Thou Shalt Not Steele – 6

We left Laura on her way up to Steele’s apartment to fetch him for their three-way dinner date with Laura’s mom. Meanwhile …steeledressing

… Mr. Steele is getting ready for his dates! The doorbell buzzes, and he goes to answer it.


Outside his bedroom window, something suspicious is afoot!


It’s Laura at the door – but where is Abigail? Laura explains her mother is downstairs in the car. Steele apologizes for not being dressed yet.

pleasant reunion

“Pleasant reunion?” he asks.

“Just peachy,” she answers. “Do you have any aspirin?”


You’ve got to stop letting your mother get to you like this, Laura!


Back in the bedroom, the sneak is sneaking in!


The masked figure crosses he room and closes the door, then turns …


… and reveals her secret identity. Katherine!Felicia!


Back in the living room, Laura is pressing Steele for an explanation of why he didn’t want to take the nekkid ladies case. (Apparently they don’t care that Abigail is sitting in the car, thumbs twiddling.)


“Why, the curse, of course,” he answers. Laura didn’t think he was the superstitious type.

“A minor flaw in an otherwise stainless Steele.”


Oh, Mr. Steele. You are a wit!

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom …


The lady who wants to steal the nekked ladies is getting nekkid herself.

In the other room, we hear Mr. Steele is enumerating other people’s phobias: “For some it’s walking under ladders, black cats, opening umbrellas indoors …”


“For you it just happens to be paintings with curses.”

funfacticonApparently cursed paintings are fairly common. Want to know more? Here’s a website:


“Particularly those with a track record.”


“Tell me: How do you feel about Irish names? Any favorites?”


“Irish names … Hm. I once knew an O’Casey I was rather fond of.” Mr. Steele develops a sudden, passionate interest in the inventory of his liquor tray.


“How about an O’Leary?” Laura asks.

Just then …


KatherineFelicia appears in the bedroom doorway, casually dressed. (You vixen!)

“I’m sorry, darling,” she purr. “I didn’t know you were expecting someone else.”


“I’m a touch surprised myself.”


Well. This is awkward.


“Miss … Bolt, isn’t it?”




“Is she here on business, or did you have something wicked in mind?”

Oh, YOU’RE the wicked one, Felicia.




Laura plays it cool; she won’t have this icy bedroom blonde thinking she’s a prude. “Sounds like fun, but I have my mother downstairs.”


“Ooh, that’s too kinky for my blood!” Felicia smirks (somehow I doubt it). Mr. Steele seems to find this repartee rather painful.


“I won’t hold up the action any longer. I’ll give mother your apologies, Mr. Steele.” She turns to leave.


“Laura! Wait!”


“Laura, would you believe me if I said I have absolutely no idea how that woman got into my bedroom or my bathrobe?”

“Not a chance.”


She jerks the door open, apparently hitting Mr. Steele’s bare toe on the way out.


“Just thought I’d ask,” he grimaces as she departs.


Outside the apartment, Laura leans against the wall. She is sad.


Then she’s MAD.


She goes to the elevator and presses the button.


The car is previously occupied, by some guy who is looking curiously relaxed as he lounges against the back.


When he sees her, he springs!


He covers her face with a rag. Presumably it’s soaked with chloroform.

funfacticonApparently chloroform is fairly easy to make; you can find recipes on the Internet. (Don’t do it!). According to some website that apparently promotes the legalization of drugs, the effects of chloroform are as follows: ” First your extremeties begin to go numb; next your vision and hearing begin to  fail. Complete unconsciousness sets in a few seconds later, provided you keep  breathing. Recovery generally occurs as soon as the chloroform is removed, though it may be a few minutes before the user feels completely normal.” Okay, then.


That certainly seems to be the effect it’s had on Laura as the elevator door closes. What a cliffhanger!

This scene contains both comedy and pathos. I have to feel for Laura, who has had a bad day already. She’s no doubt worried about how the dinner with Steele and her mother will go, Murphy’s insinuations are weighing heavily on her … and now she’s humiliated by Steele’s bedroom bunny. She must wonder how he acted fast enough to seduce the woman from the museum, who looks a lot less nerdy out of her lab coat and glasses. And who’s this guy in the elevator?


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6 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 6

  1. eaz35173

    Poor Laura, not having a good day at all. I really liked that she hit the wall after leaving Steele’s apartment. SZ & PB certainly played the whole awkward/painful thing very well. I already don’t like Felicia – she’s putting a huge monkey wrench in Laura and Steele’s relationship!! It’s possible I may change my mind about her later on, but for now, I don’t like her.

    I remember finding out that Cassie was the real life wife of PB, and that may have also had something to do with me not liking her in this scene when I was younger 😉

    Loved the bit of physical comedy with the door and the toe! Pierce plays that stuff so well.

    A bit of trivia … the guy who abducts Laura in the elevator will go on to play another goon with Pierce in The Heist (PB, Tom Skerritt, Wendy Hughes, HBO, 1989). You can see him in action around the 24:00 mark here …

  2. eaz35173

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mr. Steele looks pretty good in that robe!! Wonder if he purposely was not ready in time in order for Laura to get a little peek?

  3. Luann

    I remember being so shocked when Felicia stripped down in this scene. Made a big impression on my teenage brain.

  4. Melissa

    Oh, I don’t like Felicia, not at all! She’s playing hardball with both Steele and Laura. (Spoiler alert!) She’s the one who got herself into her problem. Why bring in old friends into the mix, causing problems for them, too? Laura (and Steele) would rather solve their own problems rather than have their problems cause more issues with their friends.

    • eaz35173

      Well, Felicia is very self centered and only thinks of herself. Why would she think about the ramifications of her actions to her “friends”? 😉

      • Melissa

        Which is probably one of the reasons Steele is attracted to Laura. She doesn’t walk all over her friends!

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