Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 16

Annnnnnd …. the tag!


A screen wipe brings us to Murphy entering the offices of Steele Investigations. He seems surprised to find the doors unlocked. He’s brought his clubs back to the office; does he live there?


Murphy discovers Laura toiling at her desk. Murph can’t believe it.


“Ask me how my weekend was,” he demands.


Laura, looking very pretty here, isn’t given an opportunity to answer. He tells her his weekend was WONDERFUL.


“Laura, I’m worried about you,” he says. Here she is, in exactly the same position he left her in on Friday night.


Hasn’t she ever heard the expression, “All work and no play?”


What do you think Laura is thinking here? I suspect it’s something like, “I can’t believe I never noticed what a tool you are!”


Murphy is very concerned! “You gotta get out from behind that desk, you know?”


“Take some chances! Live a life, for crying out loud!”


Laura seems to regret her previous thought about Murphy. He’s not a tool. He’s a clueless tool. (I really do like Murphy. But he can be a bit patronizing at times. NOT the way to Laura’s heart!)


“You can’t hide behind a desk forever!”




Well, now Murph feels bad. He’s sorry he came down on her so strong.


Trust me, Murphy: Laura SO doesn’t care how you come down.


She graciously throws him a bone.


Then turns vampire again! (or kisses him on the cheek. Whatever.)


“Get out, Murphy,” Laura doesn’t say out loud.


It’s clear she has a lot of respect for his opinion!


Why, look who popped in!  Mr. Steele’s been eavesdropping. “He’s right, you know,” he says.


A little excitement would do her an awful lot of good.


“So … how was YOUR weekend?” Laura wonders.


“Ohhhhh …You really want to know?”

In this tag I think we see a definite shift from the old paradigm of Laura/Murphy, with Steele on the outside, to Laura/Steele, and Murphy as the odd man out. Steele and Laura are sharing experiences – and secrets – and poor, old Murphy is oblivious. They are becoming partners, and something more. Both have revealed things about themselves to the other during this eventful weekend. How will it affect their relationship going forward?

What are your final thoughts about this episode?


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9 responses to “Signed, Steeled & Delivered – 16

  1. eaz35173

    I love Laura’s little smile and laugh as she closes the door to Murphy’s office. She seems so carefree and absolutely amused by his rant. “If only he knew”, she must be thinking.

    She and Steele seem very at ease with each other after he comes into her office. Yes, there is a new dynamic here. Poor Murphy.

    I think this is the first time that they actually worked a case together, as a team. Laura got to see some of Steele’s raw detective abilities (using the phone book to find the CIA, getting info from the CIA guy, him protecting Sheldon), and Steele really got to see Laura in action solving a case the way a trained detective would. Perhaps they are seeing how each compliments the other? Plus, this forced time on the run allowed them to find out some more personal things about each other. Although I think Laura bared more of her soul to him than he did to her. But his actions of “jealousy” sure did speak volumes to her. They’re both in a bit deeper than either of them had planned.

    Here’s a link to a fanfic that attempts to fill in the gap between the end of the wedding and the tag …

  2. eaz35173

    Oh, and that chemistry at the very end of the tag as they look at each other!! Can’t beat PB and SZ in the chemistry department!!

    • steeleinterested

      Yes, that chemistry. Amazing they weren’t banned from filming during high fire danger. 🙂 We’re hardly into season one and this tag is definitely at a critical combustion temperature!

  3. Daph

    No you can’t beat their chemistry. I know other actors who love Castle but I’m not feeling it. Sorry Castle fans but Remington and Laura are right up there with Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler, Nick and Nora, Rick Blane and Ilsa Lund. Even Romeo and Juliet didn’t sizzle (pssssst) like them. I’m just saying.

    I just realized that Murphy doesn’t get who Laura is. He think she needs an overwhelming amount of protection and fathering but she does not. (This is probably one of the reasons why she is attracted to Steele, he lets her be who she is without interference.) Maybe right after Live-In boyfriend left she needed protecting and fathering but no one likes being treated according to their vulnerabilities ALL the time. Murphy just assumed that without him, she would work all weekend. Funny how Steele knows that Laura is a workaholic but doesn’t assume she has a only a professional life. At least occasionally she has a personal one. He KNOWS she dates other men and he is prepared to hang in there and oust them out.Yup, Murphy not only blew it, I think Laura knows that he is not her cup of tea, period.

    The amount of camaraderie between Laura and Remington is like two peas in a pod. They are enjoying the “secret” between them and the only-if-he-knew joke on Murphy. How intimate.

    Actually I really like this ending and I am glad that it didn’t end with the tango even though I would have liked to hear their discussion of Steele’s nagging questions about the live in boyfriend. Although they did not bare their souls to each other, I agree that her brief explanation about her live-in love and Steele’s questioning on 4-5 different occasions about it, told them both and their fans, they are really, really in deep. Funny how they try very hard not to act like it. Who are they fooling?

    • steeleinterested

      Agree with your comments about Murphy’s over protective routine. No matter how much you might love your over protective older brother, there simply comes a point, or a relationship, when you have to send them off to live their own life and let you live yours.

      I’m beginning to wonder how much Laura allowed Murphy to coddle her for his sake rather than because she wanted or needed it. She clearly has a soft spot for him. You know, I have a similar soft spot for my dog. I pat him on the head and praise him for being a good watch dog when he barks at other dogs that come through the yard and chases squirrels. It amuses me and clearly makes him feel good about himself…

    • Melissa

      Poor Murphy, being compared to dogs!

      I love Murphy! He’s sweet, kind, and considerate. He’s a perfect older brother for Laura. He just doesn’t know that, yet. They all have some self-realization to go through, that’s what makes it fun to watch!

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