Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 14

When last we left our intrepid heroes, the Wedding March was playing!


The guests get to their feet and turn to see the bride make her big entrance.


Both Lucille and her father are tense, but Dad gives his little girl’s hand a tender squeeze as they wait. (Does anyone besides me find Mr. Seward kind of a sympathetic character? I wonder if we’re supposed to.)


Sheldon is eager to make Lucille his missus, but Steele cautions, “Patience. Patience.”

Meanwhile …


We see Laura slipping inside the mansion. (Apologies for the washed-out appearance of the next several photos; the lighting was terrible in this scene.)


She tiptoes up the stairs, perhaps to find something more flattering to wear. Laura usually looks so polished, but this isn’t working for her. Maybe she’s trying to blend in with the other matronly types at the wedding. I don’t even like her hat!


CIA Man Price is right behind her, but Laura is clearly in charge. She motions for him to follow her. Meanwhile …


Lucille and Daddy are still cooling their heels in the foyer. Lucille rolls her eyes dramatically heavenward: praying for this show to get on the road?


Finally Mr. Seward goes to see what the hold up is. This random guy (usher? wedding planner?) informs him that they can’t let the bride out until the groom appears. He’s lisping slightly – I suppose that IDs him as the gay wedding planner. Anyway, Mr. Seward tells him to light a fire under Sheldon.


Mr. Seward reassures Lucille that Daddy took care of it.

“That’s a crock!” she pouts. (There’s still time to make a break for it, Sheldon.)


Stereotypically Gay Groomsman/Wedding Planner hastens to retrieve Sheldon from behind the trellis. Sheldon makes his decision: He’s going to marry his Lucille, come hell or high water! (I suspect the hell will come after the wedding, Sheldon.)  Reluctantly, Mr. Steele accompanies Sheldon out of hiding.


As the male members of the wedding party take their places, Sheldon indulges in a little social grooming of the alpha member of his troop.


It’s a guy thing.


The Wedding March recommences … again. Finally the door open and something big and pink starts to emerge. (Did that sound dirty?)

Meanwhile …


… Laura and Price are continuing to search the mansion.

While in the backyard …


Pink, fluffy bridesmaids start to roll out.


GET THE LOOK! Getting hitched soon? You can approximate the classic style of Lucille Seward’s wedding party with vintage patterns from Vogue. (Just don’t ask me to be a bridesmaid.)


Steele doffs his glasses to get a closer look. He can’t believe those bridesmaids dresses, either!


At last! Here comes the bride!

randomalertthebridestitlecard“Here Come the Brides” was a romantic westerny show that ran on ABC 1968-1970. It starred David Soul and Bobby Sherman, who became a teen heartthrob. He made MY heart throb in reruns. Here’s the opening credits!


Sheldon is agog at the beauty of his bride!

Meanwhile, back in the mansion …


… Laura sticks her nose (and her rather flamboyant hairdo) into another room, where she discovers …



This is getting a little ridiculous.

Let’s milk this a little while longer and stop here, shall we? I think the fact that Steele allows Sheldon to go through with the wedding, despite the danger, shows what a romantic he is at heart. He wants Sheldon to have that dream of a house, a sensible car and someone to share it with. 


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5 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 14

  1. Inés

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!
    OMG!! You are a genius!!!

  2. eaz35173

    That “flamboyant hairdo” shot is the one I was referring to in the last post where her hair just looks like some big wig under that hat!!

    More vampires!!!

    • Inés

      I have to say that hairdo is anything but nice…But then I’m happy she is wearing a hat. Some of the disaster is undercover at least…

  3. steeleinterested

    Spoiler alert**Is this one of the outfits that caused them to blow up her house and start over in Season 2? Because it should have been. And when I complain about fashion choices, you know its gotta be bad.

  4. Daph

    I so agree. I don’t like the outfit, hat, or hairstyle Laura is wearing. Total disaster. Of course Steele let Sheldon marry, Steele is such a softie. He likes everyone to be happy.

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