Signed, Steeled & Delivered -13

Where can poor Sheldon be? I’m just frantic with worr-


Ooh, cake!


And lots of well-dressed, random people. Looks like an outdoor wedding. It must have warmed up considerably since Mr. Steele had to put on his overcoat an hour ago.


Must be an open bar – looks like the crowd is getting rowdy already. Apparently the Sewards have celebrity pals.


The Doritos pitchman came to the wedding!


We see the genial father-in-law to be, in an ill-fitting tuxedo.


And an old guy making out with some chick. Or maybe he’s a vampire?


And, behind the big lion statue, a nice, older woman playing the organ. What a gala affair!


Next we see Lucille sharing a tender moment with her father.


She seems a little unsettled. Is he explaining about the wedding night?


Such a sweet little thing. I’m sure Sheldon will be very, very happy.


Mr. Seward goes to meet the minister, but encounters a vaguely familiar, geekish type instead. Dorky stranger announces he’s Simon Courtney, Sheldon’s best man.

randomalertHey! Simon Courtney is a real person, with a Pinterest board. He likes motorcycles. And cars. And something called “Butchered and Burnt.” Perhaps I don’t need to know any more about Simon.



So much hotness in one place. Be still my heart!

Mr. Seward tells “Simon” that the groom is behind the trellis in the backyard.


Ah, Mr. Steele. Even as a dork you cut a dashing figure.


Mr. Seward is so OVER this wedding.


We see the best man glad-handing the guests (and addressing some of them by name?). Blond gal doesn’t seem to mind the glasses and overbite.


We see Sheldon looking  … dapper? So if this is his hair after dyeing it, what color was it before?


Hm. You may have made the right choice, Shelly.


Simon Steele confronts the groom. “Naughty! Naughty!” He’s spent a day and a night trying to keep Sheldon alive, and he sneaks away without telling him?

Steele’s glasses are far down on his nose in the universal sign for stern disapproval:

stern old lady

You are in so much trouble, young man!


“What are you doing here?” Sheldon asks.


“I am your best man, Simon Courtney!”


“What are they doing here?” Sheldon wants to know now.

Without turning to see who it is, Mr. Steele nevertheless identifies: “This is Mr. Price, from the CIA, which is not trying to kill you.” (Surely Sheldon would recognize his own boss.) “And of course you know Laura.”


Oh, my God! Laura is a vampire, too!


Suddenly I’m a little worried about that nerdy guy who drove Laura home from the supermarket. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?


Laura asks Steele if he’s seen her yet. Steele says no, but he hasn’t checked the house yet.

“Seen who?” Sheldon asks as Laura and Price skedaddle.


“Sheldon,” Steele asks, in stern grandpa mode again. “Did a blonde woman take a shot at you yesterday?”


Aw. Sheldon feels bad for holding out on Steele.



Steele is truly pained by Sheldon’s lack of faith! He tells him the blonde, who isn’t CIA, is going to try to kill him again. That’s why he can’t allow Sheldon to appear for his wedding.


Uh, oh. Someone forgot to tell the organist. The wedding march commences!

I’ll stop at this dramatic moment! What do you think about Steele’s disguise? Laura’s hat? Bridezilla’s dress? Was Sheldon brave or foolish to slip away from the detectives to go to his wedding? And with their client apparently no longer interested in their help, why did Steele and Laura choose to continue protecting him? So many questions!







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4 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered -13

  1. eaz35173

    OMG, your doctoring of those pix of Sheldon and Laura had me laughing!! And vampires – LOL!!

    Why are they still on the case? Because someone’s life is in danger and they just can’t let that happen with the info they have. I think they both have a soft spot for Sheldon.

    As for the wardrobe … LOVE Mr. Steele in this tux!! And I also happen to really like the way he looks in those glasses!! Not sure why, but why not?! The overbite, not so much.

    I do not like what Laura is wearing to this wedding. It’s so blah, if you ask me. And I’m not sure what is going on with her hair under that hat. It looks really bad in one of the shots in the next scene – almost wig-like.

  2. Daph

    I agree. There is no way Steele and Laura would walk away from this case especially now that they know that the someone who is trying to kill Sheldon is in his fiance’s house and will attend the wedding. It is great seeing Steele gently scolding Sheldon, I felt like a got a glimpse of his parenting skills.

    I guess Steele needed a disguise from all his publicity photos. They do bring a nerdy feel to his persona. But judging from the blonde lady who interrupted his path to meet Sheldon, I’d say his disguise did not detract from his handsomeness.

    I absolutely hate what Laura is wearing. I think the dress is ugly and the tailored hat mismatches the dress style. Gets my worst outfit vote. Spoiler alert: I guess a loose fitting dress was needed so Laura could take that tumble over the stair rail and not mess up her hair and split her dress. And yes her hair looks wiggy.

    Great and hilarious commentary. Love it.

  3. Inés

    Steele’s disguise? I love it!!! Love that man with or without a disguise! Men use to wear those kind of tux at weddings here. And I really like them!!!

    Laura’s hat? I like it. My guess is that women wears hats at outdoors weddings. A hat would help to hide make up from the sun (nobody wears sunglasses on a wedding) and to keep the hair in place if the day is a windy one. And, who knows, (spoiler alert!) maybe it will match with a future dance.. Another kind of hat like a “capelina” would not fit her.

    The vampire picture? I’m a coward, vampires terrify me! Ugly Laura!

    About them slipping into Sheldon’s wedding…Laura should want to close the case. What I can’t figure out is what is the Cia guy walking behind her like a puppy? He should be hiding behind a tree, or something like that. That’s what they always do! But maybe he was standing near Laura, waiting his turn for a vampire kiss, who knows…

    Sheldon is a romantic!!! He would slip from anyone to marry his beloved one!

  4. It is interesting to see how Steele is affected by different clients and what he is willing to do to help them. This whole “I find it quite novel, helping people.”
    morphs over time.

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