Thou Shalt Not Steele – 14

We’re still in the museum …


Oh, look! Somebody finally remembered to turn on the laser beams.


We’re treated to a close up of a sculpture of … ? Rape of the Sabine Women? Greco-Roman wrestling? Clearly this is meant to be a METAPHOR, and I’m not getting it. Because I am, in the words of our dearly departed friend Khalil, a Philistine. (Maybe the sculpture depicts Philistines!)


Now THIS is what I call real art.


Meanwhile, hidden behind the statuary, Steele indulges in a little liquid courage. Laura doesn’t seem impressed.


It’s an excellent cognac, but Laura declines his offer of a nip.


Well, on second thought …

. firsttimeeh

“To our first time, eh?” Steele toasts. Again with the double entendres!


“To our only time.” Laura doesn’t intend for this to become a regular part of doing business.


Pity, really,” he laments. “There are so few forms of true intimacy left.”


“This isn’t a date, you know,” she reminds him. He tells her it beats a night in the laundry hamper.


The lasers are still … lasing. Laura wants to know how they’ll get past them.


Steele’s brought along a few accomplices. That backpack must be a TARDIS: bigger on the inside than the outside.


Steele has asked the monsters to escort them.

randomalertThese things remind me a little of Tribbles. But EVIL tribbles. (Never feed a tribble after midnight?) How many pop culture references can I get into one random alert?


How many tribbles are there in the universe?


Mr. Steele hands Laura the tribble and tells her to start winding them up. Somehow I think Mr. Steele is winding Laura up!


We’re back with Security Chief Guy, who has a pretty fancy desk. He’s assuring his boss that he’s not playing the radio any more. (Because that’s the only flaw in security here at Nameless Museum.) Suddenly …


A tiny army of monsters goes by, beeping. One could quibble with the plausibility of this tactic. How did Laura and Steele wind up all those monsters and let them go all at once? Wouldn’t someone have heard the fairly loud beeping? And wouldn’t any security guy with half a brain figure out they were trying to create a distraction?


Oh. Well, my first two questions are valid.


Chief Security Guy runs back to his desk and helpfully turns off the security system. Because that’s what you DO when tiny wind-up monsters invade the museum, that’s why!


He races off to confront the marauders. Meanwhile …


… Steele and Laura and in fairly plain sight, watching the shenanigans with glee! Well, at least Laura looks gleeful. I think she likes tiny monsters!


They pick their way among the troops. Steele accidentally kicks one over …


… but Laura, who is kind to furry animals, puts him upright again.


Nearby, another guard who is apparently unconcerned about beeping monsters in the vicinity, meanders through the halls.


Laura and Steele have hidden themselves behind more statues. Laura surmises that they’ll start searching for someone now. Steele assures her that security guys are reluctant to report an invasion of tiny monsters. It hurts their credibility. (And these guys have a reputation to uphold!)


“You know, you’re very good at this,” Laura notes, equally impressed and unnerved.


“I think you just made my evening!” Steele answers. “And here was I beginning to think you didn’t like me.”


“I do,” she admits. “Some.”


“But not all.”


“Only the parts I know.” (Oh, Laura. I suspect there are some parts of Steele you might like very much!)


“And the parts you don’t?” He doesn’t meet her gaze.


“They frighten me a little.”


“Fear can be a most intoxicating brew,” Steele notes. (Better even than an excellent cognac!)

In this segment we see Laura showing her heart again, admitting her vulnerability. Will Mr. Steele leave her again, like he did when she spoke honestly in the car in “Signed, Steeled & Delivered”? Let’s hope not. For his part, Mr. Steele seems genuinely pleased that Laura is impressed by his skill. Was he being honest himself (twice in one episode!) when he told her he was beginning to think she didn’t like him? Laura’s response goes to the heart of their conflict this first season: Laura NEEDS to know more about Steele’s past, and he is unwilling to share that much.


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4 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 14

  1. eaz35173

    Another of my favorite scenes in this episode! I really do love the conversation they have here – how Laura compliments him on his abilities; how he thinks of this as a date; how she admits that she likes the parts of him that she knows, but is afraid of the things she doesn’t know. It’s very intimate.

    In the first few episodes we learn that Laura would love to hop in the sack with him – that there is a sexual attraction. But here, we learn that Laura is actually admitting to liking him. In my mind, those are 2 different things. One is more physical and the other more emotional.

    I noticed that Mr. Steele was very “green” before it became fashionable – using that reusable water bottle for his cognac. And the statue is called “The Wrestlers” … The Wrestlers Artist unknown, late 3rd century B.C.E.. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy… … perhaps it is symbolic of Laura’s emotional state?

  2. Inés

    I agree with Elise, about Steele thinking of this as a date.

    But as things went on until now in the series, Steele seems to like more classical and romantic settings. There’s a point here, when he begin to discover that dating with Laura would carry more than a “date”. It would be romantic, kind of erotic, adventurous, and most of all: funny. They would have a lot of fun walking from side to side of their relationship, and always walking on different surfaces. They would go from a night at the museum, to a romantic night dancing at his condo, and they would feel the same excitement in both “dates”. My POV. 🙂

  3. daphgg

    I agree with both comments. It is a date at least from Steele’s perspective. And while Laura pretended to disagree that it was not a date, it was and she knew it. That’s the reason why Steele isn’t working with Murphy on this caper. Plus Laura immediately allowed the conversation to become personal and intimate. They were both very vulnerable here. Steele admitted he was lonely in his laundry comment and she admitted her feelings were involved and she wanted to know more about him. I love this scene. It is wonderful. They are goners.

    Keri the first time I read this you had me laughing so hard and loudly with your side comments I was in tears. I also was in a public coffee house. People looked at me like I was having too much fun. I guess in the future I will have to read these blogs at home in private. Thoroughly enjoyed!

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