Thou Shalt Not Steele – 3

We rejoin Mr. Steele and Laura en route to a testy confrontation in the file room.


Mr. Steele looks distinctly uneasy! He fiddles with his jacket button. What does that mean?

BeardedSMiley Body language experts say opening a jacket up is a way of signaling openness and willingness to cooperate. Well, that doesn’t sound like our Mr. Steele at all!


Laura can’t believe Steele turned the museum guys down.

“Believe me, Laura, we want no part of this,” Steele insists.

Laura accuses Steele of falling in love with the letterhead again. “Since when do YOU get to decide which cases I’m going to take?”


“This picture has a very nasty background,” Steele says. “I was only thinking of the agency.”


“Well, the agency has bills to pay and a reputation to maintain.”


“Surely then, there’s a missing person we can find.”


“‘Fraid not.”


“An unsolved murder that’s baffled the finest minds in law enforcement?”


“Fresh out.”


“A child, weeping for his lost cocker spaniel?”





Steele decides to take a firm stand: “Laura, I realize we haven’t known each other very long, and that refusing this case may cause the agency a great deal. Nonetheless,  with no questions asked, no explanations demanded, I’m simply asking that you accept my instincts about this on faith and-“


“-trust me.”

Oh, yeah. THAT’S gonna work.


Looks like a deal being sealed here, no?


Hm. Achmed seems a little friendlier than he needs to be.


Stealin’ Steele’s move, Achmed? Tacky.


I don’t think Mr. Steele appreciates Achmed’s attention to Laura.



Coxworth tries to herd Achmed out of the office, but the curator seems reluctant to part from Laura. Dude. Step off.


After the museum guys leave, Laura asks Bernice if Murphy has come up with that museum research she asked for.


As she strides away, we see Mr. Steele with head slightly bowed, one hand over his stomach and the other in his pocket. WHAT CAN IT MEAN?

BeardedSMiley A hand over one’s stomach is said to indicate anxiety, while a hand in one pocket suggests a man is feeling unsatisfied with his self image. And the lowered head/gaze? Here’s what one website says: Lowering the head also lowers the eyes and hence can be a sign of submission,  effectively saying ‘I dare not even look at you’. The eyes are typically also  lowered here. It can be driven by affection (‘you are so wonderful’) or fear  (‘you might hurt me if I look at you’). I suspect Mr. Steele might be feeling both those things at this moment! For her part, Laura has her hands clenched into fists, which indicates an unyielding mindset. Hm.


After Laura goes to her office, Steele pumps Bernice for info.

“Miss Wolfe, does it strike you that Laura seems unusually …”


“Wired? Cranky? Bent out of shape?” Bernice informs Steele that Laura asked her to overload her schedule once before, when she was expecting-


Laura reappears, briskly. “Somebody call for the car.” (Somebody? Laura really is treating her friend Bernice as a nameless employee today.)  Laura wants Bernice to tell Murphy she needs to see him, pronto. Laura then heads for the other office, briskly. (I haven’t quite figured out the layout of these offices. Presumably the one she just came out of was Murphy’s office, and now has gone into her own. Yes?)


Steele turns back to Bernice for more info. But her lips are sealed:


Looks like Mr. Steele is going to have to do some legwork of his own!


He heads for Laura’s office, briskly. “As usual, you’ve been an enormous help, Miss Wolfe.”  You sound so sincere, Mr. Steele!


Mr. Steele bursts into Laura’s office. He’s agitated!


“Laura, I don’t mean to pry. But if something’s happened …”


“I’m fine, and we’ve got work to do,” Laura answers.

“But you’re …” Steele stammers.


“I don’t know what your problem with this case is, but you’re beginning to sound a lot like my -“


As we hear a female voice call, “Hellooo,”

Laura reacts. Badly.

“Mother,” she squeaks.


“Mother?” Steele is confused.




Laura goes to greet her mom. Not briskly.


“Still have to wear your hair up, I see,” Mom criticizes notes. Laura weakly protests that she would have picked Mom up at the airport, but Mrs. Holt sniffs that the cab drivers have to get rich off somebody’s money. Laura turns to introduce her mama to her associates.


Mr. Steele seems eager to make her acquaintance!


Laura stammers a bit. “This is … uh … Remington Steele.”

“So you’re Laura’s mother!” Steele charms.


Mrs. Holt expresses pleasure at meeting Laura’s boss at last.


“Heard a lot about me, have you?”


“Not really.”



Laura apologizes because they have to run out, but tells her Bernice will get her settled at home and they can go out for dinner later.


Mr. Steele thinks that’s an excellent idea! He knows just the place!


Laura reminds Mr. Steele that he has a previous engagement.

“I’ll cancel it, whoever it is,” Steele says. “Until tonight, then … ah …”




We musn’t be late, Mr. Steele,” Laura nudges, while Steele looks like the cat that ate the canary. They head for the exit.


“You know, these offices aren’t really bad at all,” Abigail damns her daughter with faint praise.

She’s a delightful woman!

That’s the end of this scene. NOW we know why Laura has been so tense! Something tells me her relationship with mom might be a little strained. Steele seems glad to have the upper hand back, after losing the battle over the museum case. I love the banter between Laura and Steele when arguing about taking the case. Cocker spaniel? Bahahaha. (SPOILER ALERT: In general, the Steele Agency doesn’t handle animal cases.) And how about Steele’s little look of jealousy over Achmed slavering over Laura’s hand? Finally, what do you make of Steele’s misapprehension of Bernice’s words, assuming Laura must be pregnant? He certainly seems genuinely concerned for her. Surprised, but not necessarily shocked. Hm. Your thoughts?


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3 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 3

  1. eaz35173

    Laura’s mom is a piece of work! I can see why she wanted Bernice to fill her schedule! I think we were supposed to thing that Laura was behaving this way either because she “expecting” or expecting her period (another female stereotype being addressed?). Either way, I liked that Steele wanted to find out more about why she was acting this way. This is a side of her that he must not have seen before.

    Mr. Steele seems to have worked some of his charm on Abigail. I wonder if her approval of the office has anything to do with how Mr. Steele “decorates” it? 😉

    Yes, Mr. Steele doesn’t seem to like Achmed honing in on his “territory”. I’m glad that Laura didn’t trust Steele’s assessment of the case. He’s still too new there (and new to Laura), to be accorded the “trust me” card without question. I wonder, tho, if there might be an “I told you so” in Laura’s future?

    As to the office layout, I do believe that Laura came out of Murphy’s office. Someone once posted a layout of the office space. I’ll see if I can dig that up. But if you are sitting at Bernice’s desk and looking straight ahead, Laura’s office is right there. To the right is Steele’s office and to the left is Murphy’s office – all have connecting doors so they don’t have to go thru the lobby (until Mildred arrives, and then the connecting door to Murphy’s office mysteriously disappears).

  2. I really enjoy the breakdown of these scenes—very funny! I always chuckle at this, when Remington tries to convince Laura that she should find something else to do! I never noticed how Steele reacts to Achmed with Laura before—interesting. And, I love how Steele goes from being completely off balance, in this scene, to falling right back into his comfort zone. He might not be a seasoned investigator, or a trustworthy partner, but he can always charm the ladies!

    • daphgg

      I never noticed Achmed hanging onto Laura’s hand either. Yes and Steele notices it.

      Poor Laura, her mother means well. She’s a worrier so she is relieved that Laura is doing well from the looks of the office but in the back of her mind, she is wondering if Laura is making enough. My mother is an A+ worrier also so I understand. Her comments may seem back handed but they are actually her way of voicing her fears. You learn to read the code such as when one worry is laid to rest, another worry takes its place for you to deal with. Laura is still pretty young and hasn’t been out of school very long and just had to close her business a year ago before she came to work for Steele so I can understand her worrying. She’ll get used to addressing her mother’s fears with time.

      Yes I can almost taste Laura’s Mom relief that a man as competent and charming as Mr Steele is in charge so that she won’t have to worry if Laura is well taken care of. Yup he sold her.

      The office layout is confusing because in one scene the front of Laura’s desk is facing the door and in previous scenes the side of the desk is facing the door – very disorientating. But I agree that the layout is Murphy’s office then Laura’s then on the other wall is Steele’s which takes up one entire side of the office.

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