She likes this Steele who is worried about a “nice, little nebbish.”


Laura returns to the car, where she finds Sheldon feeling sorry for himself. It’s 9 am – in another seven hours, Lucille was supposed to become Mrs. Sheldon Quarry.


“Seven hours is a long time,” Laura reassures him. Besides, Mr. Steele is on the case – talking to the CIA at this very moment!


Sheldon goes all fanboy squee again. “Boy, would I love to see their faces when they pick up the phone and hear, ‘This is Remington Steele.'”

So would Laura!


Sheldon is confident that Steele can fix everything. The great detective is even more amazing than Sheldon’s future father-in-law. He’s into selling foreign-language editions of American literary classics to China.

funfacticonChina’s “Open Door” policy toward western trade began in 1978, under the government of Deng Xiaoping.


Laura is amused at the thought of people discussing Rhett Butler in China. Funny! (Funny?)


Steele returns to the car. Good news! “They can’t wait to see me again. It will be just like old times.”


Hm. Something tells me Laura’s not so sure about that!

This scene gives us a glimpse into Mr. Steele’s marshmallow heart. After the awkwardness of the previous scene, I think Laura is touched to have reassurance that this man she’s losing her own heart to isn’t cold-blooded. We’ve seen before that Mr. Steele tends to champion the underdog (to unfortunate results, in their last case). I think this one might work out better.


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3 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 10

  1. steeleinterested

    Spoiler alert– Laura takes advantage of several opportunities for revenge behind the wheel in later episodes.

    And she does seem to appreciate Marshmallow Steele. Her heart is still on her sleeve and in her eyes in this scene. She hasn’t quite managed to stuff it all back in the emotional deep freezer yet. It makes her a more sympathetic character than usual.

    I do see the resemblance in the Beatles pose. Not sure if I’d have caught on if he wasn’t so darn lanky then, even with the camera angle.

    And the first clip of him on the phone, be still my heart. Gotta be right up there at the top of my list–with some of his recent ones in London. ♥ sigh…

  2. Daph

    I agree also. His soft-heartedness is impressive. He has real thing about injustice especially for the innocent and naive. Strange attitude for a con man. Yeah he really looks good.

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