Thou Shalt Not Steele – 4

We see an establishing shot of some big, old building.


Anybody know what building this is?


Ah, we’re in the museum. Mr. Steele is investigating the security system. But his mind is not on his work.

“Do you mean to tell me you haven’t spent any time with your mother in nearly three years?”


“We don’t communicate very well,” Laura answers.


Laura points out how the would-be thief got into the museum – through the skylight.


“But she gave you life!” Steele remarks. (He’s not one to let things go, is he.) “Nurtured you from infancy!”


“Can we just drop it?”


“The case?”


“My mother!”


Steele apologizes; he didn’t realize Mama Holt was such a jolt to Laura’s equilibrium.

Peeved, Laura stomps off, declaring there’s nothing wrong with her equi-


– and stumbles into the arms of our old friend Achmed. Way to take advantage of a lady’s lack of equilibrium, pal.


Achmed presents Steele with the radio control vehicle left at the scene of the crime, then leads the detectives to see the painting in the … er … flesh.


We see a random guy unpacking Egyptiany statuettes.


Achmed and the detectives join a blonde, already in progress. We know she’s a scientist (or something) because she’s wearing a lab coat and glasses. Achmed introduces her as Katherine Simone, his assistant.


Achmed tells Laura and Steele that it was Katherine who recommended the Steele Agency. I wonder how she knows about them?


Mr. Steele seems quite taken with Ms. Simone. (He does have a weakness for blondes.) Frankly, I don’t trust her. What kind of scientist has a name like Katherine Simone? Sounds like a Bond girl. Wait a minute …




Mr. Steele asks what kind of security system the museum is using, but Achmed says the insurance company forbids him from sharing that information. Because why would the agency you’re paying to protect your painting need to know something like that?


Laura and BondGirl move closer to the painting, and blondie provides some art history: the nekkid ladies’ religion forbids them from being seen, well, nekkid. But the sneaky artist somehow got them to get nekkid for him. So, “The reigning Pasha got wind of this so he tried to have the picture destroyed, but  it was smuggled out of the country, so he placed a curse on any  one who dared to possess it.”

Laura, a sensible gal who doesn’t believe in such nonsense, says it sounds bizarre.

“Not to the last five owners, they were all killed,” BondGirl says.  “Accidentally,  of course.”




Meanwhile, Achmed sidles up to Steele with a proposition: “I need to see you tonight. Alone.”

Hm. It’s beginning to look like his flirting with Laura was a smokescreen. It’s hottie Steele he has eyes for!


Achmed leads the group out of the gallery. Steele brings up the rear. Once outside, BondGirl snags the detective and …


Hey! HEY! Nerdy scientist girls aren’t supposed to act this way!


“Katherine, wasn’t  it?” Steele says, when he comes up for air.  “And I always thought Felicia suited you so much better.”

“You’re hardly one to talk of names,  Mr. Steele. Have you missed me?”

“Whenever possible.” (Oh, that sassy banter, Mr. Steele!)

“Poetic that the ‘Nudes’ should bring us back together again,  isn’t?” Bond girl notes. So they’ve handled these nudes before!

“Don’t tell me, let me guess: You’re here to steal it,” he intuits.


“No, darling,” she breathes into his face. “YOU are.”

You vixen! Leading our Mr. Steele astray!


Just then Miss Holt notices that her associate is associating with someone else!

“Care to join us, Mr. Steele?” she inquires.


“Remarkable sculptor, that Rodin,” Steele assesses, wiping the lipstick from his mouth. (Smooth, Mr. Steele.)


“It’s a Catelli,” Laura schools him.


“Still love it,” Mr. Steele insists as he and Laura take their leave.

Well! Something is indeed afoot here. Maybe I’m judging hastily, but something tells me that Miss Simone – er, Felicia – isn’t a nice, wholesome girl. Even if she does wear glasses. She and Mr. Steele obviously have a past, and likely a torrid and sordid one. Tsk. Just when I was beginning to think you’d mended your wicked, wicked ways, Mr. Steele. But will Steele return to a life of crime and steal the nekkid ladies for Felicia? Worse, will he get nekkid with blondie? I shudder to think of it … 


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10 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 4

  1. eaz35173

    Oh, I hope he’s not going to get nekkid with blondie!! I remember when I first watched this episode, I was surprised by the turn of events. I never saw it coming that blondie and Steele knew each other. Makes for an interesting turn of events. And notice how Felicia seems to knock him off balance – not recognizing the sculptor. Just like Laura is knocked off balance by the appearance of her mother, Steele is knocked off balance by the appearance of someone from his past. Something tells me this isn’t going to be good.

    Speaking of balance, love that bit of physical comedy by Laura and Achmed. Also interesting to me here, is that Steele seems genuinely perplexed as to why Laura doesn’t have and doesn’t seem to want a good relationship with her mother. Because he’s grown up on the streets of London without any family, I imagine Mr. Steele has wondered a time or two what it would have been like to be part of a family and have the opportunity to know his mother and father.

    Do you think that Laura knew Steele and blondie were having an intimate moment behind that statue? Every time I see this episode, I can’t really tell.

    • I hadn’t thought of the parallelism between Laura/Abigail and Steele/Felicia. Good observation! I don’t know if Laura saw Steele kissing Felicia, but she obviously saw that the two of them were tucked away behind that status. She must have at least wondered what was up.

  2. daphgg

    I have already been disappointed that Steele let himself be kissed by that blonde. I irks me. No I don’t Laura knows. She would have said something about it if she did. She has shown herself to be the jealous type in the past.

    Why do you think Steele let himself be kissed by Her? Was he trying to get information? He definitely was off his game. Shock from seeing her there and being told he was going to steal the nekked ladies? She is definitely trying to blackmail him. So much for missing Her.

  3. Ines

    L: “Can we just drop it?”
    S: “The case?”
    L: “My mother!” e
    I think this short dialogue is one of the keys about Laura Holt and Mr. Steele relationship. Neither of them is eager to add exterior personal issues to their current situation, which is complicated enough. She doesn’t want family involved with him, and he doesn’t want her involved with his old history.

    Meanwhile, Achmed sidles up to Steele with a proposition: “I need to see you tonight. Alone.”
    Hm. It’s beginning to look like his flirting with Laura was a smokescreen. It’s hottie Steele he has eyes for! LOL!!!

    I think Steele let himself being kissed by Felicia, because the move was risky enough to be discussed. And he is always eager to have a beautiful lady in his arms. Maybe he would love the chance to have Laura in that situation, but not having it, he exploits the benefit with the one that offers the opportunity. Maybe it was a good idea to hide behind the Rodin…Catelli, out of the other’s sight. Don’t give Achmed wicked ideas, Mr. Steele!

    • Excellent point about neither Steele nor Laura wanting messy personal baggage to muddy the waters between them. They are still finding their way toward … some kind of relationship. Friendship? Mere colleagues? Something more?

  4. Luann

    My museum-geek self must point out that the statue is a copy of the Belvedere Apollo, one of the most famous Ancient Greek sculptures. And Mr. Steele should know better.

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