Steele Belted – 2

Our next scene opens on what is presumably the morning after …


Mr. Steele strides purposefully down the corridor toward the office.


Inside the plush confines of Remington Steele Investigations, Bernice is opening today’s mail. It seems to be a busy day at the office.


Steele enters, giving a one-fingered salute (no, not THAT kind) to a cowboy.


He is instantly surrounded by clamoring clients! The Steele agency’s fortunes seem to be looking up!


Mr. Steele calmly directs the crowd …


… into his office. Man, is he a skinny guy.


After securing the mob inside his office, Steele directs Bernice to wait five minutes, “then tell them I was summoned to an urgent meeting with the police commissioner.”


Sometimes I get the sense Bernice isn’t entirely happy in her work.


In Laura’s lavender office (which also seems to be the file room), she is explaining to someone that Buddy Shapiro disappeared, two days ago.

randomalertBuddy is an unusual name, but there are a few famous ones:



Steele starts to tell Laura that someone broke into his apartment, but she waves him off. She’s working here!


As Laura continues her conversation with what turns out to be Murphy, Steele petulantly begins to whistle an (un)happy tune.


Laura tells Murphy his lead sounds promising … what she can hear of it.


Steele continues to whistle, about as tunelessly as he sings.


Laura says she has a lead on where he (Shapiro, presumably) might be staying. She’ll follow it up, “as soon as I get rid of some of the clutter in the office.” Ouch!


After she finally hangs up, Steele has serious business to discuss: “My apartment was ransacked last night.” He tells her nothing was taken, though he has a very fine collection of pre-Columbian art, not to mention an extensive collection of Impressionist paintings … (Hm. Wonder if he stole these pieces, or bought them with Laura’s money?)


Perhaps not wanting to become an accessory to any crimes, Laura tells him to skip the inventory. Steele tells Laura the intruder was obviously searching for a piece of information he thinks Steele has.


“You don’t have any information,” Laura points out, a little cruelly.

“He doesn’t know that,” Steele insists.


“Perhaps the files will give us a clue to what he was after,” Steele suggests, beginning to rifle through Laura’s drawers.


Some of those files contain sheet music! A clue, or has Laura been practicing her glee club repertoire on company time again?

Laura points out that they’re not working on anything that requires ransacking.


“The sanctity of my home has been violated. Some pervert pranced through my personal possessions!” I love that Steele genuinely feels like the apartment is his “home,” not just a temporary abode he’s enjoying until the next stop on his world tour.


Laura is unconcerned by Steele concern. “Probably someone from your sordid past,” she suggests. “Or a jealous husband, perhaps.” Oh ho! Is that the crux of Laura’s rather cool attitude this morning? Did she know he had a date last night?


Mr. Steele’s rather bemused expression suggests he might be thinking the same thing. Is it LAURA who’s the jealous one?

In any case, Laura can’t hang around and discuss it further; she has a client to meet. She leaves, and Steele goes into his office …


… apparently forgetting he left a crowd in there. What a diverse clientele the agency attracts!


Steele extends his apologies; he’s just been summoned to an urgent meeting with … er …

“The police commissioner,” Bernice supplies.

Incidentally, who is the tiny man in the cowboy hat?


Could it be impish Grand Ole Opry star Little Jimmy Dickens? Let’s say it is!


After ushering the parade of clients out into the lobby again, Mr. Steele asks Bernice for a spare key to Laura’s files; he seems to have misplaced his. Bernice reminds him he never HAD a key.


Steele … appreciates? … Bernice’s attention to detail. She tells him there’s a call for him on line 6. (The office has six lines? That seems excessive.) Steele tells her to take his name and number.


“He won’t leave a name and number,” she says, adding that he’s been calling every day for two weeks, refusing to speak to anyone but Steele, and it’s driving her bananas. (Hm. Does this suggest that Steele hasn’t been to the office for a couple of weeks, or that Bernice has just been putting off the caller, knowing Laura wouldn’t want him to speak to Steele?)


“Thank you, Miss Wolf. You’ve done your usual bang-up job,” Steele dismisses her.


Bernice gives him a parting smirk.

Steele answers the phone.


It’s Loitering Guy! And he’s wearing … spats? That’s a bold fashion statement! He identifies himself as Waldo Church, the man from last night.


“Are you the one who went through  my apartment?”


“Of course not. That was Rubio. He was after the bill of sale, but I still have it.”


“I can prove Shapiro’s innocent!”  Hmm. Shapiro … wasn’t that the person Laura was talking about? The one who disappeared two days ago? What an unbelievable coincidence!


“Who?” Steele demands.


“He’s trying to kill me, Mr. Steele.”






Mr. Steele is having a little trouble following all this. (He also needs a haircut.) He asks Waldo where he is.


There’s Waldo!

The OTHER Waldo informs Steele that he’s at the Hotel Saracen in Eagle Rock.

funfacticonEagle Rock is a neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. It’s named for a rocky outcropping of the same name. Here it is!



Mr. Steele discovers a problem: He doesn’t have a pencil with which to write down the address.



He is forced to use the very high-tech intercom to ask Bernice for help.


She cheerfully obliges.


Mr. Steele is … grateful? But there’s a new problem – no paper.


Fortunately, our detective is a resourceful man. He simply writes the address on the desktop. Brilliant! Now how are you going to wrestle the desk into the limo, Mr. Steele?

Well, it looks as though Mr. Steele is about to embark on a case on his own, without informing Laura. Something tells me that won’t end well. Laura’s coolness toward Steele, and her lack of interest in the fact that his apartment’s been ransacked – an apartment and furnishings paid for by the agency – is curious. Her demeanor is at odds with the warmth we saw at the close of the previous episode. Did Laura decide she’d tipped her hand too much, let Steele have too much control, during that case? Or has he done something else to earn her disapproval?


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10 responses to “Steele Belted – 2

  1. eaz35173

    Love the little UN feel to the clients waiting in the office. Looks like they tried to get one of everyone to be represented – LOL. Little Jimmy Dickens – you crack me up!! And all the Buddy’s!!

    I don’t like that Laura is not listening to Steele about his apartment being ransacked. I do like how she puts on her hat and walks out, tho – a very confident Laura. Of course, at this point, we know more than Laura does. But it is very unlike her, just the same. It’s no wonder Steele tries this by himself. Laura’s not even listening to him, so he needs to prove to her that “something” is going on. I’m sure it’s not a wise move this early on in his “detective” role. Guess we’ll see what happens.

    This whole case is very noir at the moment – which I know Michael Gleason loved.

    Oh, I don’t think Bernice hates her job so much as she is annoyed by Mr. Steele. But it seems like a game they both play to push each other’s buttons. It is fun to watch.

    And what’s with the sheet music in the file cabinet? And did Mr. Steele forget how to pick locks? Why does he need a key to the the file cabinet?

    • My theory is that Laura regrets how much she shared with Steele in the museum, and that she let him con her into breaking into the place (I suspect Murphy has been filling her ears with his disapproval). She feels she’s getting too close to Steele, becoming vulnerable, so she takes a step back and reinforces some of those walls she’s erected around her heard.

      Presumably Mr. Steele wanted to make a show to Bernice of being “reformed.” Yes, he *could* break into the file cabinets, but his new, upstanding self would never do such a thing! (Dollars against doughnuts he was planning to get out his lockpick as soon as she left for lunch.)

      Remind me to tell the tale some time of the night I spent in Little Jimmy Dickens’ bed …

      • eaz35173

        Well now, spending the night in Little Jimmy Dickens bed does sound like an interesting story!!

        You make a good case as to why Laura is so cold and distant at the moment. And I can see him playing the reformed thief for Bernice’s benefit, as well.

  2. daphgg

    Unfortunately the writers gave us no clue why Laura is so cranky with Steele. On the other hand he could lend a hand with managing those waiting clients. Maybe that is why she is cross. Spoiler alert, I predict that she does know about his date last night which is why she dates Shapiro’s lawyer in a later scene.

    • eaz35173

      I don’t think at this point she knows about his date last night.

      • Perhaps she doesn’t know the specifics of his date, but I envision Fred and Bernice gossiping at the water cooler and being overheard …

    • Luann

      Reminds me of the “Darlene has the mumps” scene from earlier, too. The whole episode feels like it should be earlier in the series to me.

      • daphgg

        I agree this feels like this episode should be earlier in the series. This episode in its current position makes me wonder if LH and RS have relationship amnesia with Laura treating him like he’s a drama king instead of a potentially valuable part of agency. He firmly established his worth in the last episode when he hung by his risks.

      • debilyn

        Ahh, but not all relationships have smooth sailing once someone has “established” theirself. I’ve seen a couple of relationships that seem to be going well until one or the other pulls back for what seems to be no reason at all. In fact, when we were dating, my hubby did that. Our relationship was deepening, and he pulled back suddenly. Obviously, we overcame that, but it was interesting. I call it “the roller-coaster” relationship. 🙂

  3. Inés

    I love this entry!!! Your humor is brillant!!! Love Waldo, love Steele confussion about writing on an non usual notebook…; love the whole entry.

    I would add that Bernice looks not entirely happy not at at this job, but becauseof her too warming attire. Just look at the blouse she is wearing!
    She needs some air!

    I was surprised seeing that Laura wasn’t worried or even angry about his apartment being ransacked. She doesn’t look jealous because of him dating someone else also…Maybe between the last chapter and the current one both of them followed their ouwn usual patterns, she trying to be in control (it’s her karma…) and he trying to make her lost it (It’s his karma…). That would be reflected with Laura being in control of the office (he would be under her ‘control’ there…) and he trying to make her lose control shoting against her private sentimental life dating other women.
    Perhaps he is looking for a gap to get inside her controlled behavior, and that would be turning things upside down until he gets a reaction from her.

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