Steele Belted – 6

In this segment, we explore just how itchy our Miss Holt is …


We open on a photo of Waldo, still wearing spats. Presumably that’s his wife and kid. Somehow he doesn’t look like … er … a family man.


We discover that the hand holding the photo belongs to Laura. She’s in a seriously seedy hotel room (same one where Steele got clobbered, presumably). And here comes good old Murph. He notes that the desk clerk (there is one?) was less than helpful.


Laura begins to regale Murphy with the story of Steele’s performance with Shapiro.


“He was the quintessential Remington Steele. Charming … persuasive … reassuring …” (You’re getting a little gushy there, Laura.)


A cranky Murphy objects. “For once I’d like us to have a conversation where his name didn’t come up.”


“He performs a very valuable service for all of us,” Laura reminds him.

Murphy acknowledges that Steele has his place – professionally. “That’s not what I’m talking about,” he says.


Laura ignores him as she digs through Waldo’s valise. She finds a return bus ticket to Bakersfield.

“He’s not going to change, Laura,” Murphy presses.


“The longer you wait around for him to shape up, the more you shut yourself off from the people that really care about you.”


Aw. You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, Murphy. I kinda feel bad for him.


Laura heads to the pay phone (remember those?) in the hall, while Murphy continues to make his case.

“What you need is somebody with the same feelings, the same values. Somebody you can share things with. But you’re never going to find that someone until you allow yourself a chance to look.”


“Have you heard anything I’ve said to you?”

She has! “Every word.” And then …


Well! That was unexpected!


Murphy seems very happy! Blissfully happy, in fact. Laura tells Murphy he is right about everything!


Somehow I don’t see this ending well for Murph.


Turns out Laura was on the phone with Hunky Barry, accepting his dinner invitation. Now SHE looks blissful. Murphy, not so much.


Sad times.


Our scene cuts abruptly to a very primitive video game. I’m going to assume this isn’t innovation that was going to make the Ratooi Company millions.


It looks like Laura is playing games – perhaps in more ways than one.

“This isn’t at all what I expected,” she giggles at Hunky Barry. She thought he’d take her to a French restaurant, some snooty art show and a retrospective of Kurosawa’s films.

“That’s what I had planned for tomorrow night,” he says suavely.


“Let’s just get through this evening first,” she answers coyly.


Aw, Hunky Barry is disappointed. “Is that what you’re doing? Getting through an evening?”


Laura is, quite appropriately, embarrassed. “No, er, I didn’… no!”


“Do you have something going with your boss?” (Cause if she doesn’t, Hunky Barry might be interested in taking a crack at him.)


Laura is stunned (and perhaps a little defensive)! “What makes you ask that?”

He tells her it’s how she looks at him, how she hangs on his every word (not sure that’s true), and how he looks at HER. This would be romantic, if it weren’t Hunky Barry saying it.


“How does he look at me?” Laura seems … intrigued … by Hunky Barry’s insight.


“Erotically. VERY erotically.”


Oh, I think Laura is pleased to hear that. Trying to get your date turned on by talking about the guy she REALLY wants is a little tacky, Hunky Barry.

Laura assures HB that her relationship with Steele is purely professional. He’s glad!


HB says he doesn’t trust Steele – there’s just something a little “shifty” about him. – as if he’s not quite what he appears.

Laura tells him he’s being ridiculous! He’s Remington Steele!

“Maybe there’s more to your Mr. Steele than meets the eye,” HB suggests.

Laura’s irked.


“Creighton, are we going to spend our first evening together talking about him?” Hm. Seems like Murphy said something similar to YOU recently, Laura.

And by the way … Creighton?


“You’re right. Let’s forget about him for tonight,” CREIGHTON agrees. “There’s always tomorrow.”

randomalert Here’s a link to the song, “There’s Always Tomorrow,” from  the beloved holiday classic, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

I think Clarice the doe is a little like Laura in this scene – flirty!


Just then Laura’s PacMan expires.


A smug-looking CREIGHTON (ugh) says, “Aw, tough luck. Monster just ate your last man.” IS THIS SOME KIND OF FORESHADOWING?

Well, I have to say Laura’s not making any points with me in this episode. She surely can’t be so obtuse as to not get what Murphy is hinting at; if she deliberately ignores him to avoid dealing with it, then it’s doubly wrong of her to KISS him in the hallway. Mixed signals much, Laura? Miss Holt is certainly itchy … but I wonder if she’s genuinely attracted to Hunky Barry CREIGHTON, or if she’s transferring her lust for Steele onto this convenient stand-in. I think Creighton think so – and is more than willing to use that to his advantage. Talk about shifty! You’d better watch yourself around this guy, Laura.






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5 responses to “Steele Belted – 6

  1. eaz35173

    That heart-stomping gif – LOL!!! Poor Murphy! Yeah, I agree, Laura’s behavior here is confusing. She really shouldn’t have kissed Murphy. Perhaps she was trying to show him some sisterly affection? But it didn’t work. She’s gotta know how Murphy feels about her. I think that she is in denial about Murphy and chooses to ignore it – thinking that it will go away.

    I’m still not sure what prompted her to take HB up on his dinner offer, unless it was something Murphy said. But I imagine that it is nice to have the attention of an attractive man that you don’t have to control and keep at bay. Funny about the Kurisawa retrospective – I think she may get her wish in a few episodes 😉

    Creighton (sounds a little too much like creeton to me) certainly sees the attraction between Laura and Steele and Laura sure does seem pleased that he noticed how Mr. Steele looks at her. But I imagine that talking about other attractions on a date could be a big killjoy. I do think that Laura is transferring her itchiness for Mr. Steele onto Creighton. But like I alluded to earlier, it’s easier for Laura to have a fling with this guy because she’s not so emotionally attached to him and doesn’t have to see him every day at the office or have to worry about controlling the man. And Creighton seems to be enjoying Laura’s company. He’s obviously attracted to her.

    Again, I don’t like seeing Laura with another man just like I don’t like seeing Steele with another woman.

  2. …not leading HIM on. Oops.

    • eaz35173

      Hi syfischer! Did you leave a comment before this one? It looks like you’re correcting something. If so, it looks like it might have gotten lost in the ether somewhere. 😦 Perhaps you can repost it?

  3. As always Keri, I anxiously await your posts and I am so entertained by them. I usually, literally, laugh at loud! You give RS such a fresh perspective, I am enjoying it all over again. I love the screen shot of Stephanie and Barry standing at the video game. 2 kids of 2 great iconic actors–that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that–great casting!
    Once again, thanks for sharing, I enjoy the discussions you evoke with your posts!

  4. Luann

    Another great entry! FYI those are not spats but two-tone shoes, popular in the 50’s. Members of the band Sha-Na-Na might wear them, or even Johnnie Todd.

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