Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 15

And now … the dramatic conclusion of Signed, Steeled & Delivered!  When we left the action, we were shocked by:


Hot vampire love!


Laura is embarrassed (to be seen in that hat). She withdraws discreetly.


Wait a minute! That was no vampire tryst!


Is Laura’s hair getting bigger, or is her hat getting smaller?


Busted! Evil Marta Kristen drops Smarmy Deceased CIA Guy Price. (Does this mean Sheldon gets to move up the corporate ladder? Score!)


Evil Marta looks angry. Perhaps because her dress is even more hideous than Laura’s. She’s got a gun!


Laura goes into stealth mode.


Evil Marta exits the room, sees Laura and, explicably, starts to walk right past her. Huh?


Oh, Evil Marta. You never were much of a fighter.


As she strolls past, Laura grabs for the gun. Uh oh …




They tussle! Evil Marta hits Laura with a book! Wait. Book? What?


Laura pursues Evil Marta toward the stairs …


They take a tumble. I see London! I see France!


Round 2 commences!


The women struggle!


Evil Marta get the upper hand. Laura goes over the railing!


But her hat stays on!


Does anybody else think Laura’s looking a little less feminine here?


Dude looks like a lady! (Now we know the reason for Laura’s weird hair and outfit.)


Evil Marta makes a break for it.


But Laura shakes off her fall (and her manhood) and takes off after her.


Meanwhile, the happy bride has almost reached her hubby to be. Just then …


Evil Marta crashes the wedding! Laura is in hot pursuit! “Stop that woman!”


Bride and father-of-the are surprised at the interruption.


Laura is ready to take off!


“That’s her!” Sheldon gasps. Not to worry, Shelly:


Laura’s all over this.


Daddy and Lucy can’t believe their eyes!


Oops! The bride is swept off her feet – but not by the groom.  (Can’t lie: I’m kinda glad.)

What’s Daddy doing with his hand in his coat?


“The book!” Evil Marta says.


Daddy Seward reaches for it. And he’s got a gun!


“Daddy, what are you doing?”  More to the point, what is Evil Marta doing with her hands under the bride’s skirt?


Mr. Steele doesn’t like where this is going.


“What about my wedding?”



“Shut up, Lucille!” (Yeah. Shut up, Lucille.) Evil Seward wants to know if there are any heroes in the crowd. I want to know whether he and Evil Marta are a couple. They seem close.


Mr. Steele surreptitiously invites Sheldon to save the day.


Sheldon is … reluctant.


Steele takes matters into his own hands, grabbing for the gun.


Sheldon makes his move!


Steele and Seward grapple for the gun! (I once read a comment somewhere from someone – that’s specific, eh? – who thought PB’s fingernails revealed evidence of some disease. Any diagnosticians out there want to comment?)


Sheldon finds his mojo!


Big Daddy is goin’ DOWN!


He staggers away from the blow, toward Laura (who is apparently practicing yoga).  Meanwhile, in the background, the matronly organist is … panicking? Riveted? Wondering when they’re going to serve the cake?


Wait a second! Laura wasn’t meditating: she was preparing to unleash her gams of steel!


And Baddie Seward gets his just desserts. No cake for you, portly lady organist.


Manly Sheldon claims his prize: “Nobody tells my Lucille to shut up. Let’s get married.”


Oh, Sheldon!


Mr. Steele is well pleased with the outcome – and with Laura.


The feeling is mutual! (Not sure showing so much thigh is quite appropriate for an afternoon wedding, Laura.)

Later- presumably after the baddies are arrested, the body is removed from upstairs and somebody bought a new cake …


Sheldon, Laura and Steele are recapping the case. It wasn’t about the books at all!


“In every shipment, there was one volume filled with American technological secrets,” Laura explains.

Steele notes that the motive would be obvious to a child of three; he waits for that child to explain it to him.


“He didn’t do it for the money,” Sheldon explains. “He honestly believed that no one country should know more than any other.”  You’re being surprisingly generous toward your criminal father-in-law, Sheldon. Could it be because you’re the only one who could have been feeding Daddy-o those secrets?

stern old lady


(Okay, that’s not the explanation given in the episode. But really, how DID Seward come by that information, Answer Man?)

Anyway … more exposition about no one country having an unfair advantage, knowledge is power, yada yada yada.


Mr. Steele wonders how it feels to get married and become a hero in one fell swoop?


“Married life is great,” Sheldon avers as the screeching dulcet tones of his bride call him away.


Laura notes that Sheldon thinks Steele is the greatest thing since sliced bread. She wonders how that makes him feel.


A little nauseous? NO. It gives him boogie feet!


Steele pulls Laura onto the astroturf dance floor for a brisk tango. But he has ulterior motives.


“Tell me about that chap you lived with.” Oh, Mr. Steele. You’re like a dog with a bone.


Well! What a rollicking ride that was, eh? We’ll come back to the tag in the next post. Lots going on in this scene, even if the denouement of the “mystery” was a little muddled, IMO. Best not to think too much about it. We get another demonstration of Laura’s athletic prowess and learn that she wears granny underpants. We see how proud and impressed Mr. Steele is with her, and how delighted they both seem to have foiled the evil plot together. Teamwork! Steele’s cluelessness and Laura’s smug recitation of the facts of the case gall a bit, though. Laura can’t have known anything more than Steele about what was going on. But whatever. Case closed and Laura in his arms. That’s the way Steele likes it.


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3 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 15

  1. eaz35173

    “I see London, I see France …” – you are hysterical!!! I guess that awful wig and hat were a necessity for the stunt man – but ugh!

    “Nobody tells my Lucille to shut up” reminds me of “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”, but that wasn’t coined till later (Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swazye, Jennifer Grey, Vestron Pictures, 1987)

    I do like that Steele made Sheldon feel like a hero for the day. There’s a softee under that mysterious facade!

    Interesting, in one of the earlier versions of the script, the dance with Laura and Steele and the conversation about “the chap you lived with” was the original tag scene. Guess they ripped thru the dialogue too quickly, or they were short on time, so they added what we see as the tag. Or maybe they needed to bookend the beginning with Murphy leaving for the weekend. It’s funny, because as I rewatched this ep last week, I thought the dance would have made the perfect tag.

  2. Daph

    You are hilarious. I see London, I see France, I see your underpants. Laura too embarassed to be seen in that hat. I am rolling here.

    Steele is such a softie. He would do anything to help determined Sheldon get married. That swing that Sheldon took to hit his father-in-law was really funny. It looked like he had to pick up his fist up off the ground to take the swing.

    Great catch. I never realized that it was man-Laura who tumbled over the stair rail. The hair, wig, and dress is the ugliest outfit ever seen. I also agree that the mystery part was definitely lacking cohesiveness which is surprising considering how the earlier scenes were so well mapped.

  3. Inés

    I see London, I see France…LOL!!!(Now there’s a Geography lesson? Better not get caught up in other matters…)

    I never realized that it was a man-stunt! So, you knew the real reason about the wig and hat since the beginning…;)

    I have to say that I’m glad Laura is fond to wear granny underpants, tho.

    Poor CIA guy! He got killed without having a vampire kiss, and with no clue about how great was Steele (and his secretary, of course!) disentangling mysteries. Next time stay behind the three, CIA guy!

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