Thou Shalt Not Steele – 8

Meanwhile, back in the barrel …


Elevator Guy is unloading the barrel inside what looks to be a garage. Let the bad lighting commence!


Elevator Guy is with another guy, better dressed. Guffman, I presume?

“Well, Felicia, you disappoint me,” Presumably Guffman sighs.


“First you fail to deliver the painting on time, then you go running to a famous detective.”


Elevator Guy flips his lid, giving Presumably Guffman a peek at what’s inside the barrel.


“You fool!” He snarls at Elevator Guy.  “This is not her!”


Elevator Guy tells Guffman he ain’t gettin’ out of payin’ him this time.(If he’s screwed you before, why are you working for him again? I don’t think Elevator Guy is the brains of this outfit.)


Elevator Guy says he was told to snatch the woman in Steele’s apartment, and that’s what he did. He pushes over the barrel.


Hey! That’s no industrial slime! It’s Laura. She looks a little dazed.


Guffman says he should know better than to hire a man who pumps iron for a living.


Are you listening, California voters?


Elevator Guy isn’t concerned. His body is his temple. (Apparently “body” doesn’t include hair, because what’s up with that?)


Laura craws shakily to the van. Guffman decides that she might know something, even if she isn’t Felicia. He wants Elevator Guy to make her talk.


“That’ll cost you extra.” (Not much extra, I bet. He looks very keen.)


“No, it won’t,” woozy Laura mutters. “I’ll just call a cab or something.” She starts to wander away.


But Elevator Guy blocks her path. Suddenly …


… Laura begins gasping for breath!


She looks like she’s fainting! The bad guys are alarmed. Guffman tells Elevator Guy to go get some water for their prisoner.


Laura, wheezing, sits on the back end of the van. She motions for Guffman to get something out of her purse. He bends to do so, and …


Whack! She hits him with the van door.


She hits him so hard he is knocked clear across the garage, into another truck. Given his position when she struck him, this seems hugely unlikely. Oh, well.


Laura makes a break for it.


Guffman is mad, and who can blame him? He was trying to help the lady!


Elevator Guy tries in vain to stop the van, but Laura shakes him off.


She crashes the van through the garage door!


She exits the truck!


She runs off on her high heels!


Elevator Guy can only watch her receding figure (why?). He seems impressed by her pluck. I think he’s in love!

Here we see Laura’s quick thinking in a very precarious situation. She has to be completely disoriented, having no idea who these guys are or why they abducted her. She’s never heard of Felicia … but the word “painting” must have caught her ear. The phony asthma attack ties back to her conversation with her mother earlier that evening. I wonder if that will come up again? 😉


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3 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 8

  1. eaz35173

    I love how Laura is quick thinking even in her groggy state! It was quite refreshing to see this from a woman back in the day. My only question in this whole scene is why didn’t Laura keep driving the van once she crashed thru the door? Why did she get out and run?

    OK, I just went to the script for my answer… apparently, the van is supposed to get wedged in the opening of the garage door. Unfortunately, the way it was filmed, it looks like Laura could have driven away. Guess they were sticking to the script.

    LOL – That shot of “goon in love”!!

  2. Luann

    That Ah-nuld pic should come with a warning! His 80’s body was the total opposite of PB’s 80’s body in every way…

  3. daphgg

    I figure Laura was too groggy to drive anyway. Besides this might been the first time we see her running in heels, priceless. I realize it damaged her feet but I loved watching her effortlessly run.

    Lol to California voters!

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