Thou Shalt Not Steele – 16

When last we saw Laura, she was being hauled off by Nameless Museum’s dedicated security staff, while Mr. Steele high-tailed it.


We next see Laura in the custody of an even more brutal oppressor: her mother! Apparently Laura used her one phone call to ask mom to bail her out. Not Murphy? Not Bernice? Not some random stranger? Any would probably have been preferable in this situation. Abigail tells Laura she fed the fish, picked up some groceries and listened to her answering machine messages.


“Mother!” Laura exclaims, “I just spent the night in jail!”


Abigail is aware of that fact! “That would have been all right in the 60s. Everyone’s children went to jail in the 60s.”


“My timing is lousy!”


“Are you all right?” a rattled Abigail wants to know. She’s read about women in prison!


Like this one?


Laura seems shocked by her mother’s insinuation! Just then …


… Good old Murphy arrives on the scene.


Um … what’s going on with his crotch here? Anyway …


Murphy apologizes for not getting there sooner; he’s spent the night looking for …

air quotes



“This someone you’re looking for … you don’t mean?”


Oh, yeah. He means. “I told you this was going to happen. He set us up.” Murphy seems rather too pleased that his boss has been humiliated and their livelihood placed in jeopardy.


“There might still be a good explanation,” Laura protests weakly.

Murph wants to know why she’s protecting him.


“Just what exactly went on in there last night?” Murphy demands.

“Oh, you know about women in prison, too!” Abigail contributes.


Like this?


Just then Edward Coxworth (remember him?) appears. He’s disappointed in the Remington Steele agency’s services.


Laura assures her client that there’s a goo- a VERY good explanation!


Coxworth ain’t buyin’ it. “My curator has been murdered, a painting worth several million dollars has disappeared and the exhibit around it is set to open in a few hours.”

Laura’s reassurances that the agency is going everything in its power fail to sway the museum bigwig. “What your actions lack in competence they may yet make up for in being criminal!”


Abigail takes exception to the man’s characterization of Laura as incompetent. “How dare you talk to her like that! Laura may have her faults, but she is not incompetent! She is an intelligent and capable young woman …”


Well, it’s about time! Curiously, Laura doesn’t seem pleased by her mother’s belated support.


“MOTHER, PLEASE!” she shrieks.


Abigail is disappointed by Laura’s tone.


Laura suggests that Coxworth reserve judgment “until Mr. Steele personally (sob) can present us with all the facts.”

One has to feel for Laura here. She’s stuck her neck out a long ways for Mr. Steele, and it seems her trust has been betrayed. Yet she continues to defend him and give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to see Laura, normally so controlled and strong, trying desperately to maintain her composure here. You better have a darned good excuse, Mr. Steele! I do wonder about Murphy’s actions. Did he see Laura being hauled out of the museum and tossed in the paddy wagon? Or did he see Steele, disguised as a guard, exit the museum sans Laura? Or did he just sit in the back of the museum, with his big engine running, until he decided something must have happened?


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7 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 16

  1. eaz35173

    Laura is taking a beating from all sides in this scene – her mom, Murphy, and Coxworth!! It’s funny, but seems to be true, that it’s OK for us to berate one of our family members, but the minute someone ELSE does it, we take offence and speak up for them. That’s exactly what Abigail did.

  2. Luann

    Great point about what was Murphy doing in the alley while the alarms were going off.
    Also – since when does Laura have fish?

  3. Ines

    I think Laura is terrified about the possibility of believing that Mr. Steele betrayed her. That feeling push her to defend him from any kind of attack or suspicion. She needs to hold herself on that believing at the moment.
    Same thought about Murphy…

    BTW, I have to say that I really like Laura’s hair in this occasion. It looks very natural and at the same time very Laura. I like her look in this scene. The first night of the dressed in black ones, I think.

    • eaz35173

      Good point, Ines, about Laura being terrified and needing to hold on to her belief in him at the moment. And, yes, her hair looks great in this scene! Also, I think you’re right about this being the first time we see them in their evening “work” clothes.

  4. steeleinterested

    I agree with all of you! Another great post, Keri!

  5. daphgg

    I agree too. As for her mother, you tell ’em girl. She was right to set that client straight about his personal, abusive attack even if it further embarrassed Laura. He backed off as a result. I hope in a quiet moment of reflection, Laura feels good about how her mother stood up for her.

    Yes where was Murphy and why didn’t he bail her out? Murphy really doesn’t get that if Steele fails so does Laura.

    • eaz35173

      I think you’re right that Murphy doesn’t fully understand the ramifications of Steele failing. He’s more worried about Laura falling for him.

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