Thou Shalt Not Steele – 17

As Laura is stewing over Steele, the man himself is in a phone booth.


Steele is evidently on the phone with LAPD. He tells them to proceed at once to the address he gave them to find the murderer of Ahmed Khalil. The killer’s name is Gutman. His car is a silver four-door of the German persuasion. When they search the car, they’ll find Khalil’s personal effects, and perhaps the murder weapon.


Leaving the phone booth Steele proceeds to Das Auto, conveniently parked across the street from the phone booth. He starts to plant the evidence (which seems to be Khalil’s purse?) …


… when he is rudely interrupted by a man with a gun and rather fetching gold bracelet. Steele plays dumb: he says he thought it was his car.


Hey, look! It’s Elevator Guy. The credits identify him as “Stakovsky.” Anyway, he ain’t buyin’ Steele’s story.


Just then his boss Gutman appears. He reminds Steele that he (Steele) called him (Gutman) and promised to give him the painting, but Gutman has been to Steele’s apartment and didn’t find the painting there. What gives?

dizzy-smiley-emoticonHm. I’m not sure I’m following this. So sometime during the night Steele phone Gutman (presumably having gotten his phone number/address from Felicia) and told him to meet him at his apartment, where he’d turn over the painting. But instead he came to Gutman’s place and waited until morning to try to plant the evidence in Gutman’s car? Whatever.

Gutman tells Steele they’re going to have a chat in a quieter place. He asks the detective to drive.


Steele would rather walk, but he’s flexible. Meanwhile …


… Laura and her mother have returned to the office. Abigail is worried about what Mr. Steele will think of his employee being a jailbird.


Laura’s gone into “ignore mom” mode. She asks Bernice if Murph is still out looking for Steele. Yep. And there’s someone from the museum here to see Laura.


She seems delighted!


Bernice is on her way to Steele’s apartment to see if he’s there. Laura tells her to check in every hour. Bernice can read the handwriting on the wall.


“If we don’t find him, that’s it for us, isn’t it?”


“You think he’s gone for good too?” Bernice says she’s not worried about herself – she only has a job to lose … the clear implication is that Laura stands to lose a lot more. Meanwhile, in Mr. Steele’s office …


… Felicia is drinking Kool-Aid? Sherry? Cranberry juice? Anyway, she’s tippling.


“Miss Simone!” Laura says. “Or should I call you Felicia?”


Felicia notes that Steele has obviously told Laura everything.

CRIMEOFFASHIONIs it just me, or is that a seriously ugly outfit Felicia is wearing?


Laura concedes that Mr. Steele hasn’t told her EVERYTHING.


Felicia says she was looking for a blue ribbon cat fight, “but now there hardly seems much point in all that scratching and spitting.”


I don’t know … I’d kind of like to see it.

Felicia says she only blackmailed Steele because she needed his help to steal the painting; she would never have exposed him.

brosnan speedo

Let me take care of that for you, Felicia.


“You mean as Michael O’Leary,” Laura says.


“Oh, that’s not his REAL name,” Felicia teases.


Laura seems … interested in this information. “You know what it is?”


Nope. Apparently nobody does. “But if across some satin pillow he should tell you, I’ll expect a telegram. That much you can let me have,” Felicia says. (Not clear why Laura’s under any obligation to give this chick anything.)


“I don’t think you understand,” Laura demurs. “Ours is a pure-“


Felicia ain’t buyin’ it. “He stood me up to steal the painting with you.” Felicia is surprised; Laura doesn’t strike her as the guy’s type.”


“Me neither,” Laura acknowledges. Is she disappointed?

Meanwhile, back in the lobby …


… Abigail is making herself useful by manning the phones.


Mr. Steele on line 1! He seems … a bit turned around.


You might want to suggest Stakovsky keep his distance, Mr. Steele.


Mr. Steele is just hanging around, hoping to talk to Laura. Abigail tells him she’s in a meeting.


“Interrupt her.” (Kudos to Brosnan for this scene, which must have been genuinely uncomfortable.)


Abigail takes this opportunity to try to explain about Laura being in jail. She meant well! Mrs. Holt hopes Laura’s boss won’t be upset.


I’m afraid he’s already upset, Abigail. Mrs. Holt asks Steele if he knows how to work the phone system; what button should she push?


Gutman has had enough of the chitchat. He tells Steele to tell Abigail to bring the painting to 7249 Hammond Street.


Here is Hammond Street in Los Angeles!


Abigail is confused. Steele tries to tell her to warn Laura …


“You’ve already been clever enough for one day, Steele,” Gutman says. “Or are you in a rush to join Achmed Khalil?” He explains that Khalil had discovered Felicia wasn’t who she said she was and threatened to report her to the authorities. They couldn’t let him do that. (I wonder if Felicia knew about Khalil’s murder?)


Steele would love to continue this conversation … right side up.

For me, the most interesting part of this segment is the interaction between Laura and Felicia. They certainly played up the difference between them here: Laura is still relatively makeup free, looking very natural and a little vulnerable, while Felicia is made up to the gills and projects an attitude of casual insouciance. I wonder if she really is as indifferent to “Michael’s” relationship with Laura as she appears? It’s interesting that Steele has been operating solo since last night, trying to engineer the capture of Gutman on his own. Is it because he wants to prove to Laura he can do it – and that he was working in the service of the agency all along? Or is he reluctant to further involve her in a situation that is growing more dangerous by the minute? 


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7 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Steele – 17

  1. eaz35173

    Mmmmmm, exposed Steele (sounds like a good title for a fic, doesn’t it?)!!

    Yeah, that whole conversation with Gutman in the car was a bit confusing, but who is really paying attention to ALL those pesky details??

    Felicia sure did make herself at home in Steele’s office. I like that she presumed that Laura would be sleeping with Steele at some point, even if she didn’t understand the attraction and Laura not being his “type”. Laura has her insecurities, and the parade of women she has seen on Steele’s arm over the past few months would certainly give her pause to wonder why the man is even interested in her on a physical level. I think that Felicia telling Laura that Steele chose to steele the painting with Laura gave Laura a bit of hope in her situation.

    Yes, kudos to Mr. Brosnan for doing that scene hanging upside down. You can see how puffy and red his face was, I wonder how long he had to hang like that to do the scene? Oh, and Abigail being clueless just heightened the suspense of what was going to happen.

  2. Inés

    You might want to suggest Stakovsky keep his distance, Mr. Steele.
    The whole entry is amazing, Keri!!!

    And I agree with Elise…Exposed Steele sounds great for a fic!!!

  3. Luann

    One of my fave sequences in the series. And I love that you found a cat fight clip with fur to match their outfits!

  4. daphgg

    I wasn’t confused because I thought it went like this. Steele got the evidence and then called Gutman to meet at his apartment. He waited outside his apartment until he saw Gutman arrive not realizing that Gold-bracelet-man was hiding in the car. He then called the police from a nearby phone booth (yeah I didn’t see one either on stills of his street) and went to plant the evidence in the car. That’s when he got caught. Let me know what you think about this.

    It is funny realizing in reviewing this scene that Steele is excellent at getting himself out of jams but is not good at setting traps for others (spoilers alert) – at least not yet. So this scene shows he did not betray Laura, he just hasn’t developed the skill set needed to pull off his plan. I think he also decided that Laura was too inexperienced (and I agree) to involve her in such a dangerous caper. Plus he probably thought she would not have approved it.

    I think Felicia after seeing Steele the second time, knew he was Laura’s – lock, stock, and barrel. She has known him for a long while and recognized that he was seriously playing for keeps. She knew it didn’t matter if he had slept with Laura or not because Felicia felt that he was being RS not as a con but for real and only the right woman could do that.

    Yes Laura is not his usual type: tall, willowy, and blond. I think this plagued Laura their entire relationship and made her insecure. But Laura wasn’t recognizing how well they worked together, synced, and got along. When Laura got out of jail and Felicia sees how together she is, Felicia realizes how well matched Laura and Steele are. Which is why while Laura is saying “me neither” meant to confirm her doubts, Felicia’s “I didn’t think you were his type” is confirming that she knows the opposite is true now. Although Felicia and Laura’s conversation is bonding they are not on the same page. So why does Felicia think Laura owes her a telegram when Laura finds out his real name? Because Felicia gave her crucial information about how Steele feels about her. I think Laura missed what Felicia was saying altogether.

    I too am VERY impressed with PB’s upside down skills. There is no way I could have done it.

    • eaz35173

      I can buy your explanation of how things went down with Steele and Gutman. Thanx for clarifying it.

      I never read Felicia’s line to Laura, about being Michael’s type, like that before. It makes sense like that, too… “I never figured you to be his type – but I see now why you would be.” I think you’re right in that Laura didn’t understand the full meaning of what Felicia was saying to to her about Michael choosing Laura. Yes, Felicia knows he’s a goner – she knew it the minute he refused her advances.

      • daphgg

        I so agree. He’s a goner. Lost to Felicia forever. Too bad Laura has such a difficult time figuring this out. It is so obvious to everyone else even Murphy.

    • Ines

      Too much to learn here!!!

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