Thou Shalt Not Steele -12


Despite her hesitation, it seems Laura has agreed to Mr. Steele’s suggestion:


We find a worried Murphy and pensive Laura dressed in black in a vehicle (presumably a dark-colored station wagon).

“This can’t be it,” Murphy frets.

Laura admits it sounds twisted, but declares it also makes a certain amount of sense.

Murphy reminds her they were hired to catch the thief.


“And the thief is after the painting. So if we have it, then the thief is forced to come to us,” she explains.

“What if HE’S the thief?” Murphy argues.

Then I’d be the last person he’d ask to help him, right?” she counters.


“Who knows with this guy?” Murph insists. “You said yourself, he’s twisted.” He urges Laura not to turn her back on Steele.


Well, looks who’s here! And Laura has her back turned on him. This may not bode well.

Steele has overheard some of their conversation.

“Turn back?” he remarks. “Nonsense! We’re right on schedule.” Of course, he pronounces it in the British way: “SHEDule.”


Mr. Steele ponders his plan in front of what looks to be a replica of Rodin’s “The Thinker.” Ha!


Steele gives Murphy some final instructions: “Keep the engine warm and the eyes sharp, old chap.”


Murphy doesn’t appreciate the advice. He knows EXACTLY what to do. “And so help me, you split one hair too many and I’ll do it!”

Is Murphy threatening to expose Steele? Beat him up? Give him a hot oil treatment for his split hairs?

Steele is glad to know that back up is there.


One suspects Murphy is beginning to consider alternative career options.


We see the exterior shot of the museum again. Still don’t know what that building actually is.


Inside, in crappy lighting, a random security guard patrols.


Laura, perhaps assuming her black outfit and smart newsboy cap render her invisible, peeks around a corner. “How do we get in?” she whispers. “The roof? The window? The sub-basement?”


Steele has a better idea: “I thought the service entrance would be simpler.”


Look! Mr. Steele seems to have brought his ukulele with him. Is there going to be a singalong later?


We know he can play, but can he sing?




He leads Laura to the aforementioned service entrance and produces a set of keys. “A little going-away present from Khalil.”


Steele and Laura make their way into the museum. Happily, apparently there are no closed-circuit cameras to monitor the priceless treasures!


The would-be thieves duck out of sight as another random guard walks by.


Laura notes that they’ve beefed up security. Steele informs her they can use that to her advantage. Naked statue guy doesn’t say anything.


The pair make their way through the museum. They pause to study the next leg of their journey.


There’s the controls to the security system (which doesn’t seem to be working tonight, by the way. Where are the laser beam things?) Curses! They’ve put a super high-tech metal mesh over the control box, making it impregnable!


Laura suggests they might want to take a pass on this whole grand larceny thing. Mr. Steele seems curiously absorbed in admiring the art.


That’s quite a modern piece of abstract art. Looks like just the sort of thing Pierce Brosnan appreciates.

I don’t get it.


Steele calls for his speargun.


Say what?

I’ll leave us on this cliffhanger. Will Laura and Steele nick the painting? Can Mr. Steele revive Laura’s trust in him? Will the cabbie Laura stole her hat from want it back? Stay tuned!


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5 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele -12

  1. eaz35173

    OMG, you are just too funny with the ukulele and the singing bit!!! I may be in the minority, but I happen to like Mr. Brosnan’s singing voice – I think part of the problem might have been his facial expressions while attempting to sing. But I digress.

    Murphy is definitely uncomfortable with this plan, but he is there purely for Laura’s sake, to protect her if need be.

    I don’t think Laura really understands what she’s gotten herself into (both for this evening and by taking on a thief as the figurehead of her agency)!

    As for the piece of art that PB was standing in front of, it’s called “Band” by Richard Serra. It is one continuous flow of metal. Here is a picture of it before it was transported to the museum …

  2. steeleinterested

    I don’t think Laura’s trust needs to be revived here, it needs to be confirmed. Murphy doesn’t trust Steele but Laura can’t seem to help herself. And what woman could? In my house we call Laura’s explanations rationalization. And I’d bet that they are as much for her own benefit as Murphy’s.

    The Anglophile in me loves it when Steele goes all Brit with his pronunciation. Who knew a schedule could be so romantic? {Sigh…}

  3. Luann

    Great post as always. A highlight for me in this episode is what I think of as “the Pink Panther music” throughout the heist scenes.

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