Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 12

Our new scene opens back up on the third floor.


Our old pal Eugene is locking up for the day. These CIA guys sure work hard!


Here comes Mr. Steele. He looks a little put out.


Make that VERY put out.


He grabs Smarmy CIA Guy and gets his attention fast.


“Don’t bull a bull artist,” Steele reminds Price. “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you.” He wants Price to tell him why his Agency guys are trying to kill Sheldon Quarry.


“They’re not!” an intimidated Price burbles.


“Tell that to Charles Webb,” Steele growls as Laura appears. “He just got splashed all over the carpark trying to bomb our car!” (Trying? I’d say he succeeded admirably, Mr. Steele!)

randomalertWikipedia has bios on a number of Charles Webbs, including a novelist, an architect, a cricketer, two footballers, two poets, a couple of politicians, a baseball player and a journalist. Pretty sure our guy isn’t any of these.


“He wasn’t trying to bomb it; he was probably trying to defuse one,” Price insists.


“What?” Laura asks.


Gotta say, Mr. Steele is doing an creditable Cagney impression here. “You dirty rat!”


Price wants to know if Webb is dead; Laura confirms. How about Shelly? Laura tells him Sheldon is safe, hiding in the stairway. Now it’s Mr. Price’s turn to be indignant.


“Look: I don’t know where you people get your information, but get it straight. No one here is trying to kill Sheldon.” He informs them that they’ve been following Shelly to try to figure out what’s going on. They’ve had two agents blown up. Know how that looks? Price will tell you how that looks!


“It looks ROTTEN. It looks like little Sheldon had something going – a covert operation even the Operations Director didn’t know about.” People are dying, and Price wants to know why!


“You really don’t know why?” Laura asks. Uh, oh. It’s beginning to look like our crack detectives have been hoodwinked by a client again.


Is Sheldon another Albie Fervitz? Say it isn’t so!


Price says they’ve been tailing Sheldon since Wednesday, and the only thing they’re sure about is the blonde.


What blonde?

Price brings them back into his office and produces a photo of the suspect:


Evil Marta Kristen!


Laura recognizes her as the nurse working at the Seward mansion. She thinks it’s time to bring Sheldon in on this!


After she leaves, Price confronts Steele. He’s done a lot of research.

“Mister, who the hell are you?”


Steele reminds him about Danang and the rainy season, and flashes that adorable, slightly crooked smile of his. Let’s take a moment to contemplate that smile, shall we?


Aaarrrghhh ….. drooling emoticon


Laura’s back. Without Sheldon. “He’s gone.”


“What time is it?” she asks. Steele supplies the time:



oopssmileyWait. So it took 45 minutes for them to leave Price’s office, go to the parking garage, witness the explosion and come back up here? Time works differently in SteeleWorld.


Laura doesn’t think anybody snatched Sheldon. “I think he just left,” she says.


“Left us? To go where?” Steele inquires.


Laura knows.

Here we see the “passionate” side of Steele again. Normally so controlled (as in the office scene previously), he can be moved to violence at times – usually when he feels someone is being wronged or denigrated. It’s interesting that Laura makes no move to try to calm him or get him to let go of Price.  Would she have let Steele beat the hell out of Price if he hadn’t convinced them he wasn’t the bad guy?

Our heroes discover that their client has been keeping secrets; why didn’t he mention the blonde who shot at him? We learn the CIA has nothing to do with Sheldon’s problems … but that at least one of the baddies has infiltrated the home of Sheldon’s future father-in-law. Hm.


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7 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 12

  1. eaz35173

    Yes, that smile – LOVE it!! Funny about the Cagney reference. You find the best pix!!

    I noticed the dates stamped on the pic of the blond – October 8, 9, & 10, 1982. This episode aired on October 29, 1982. So someone during production was doing very well with the details because I bet this episode was probably shot sometime in August.

    Yes, we see Steele getting angry again (probably because someone was killed). Laura has seen this happen before with the morgue attendant in Tempered. I think she trusts him to rein it in and not take it too far. Plus, I think she’s just as upset as he is, so she’s letting him be the “muscle”. I don’t think she would have let him pummel the guy, tho.

  2. steeleinterested

    I think you covered it all. But it can’t hurt to spend a few extra minutes going back over that smile, can it?

  3. Inés

    That smile….
    Back to the dates on the pic, 10/8: Steph’s birthday,…and 10/9…a huge RS fan’s birthday! It remains to find whose birthday is on 10/10… Pretty picture!

  4. Daph

    Those pics. My favorite is second from left, the one with the small beard. Ahhhhh.

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